Heart Of Darkness

Memories of the Past

His beer breath - Which was getting stronger by the second and also the sight of Jim’s face; bits of tissue that were still stuck up his nose was really putting me off big time. I took that moment to push my hands against Jim’s chest and took a few steps back until I reached a safe enough distance away from him.

Jim continued staring at me with a look that I knew was lust. I couldn’t believe what I had almost let happen. My brother certainly took the right moment to snap me out of it.


Captain Pike certainly didn’t sound too happy and I guessed my brother might be giving him a hard time. The last time a guy tried to kiss me, Karl had gotten so worked up... That it had sent the other guy running for his life.

I had to snap out of this trance that Jim had me in before my brother did something he would regret. At that thought, I quickly turned my head around to see that Captain Pike was standing with his back to me; It looked like he was trying to stop Karl from coming any closer. The Captain then slowly stepped to the side... once he was sure Karl had calmed down enough.

“Are you alright, Miss Curtis?” Captain Pike took that moment to face me.

“I’m fine.” I tried to force a smile, feeling so embarrassed. This certainly wasn’t the first time, but I truly hoped it was the last; I hated my feet, they were always getting me into embarrassing moments. What made the situation worse was the look of concern on his face and not just that... My brother had that annoying look. I could just imagine what Karl was thinking; Not your two left feet again! Why, oh why did they always get in my way. “No harm was done,” I continued to say trying to make light of the moment. I knew, I should say something about Jim as he had tried to help, even if it had ended up with the two of us in each other’s arms... Which I had to make sure never happened again. “Thanks to Jim,” I finally added.

The Captain nodded his head towards me, but I could tell it wasn’t for me. He was thanking Jim; who I suppose was still behind me. The Captain then turned back to face my brother. “As I can see it this young lad helped Miss Curtis,” He stated to Karl.

I slowly turned back to face Jim, just to make sure he really was O.K. Especially after that fall against the bar. I found him still leaning back against the bar with a wide grin plastered all over his face.

“Anytime you feel like falling into my arms again. You just go right ahead,” Jim stated.

I found myself staring at Jim’s face; Even from this distance, those eyes were shining so brightly. I slowly started to make my way past him. But this time watching every step I took. Anything, to avoid those ocean blues.


I suddenly stopped walking and took that moment to spin around on the spot - Afraid, I would find my brother’s hands wrapped around Jim’s throat. But, no... It looked like the Captain had it all under control; He was standing right in front of Karl, blocking his path. I couldn’t see the look on his face. Although I could certainly see the look on my brother’s face; Karl was certainly ready to go another round with Jim.

“I think you should wait outside for the young lady; you need to cool off,” Captain Pike stated angrily as my brother slowly turned around and stormed away, banging the door behind him.

The Captain took that moment to face me. Staring right at me... I guessed he was waiting for me to do what I was going to do. Knowing I had just been dismissed. I quickly turned back around, headed straight to the ladies.

A few minutes later I came out the ladies to find that Jim was now sitting down at the very table that my brother flew him on earlier. Captain Pike was sitting the other side, facing him.

“...Who am I Christopher Pike?” Jim asked in an annoying tone.

I looked around the bar, to find it still empty - Except for the bar staff, that were now cleaning the mess that was left from the fight.

“Your father’s son!” The Captain stated.

I looked back over at their table. Wondering how much of their conversation I had missed for the Captain to mention Jim’s father. I decided to hang back, hiding around the corner where I could to see them; I wanted to know where the Captain was going with this conversation... I remembered my own father talking about George Kirk and one thing for certain, Jim was nothing like his father at all.

“Your father didn’t believe in no-win scenarios,” The Captain continued to say.

“He sure learned his lesson.” I could tell in Jim’s voice that this conversation was going somewhere he didn’t want it to go.

“Depends on how you define winning. You’re here, aren’t you?” It seemed that the Captain wasn’t going to give up so easily, though.

I was starting to wonder what the Captain could mean by that. I knew that George had saved the crew of the ‘USS Kevin’ by sacrificing himself, but I knew that wasn’t what he meant... There was certainly more to this than what my father had told me.

“That instinct you have to leap without looking is something your father had too and it’s something Starfleet as lost.” He continued to say.

“Why are you talking to me, man?”

Jim sat there shaking his head, not really caring what the Captain was saying. I could tell that Jim wanted him gone, but for some reason, he still sat there and didn’t bother to move away himself.

“Because I looked up your file while you were drooling all over the bar and staring after Miss Curtis – even after she had disappeared into the ladies.”

I watched as Jim was taking a sip of his drink and then his hand froze in mid-air to stare back at the Captain; Looks like Jim didn’t like that response. But, wait a minute... Jim had continued staring at me, even after I entered the ladies. Well, he can look all he likes, cause that is all he will ever get. No matter, how good looking he is!

“You’re aptitude test were off the charts. So what is it? You like being the only genius-level repeat offender in the Midwest?” The Captain asked

“Maybe I love it!”

Jim was getting all cocky again; he sure did love showing off. Even the Captain started shaking his head at that comment.

“So, cause your dad dies you can settle for an ordinary life. Or do you feel like you were made for something better? Something special!” The Captain finally said after a pause.

I wondered what he could be talking about and from the way Jim was looking; he certainly was thinking the same.

“Enlist in Starfleet!” He continued to say.

"Enlist!” Jim responded, in an amusing tone.

I was shocked that Captain would even think that he would jump at the chance. Jim wouldn’t do that, would he? He just seemed to be a lazy sod who just wanted to waste his life flirting and living dangerously.

“You guys must be way down on your recruiting quota for the month.” Jim continued to say.

From the way Jim was acting, I knew I was right.

“If you’re half the man your father was, Jim. Starfleet could use you... You could be an officer in four years. Have your own ship in eight!”

Wow, Captain Pike was really trying to get through to him. I wondered if anyone could really do that. Jim an officer. Never! His own ship - Starfleet would be insane to let him have that.

“You do understand what the federation is don’t you? It’s important! It’s a peace-keeping...”

“Are we done?” Jim quickly interrupted.

I couldn’t believe that Jim was acting this way about Starfleet and to an officer, but that was him all over. It just proved that no matter what anyone said, Jim just wasn’t interested in doing anything but wasting his life away and I really thought for a moment that Captain Pike was getting through to him - It looked like the Captain thought that too.

“I’m done!” The Captain said in a quiet voice which I could only just hear. He took that moment to stand up looking very disappointed. It was a shame as I really wanted to hear more about Starfleet; I had heard a lot from my brother, but would have liked to have heard it from an officer’s point of view. “Riverside shipyard! A shuttle for new recruits leaves tomorrow. O’Eight hundred hours.” The Captain finally added.

Jim raised his glass to towards the officer as if to say ′got it’. I knew, I wouldn’t see Jim there - To be honest, I really hoped I didn’t; He was just a troublemaker and I didn’t want to have to go through the same thing Jim put me through all those years ago with his step-father’s car... I slowly shook my head. No, I didn’t want to think about that ever again. It was the worst moment of my life, even when he pushed me out before reaching the edge of the cliff. Jim was lucky he survived that and had managed to keep hold of the edge of the cliff and pull himself up.

“You know your father was Captain of a starship for twelve minutes. He saved eight hundred lives, including your mother’s and yours.”

What the Captain just said shook me out of my thoughts. I hadn’t heard that part before; My father told me that he and George were on the bridge until the last possible moment, but when someone had to stay behind to control the ship. George sacrificed himself to save both my parents and everyone else on the ship. I didn’t know that Jim had been on the ship as well.

“I dare you to do better!” The Captain finally said.

Did I just hear right? Did Captain Pike just dare Jim to do better than his father? I noticed that Jim was just as surprised; he continued staring after the Captain, who was now walking out the door.

After a few moments, I slowly made my way towards the exit. I prayed Jim wouldn’t notice. As I made it past Jim’s table I noticed he was distracted by a toy starship... That he must have gotten from the Captain. I finally made it to the bar entrance before I heard Jim speak.

"Are you Enlisting?” He asked in a very quiet tone which was very unusual for him.

“Yes!” I answered. I never wanted to see Jim ever again. I smiled a little to myself when I realised that being in Starfleet I never would anyway.

“Some boyfriend you have there!” Jim suddenly stated.

My hand instantly froze against the door panel, my smile quickly vanished. I thought for a moment on how I should deal with this. Then I started to wonder why I was still standing here. I knew the best way was just to walk away and ignore him.

“You should be under me, not him!” Jim continued to say.

I knew, I couldn’t let this go. I had to put Jim straight and tell him who we were. That should certainly wipe the smirk of his face which I knew would be all over his face right now. When I did finally turn around I saw actually just that. “You don’t even know who I am...”

“I know your one lovely girl...” Jim quickly interrupted me. “With the longest pair of legs, I have ever seen. Don’t get me wrong, they are very sexy. But you need to watch your two left feet.”

I stared back - god-smacked. But what else would I expect to come out of that mouth?

“One other thing, I could also blow your mind!” It seemed Jim was nowhere near finished.

This conversation was getting worse and I just couldn’t deal with it anymore. I quickly turned back around, but I was determined to have the last laugh or, at least, put Jim in his place. “All you would be good at is blowing a hole in my heart.”

“Give me time and I’ll make you fall into my arms again,” Jim added with a wink of his left eye.

Even though, I knew he meant more than what he was saying. I still couldn’t help but bust into laughter. “Never!” I quickly added.

“Is that a challenge, Miss Sexy-Legs?”

I continued to smile to myself as I pushed opened the door and walked out... Jim was just so full of himself.

I found my brother waiting for me and he still didn’t look very happy. “I can’t believe your still smiling. Especially, while you’re around him?” Karl asked in an annoying tone.

I was so used to this - Ever since our parents had been killed he had changed, it was like he wanted revenge. But, the thing was none of us knew what killed them. “Oh, it doesn’t matter.” I knew my brother wouldn’t understand. It didn’t matter anymore; We would properly never see Jim again.

I strolled on ahead, knowing my brother would soon follow. A moment later, Karl caught up with me and started walking beside me. I, for some reason, couldn’t resist a look-back. So I slowly turned my head to find Jim heading over to some sort of motorcycle. After mounting the bike, he decided to take one last look in my direction. I didn’t know if he could see me staring, but I still took that moment to look back the way I was heading.

A moment later, I heard an engine start up. Which made me turn back to see Jim drive away in the opposite direction. I suddenly started feeling sorry for him; Jim didn’t seem to have anyone to care for him. No one to look out for him... Wait, where did that thought come from? I couldn’t believe that thought had popped into my head. Not that it mattered now, anyway - Goodbye to my old life and on to a better one.

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