Heart Of Darkness

Captain Pike

Iowa continued…

The officer continued to stare at the both of us... Although, I wish he would quit doing that and just finally say what he was thinking. I had heard from my brother that some officers were like that; They just stare you down until you quiver to death.

“Care to explain what all that was about Cadet Curtis?” The Officer finally asked.

The officer was now looking at my brother and waiting for him to answer. I just hoped he had calmed down enough to answer, but what good enough reason was there to beat someone half to death?

“He started it!” My brother Karl finally answered.

I couldn’t believe the tone that was in his voice and from the look on the officer’s face, he was just as shocked as I was.

“And you thought you would finish it...” The Office stated.

I realised Karl had gone quiet and wasn’t answering. I just prayed that he was slowly calming down because I knew what could happen if he kept going on like he was.

“... I thought you of all people would know better,” The Officer continued to say.

“He was being rude to one of the cadets. I was only trying to protect her, sir.”

I could feel a hand tighten around mine and I knew my brother wasn’t taking this well. I had to do something before Karl lost his temper completely. So I slowly looked up at his face and placed my other hand on his arm and slowly shook my head - Trying to warn him!

“Do you really think this young lad deserved this?” The officer asked.

I turned back to the Officer to find him stretching his arm out in front of him and slowly turning himself around so we could see Jim, who was leaning over the bar stuffing something up his nose. I started to realise it was bits of tissue or more likely bits of napkins that were always placed on the bar. Didn’t his mother ever teach him the proper way to stop a nosebleed? Unless my brother really did break his nose... I truly hope not and this will be forgotten about by tomorrow.

The officer turned back to face us and I knew I had to stop Karl from saying anything more or he would just make this even worse. I turned to face my brother to do just that, but he was still looking towards Jim with an angry look on his face. “Just let it go, Karl.” I tried to reason with him. My brother took that moment to stare down at me with a mean look on his face which didn’t affect me at all; he had made these faces a lot lately, he didn’t agree with a lot of things that I said.

“I think you should listen to this young lady’s advice,” the office stated.

“Sorry, Captain Pike. It won’t happen again,” Karl apologised.

Now I could put a name to a face - The Christopher Pike who had been made Captain just after Karl started at Starfleet over 4 years ago; Everyone talks very highly of him. I just prayed that he would be just as understanding as my brother made him out to be, but once again what was there to understand in this situation?

“Make sure it doesn’t,” the officer continued to say.

I was glad that Karl was finally back to his old self again.

Just at that moment, the Captain’s eyes travelled down from my brother’s face to mine. I couldn’t work out his face expression; Was he mad at me too? I knew, I hadn’t really done anything wrong. But what did the officer see when he walked in... It might have looked like I was helping Karl and his mates. Even though there wasn’t a single mark on me, like there was on my brother.

“Are you enlisting Miss...” The office went silent and I guessed he was waiting for me to continue the last part.

“Curtis!” I stated.

The officer’s eyebrows shot up before he looked back up at my brother and then back to me. I guessed he had worked out who I was now, even without the grin that had spread on his lips.

“Nice to meet you, Miss Curtis. I’m Christopher Pike.” The office introduced himself.

“Nice to meet you too, Sir.”

The officer took that moment to look back at Karl and slowly nodded his head. “You both may go now and I’ll see the two of you first thing in the morning,” the officer finally said. I couldn’t help but smile back at the Captain; I was relieved that the officer wasn’t taking this any further. I slowly turned back to face my brother and saw him nod towards the Captain.

“Yes sir,” Karl said before taking a hold of my arm.

I really wanted to get out of there before the officer changed his mind. But I knew, I wouldn’t make it back without going to the ladies first. My brother turned around and started pulling me towards the exit, but I pulled back and turned to face the officer. “May I go to the ladies first, Captain?” I asked.

“Of course.” The office smiled back at me.

Karl slowly released my arm before I realised that I would have to go past the bar to get to the ladies; Which meant walking past Jim who had now turned away from the bar. I started to make my way over to where he was leaning back against the bar, smiling towards me.

“I’m Jim Kirk. What might your lovely name be?” Jim asked in a high tone.

I could tell from just that remark that he was flirting with me and I realised he hadn’t taken any of this seriously. What else would I expect from Jim Kirk? He had always acted like this and hadn’t changed one bit. I really wanted to tell him where to go, but knew that wouldn’t be a good remark in front of the Captain. “Laura Curtis,” I said with a bored look on my face. I certainly wasn’t going to encourage him to continue and hoped that he wouldn’t.

“I was right that is such a special name for a lovely girl like yourself.”

I realised there wasn’t any sign on Jim’s face to say that he had recognised my name like I had his... This just proved that our friendship hadn’t meant anything to him. Even though it had only been about 7 years since I had moved away and we had been good friends as far back as I could remember. If Jim wanted to be like this then I could be as well.

As I came up closer to him I watched as Jim’s eyes slowly glared down towards my feet and then back up again... It certainly made a shiver go down my spine. I slowly turned my head around to see if the Captain was still talking with Karl. I found them both in deep conversation. So I turned back to Jim with an angry look and stuck my middle finger up at him. Afterwards, I noticed the shock look on Jim’s face. I just decided to ignore him and continued walking.

I sudden felt my foot knock against something and before I knew what was happening next; I was falling forward towards the floor. I quickly took that moment to move my hands out in front of me, trying to stop myself.

In that next instant, I felt something land on both my hips; I noticed that Jim had now moved in front of me so I started to force my own weight on him. Which for some reason made me even more unsteady. The next thing I knew I falling against Jim, causing him to fall backwards himself.


I heard Jim make a small sound at the back of his throat. I Slowly opened my eyes which I didn’t realise I had closed; I found myself pressed right up against Jim’s body with us both leaning slightly over the bar counter with me staring right down into his eyes... I had forgotten how bright his eyes were and how easily it was to get lost in them. “Sorry!” I heard myself say.

“Don’t apologise, I’m quite comfortable now,” Jim said in a seductive voice.

I suddenly felt a pair of arms slowly wrap around my waist. I could also see Jim’s face getting even closer and his eyes were slowly closing... I know what was about to happen; Jim was going to kiss me!

"GET YOUR HANDS OFF HER!” I suddenly heard my brother yell.

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