Heart Of Darkness


After Nyota introduced me to her roommate, she made her way to the other side of the room where there was a bookcase built into the wall, between the beds and started to grab a couple of hardback books. While she did this I noticed that Gaila was looking very nervous; her eyes kept moving to look over the other side of her bed.

“I thought you were staying in the lab all night,” Gaila suddenly announced.

“You wouldn’t believe what I came across ...” Nyota started saying with enthusiasm in her voice.

She continued going on about picking up an emergency transmission from a nuclear Klingon prison planet which was quite something, I suppose. Brit would definitely have loved to hear that. Nyota was certain in a world of her own as she went on. I bet, Brit and her could talk forever when they got into a conversation about... Well, anything that isn’t human but Nyota seemed more interested in the Klingons.

“Yeah, I thought all night.” Gaila suddenly interrupted as if she had heard all this before.

I could feel my legs starting to ache; defence classes really took it out of me, so I looked around and found a chair at the bottom of Nyota’s bed - I truly needed to sit down for a moment.

Just as I was about to sit down, something went flying past my vision. I quickly looked up in fright, almost falling on the floor instead. Nyota for some reason had thrown her books across the bed and was now advancing towards Gaila. Although I couldn’t see Nyota’s face at this moment but I could certainly see how tense she was. Glad I wasn’t on the other end of that glare - I truly felt sorry for Gaila, at this moment in time.

“Who is he, Gaila?” Nyota asked in a sharp tone.

“Who’s who?”

What could Nyota be on about and why the quick change of subject but I noticed that Gaila was smiling very brightly as if she knew what her roommate was on about and was trying to play the nice and innocent girl.

“The mouth breather hiding under your bed,” Nyota said as she placed both her hands on her hips.

I instantly looked down under Gaila’s bed but couldn’t see anyone; just a load of shoes and girly products. All of a sudden, someone took that moment to jump up from the other side of Gaila’s bed. My eyes slowly took in the sight of this body - One thing I noticed straight away was that the person was definitely male and was almost naked, except for his underpants. Wow! For some reason my eyes seemed glued; couldn’t believe how good looking he was. I truly wanted to know who owned such an attractive body.

“You could hear me breathing.” The person suddenly spoke.

I would recognise that voice anywhere and just prayed I was wrong. As soon as I reached the owner’s face, it confirmed that this perfect body belonged to my childhood friend. I couldn’t believe that Jim could own such a good body... The Jim Kirk who was just a womaniser and only after one thing.

Suddenly, I realised that Jim was staring back, with his eyebrows raising and a wide grin started to appear on his face... Oh god, he knows I was checking him out. Great, just what I needed.

“Big day tomorrow,” he sudden announced, turning back to Nyota.

Suddenly, he reached down and grabbed a pile of clothes that were on the floor at the bottom of Gaila’s bed which I was certain wasn’t there earlier; I was slowly losing it and it was all because of Jim.

“You’re gonna fail!” Nyota announced.

Before I knew it, Jim was standing right in front of me while holding his clothes up against his chest. I realised, I hadn’t taken my eyes off him yet... What was it about Jim and his body? It wasn’t the first time I had laid eyes on a half naked guy. I slowly looked up at Jim’s face and caught him winking at me before Nyota was suddenly pushing him away, without actual touching him; I bet Nyota could scare anyone away with that look.

“It was good to see you, Laura. See you around, Gaila.” Jim said his farewells as he was being chased out the room.

I quickly turned my head the other way and noticed that Gaila, who was smiling brightly and nodding her head as if she was very amused by all this... Wait a minute, Nyota was pushing Jim out the room with only his underpants on - Oh, what a sight that would be! I slowly closed my eyes and slowly started shaking my head, hoping I could clear that image right out of my head.

“Hey, you don’t have to get embarrassed. It was fine; Jim and I will have plenty of other times together,” I heard Gaila say, interrupting my thoughts.

I realised then what Nyota and I had almost walked in on; if we had been just a little later, I would have caught Jim without... No, stop Laura, you are not going to think along that line. Jim completely naked would make no difference to you! Who was I kidding! Now I knew why other girls were so willing to go to bed with him, even if they knew he would walk away afterwards. Not me, though; he may very attractive but it didn’t mean I was willing to jump into bed with him... did it?

I suddenly realised what Gaila had just said - If I knew Jim well enough, there wouldn’t be another time between them but I decided against mentioning this and attempted a smile which I knew didn’t come out very well.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if she is,” Nyota all of a sudden announced as she made her way back to the bedroom area and walked straight over to Gaila. “Gaila, how many times have I told you to stop bring guys back here.”

So in a way, Gaila was like Jim. But from what she just said, I assumed that Gaila was just down in her luck with guys; she didn’t seem to go for just one nighter’s - Most girls thought that when they got together with Jim. Or maybe thought they could change him but I knew Jim too well, to know he wouldn’t change, not while he’s still enjoying what he does with that gorgeous body of his... Oh not again! I had to get away from here; maybe getting away from this room might do the trick. “I best get going; got a lot of work to do.” I quickly announced.

Nyota and Galia stopped staring at each other and turned their glare on to me. Suddenly, Nyota’s face soften, once again - Which I was certainly glad about; I didn’t want to communicate with her in that mood.

“Oh, I’m sorry you had to come here and see that.” Nyota apologised.

Nyota didn’t have to say sorry, I was used to this; I used to walk in on Brit with a few different guys in the past two years but I had to admit, Brit had calmed down a little, well at the point of bringing guys back to their room, that was; too lovestruck over Jim! How could I blame her when Jim had a body as good as that..? Oh, I truly had to leave this room and right now before I started picturing Jim naked again. “It’s fine, I must go!” I quickly stood up, turned around and started heading towards the door, trying my hardest not to rush.

“Laura, you forgot these books.” Nyota stopped her in her tracks.

Books! What books could she be on about? Then it dawned on me why I had come here in the first place; the books for Brit. I turned back around as Nyota handed the books over.

I tried to tempt a smile but knew it was a failure. “Thanks, don’t worry I can show myself out.” I quickly added, almost running towards the door but I somehow forcefully held my legs back and slowly approached the door instead. As the door slowly started opening I quickly dashed through and I felt it before seeing it - Before I knew what was happening next, I felt herself falling towards the floor, making me drop the books that I was carrying but for some reason, I landed on something soft. Well, not that soft... I had somehow fallen on top of somebody. I started to wonder who it could be, that was until I heard that familiar voice, once again.

“Aww, not again!”

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