Heart Of Darkness

Leonard McCoy

After only a few months at Starfleet Academy, I was finding it quite hard especially with all the aches and pains I was getting and in places I didn’t realise you could get them. I lost count of how many times I was sent to Medical with bruises and sprains.

This time was certainly no different to my other visits. After reporting myself in. I slowly limped over to the waiting area where a few other people were waiting to be seen. The thing I couldn’t understand was the feeling I always got when I was here; I felt at ease as if this was a place I belonged. Which was strange because most people hated being in this sort of place. I knew it had something to do with my mother being a nurse - She had been top of all her classes in the academy and it only took her three years to become the senior nurse aboard the USS Kevin where she first met my father, who had been the pilot of the same Starship.

"Miss Curtis!"

I was so lost in my thoughts and memories of my parents, that I almost didn’t hear my name being called. I slowly turned my head in that direction to find one of the nurses looking my way with a cheesy grin on her face. I realised it was the same nurse who I got on well with; Well, she certainly made me laugh especially with her flirting skills.

I slowly stood up and made my way over to her. I noticed as I got closer the wider her smile became. I wondered what she would come out with today.

“What is it, this time, Miss Curtis?” The nurse asked as her eyes travelled down towards my feet and then slowly back up - Her eyes kept widening every now and again; I could tell she was taking in every detail of my body.

When she first started doing this, it made me really uneasy. Now I had grown used to it. “You’re asking me that, when you can see I’m limping here?” I responded back.

“I just never know with you. It’s not the first time you have limped in here, but have only sprained your hand.”

I couldn’t help but laugh at that. I knew very well what she meant; A few times I still hadn’t gotten over my latest incident before hurting myself again. - I couldn’t seem to stop injuring myself. “Well, this time, it certainly is my ankle,” I finally stated.

“So tell me, Miss Curtis. How did you sprain your beautiful ankle this time?” The nurse asked slowly, by breaking the word beautiful into 3 syllables.

I knew the nurse was harmless enough; Every since I started coming here she never once went any further than just flirting with me. A few girls and guys in my classes had spoken about her often - Some enjoying the attention and others finding it offensive. “Trying to kick my leg high; I fell over and landed on it quite hard,” I answered.

“I bet all you need is a good message, that will help ease the pain and I would gladly volunteer to do that for you.” The nurse offered.

“When you have quite finished flirting with my patient, Miss Obere?” A deep voice suddenly surrounded me.

I turned to look around the room and to start with I couldn’t work out who had spoken; No one was looking our way.

“I haven’t even begun.” The nurse added as she continued to smile at me.

Just then, I noticed one guy shaking his head; He sure did look quite annoyed. He was standing beside one of the medical beds wearing a cadet uniform with a white coat over the top of it, attending to a patient. His eyes seemed glued to the tablet he was holding. This guy sure did look familiar, but I just couldn’t quite work out where.

I knew the nurse could flirt all today if she had the chance. This made me think of Jim Kirk and how they would make quite an item; flirting away with each other all day. I couldn’t believe I was even thinking this - How could I pair the two off? I knew Jim would love and leave her and this nurse certainly didn’t deserve that. No-one did.

I continued to look at the doctor who still hadn’t taken his eyes off the pad as his fingers continued to slide across it. He was quite good-looking in his own way.

I slowly turned back to the nurse. “As much as I like chatting with you, I think the doctor is more my type,” I added with a smile. Hoping not to upset her too much.

“It doesn’t mean I will give up so easily,” the Nurse quickly added before turning to face the doctor with an even wider smirk on her face.

I followed her look and saw the doctors cheeks starting to go red and he quickly swallowed hard before taking on his serious face, once again. He never once took his eyes from the tablet, though. I couldn’t believe I had made him blush. I hadn’t meant anything by it. I just wanted to get the message across.

Hey, Leonard. Laura wants a physical exam with you.” The nurse finally added.

I could now feel my own cheeks heating up, but it also made me smile a little. Especially, when I suddenly realised who this doctor was and how he stood up against a female officer or at least tried to. I first met him, well, I didn’t quite talk to him. But I did see him aboard the shuttle from Iowa.

“And have you forgotten your professional training, Miss Obere?” The doctor asked.

“Fine! Should I arrange a private session for you Dr McCoy and your patient, Miss Curtis?” The nurse added while winking her eye at me.

This time, Leonard did turn around and glare at us with an annoyed look on his face. “That will do, Miss Obere.” He ordered.

“I could even come along too and we could make it a threesome,” The nurse continued going on.

She certainly didn’t back off easily. Even when ordered to and as for Leonard, he couldn’t be that high up yet. Not if he joined at the same time as I did. But he could already be properly trained as a doctor. Especially from the way he had spoken on the shuttle.

“How about we make it a foursome?”

Another voice suddenly interrupted my thoughts which I would recognise anywhere; There was only one person who spoke like that. I slowly turned around to find none other than Jim standing in the doorway grinning at us. What else did I expect? Of course, he would appear when flirting was going on. I bet Jim had that ability to sense when people were flirting and made sure he was a part of it.

“I wouldn’t say no,” the nurse smiled back towards Jim.

I could tell from that look alone that she definitely liked Jim which wasn’t surprising; He was very good looking but was just too much of a ladies man. Maybe, I should give the nurse a heads up on how Jim was before she made a huge mistake. No, it was none of my business. But, I certainly caught Jim winking back at her.

“Don’t you have other patients to attend to Miss Obere?” Leonard asked, interrupting their moment.

“O.K. O.K. I’m going,” the nurse stated as she turned to glare back at Leonard with an annoyed look on her face, but it didn’t last long before a wide grin suddenly appeared on her face. “You three have your own threesome and I’ll find my own,”

I knew now that this nurse was a lot like Jim; they both liked to flirt and it never bothered them if they failed; They could easily find someone else more willing. Except, the nurse liked both sexes and I knew or at least presumed Jim didn’t.

“I could do with your help, Miss Obere.” Jim quickly added.

“Maybe later!” The nurse winked back at Jim which made his smile even wider if that was even possible. “Must do as the Doctor says.” The nurse suddenly turned her smile towards me. “Let me escort this beautiful girl to sit down first.” The nurse made that same word into three syllables once again; She certainly liked that word.

Jim suddenly stepped in-between me and the nurse. “Allow me!” He quickly added before placing his arm around my waist. With or without my permission.

I certainly didn’t want Jim getting any ideas, so I had to get myself away from him somehow. Although, it did feel kind of nice to have his fingers sliding across my back, even through this thick uniform.

“Well, you win some and you lose some. Enjoy your threesome Miss Curtis or maybe the two of you would look good together.” She suddenly added before walking away and the doors closing behind her.

I couldn’t believe what she had just said. No way did Jim and I look good together. I couldn’t stand him full stop!

At that very moment, I could feel his hand moving quite quickly down towards my bum. “Don’t even think about it or you will know how much pain I am in.” I quickly warned him.

“I have no idea what you’re talking about,” Jim said before moving his hand back up. “Allow me, to escort you to, Dr Bones.”

So Jim had a nickname for this doctor? I knew that meant he and Leonard had become friends. I would surely love to know what Jim’s nickname was.

I suddenly realised that Jim was staring at me. Properly, waiting for my permission which would be a first in Jim’s case. But, what other reason could there be? I knew, I had no choice - my ankle was pretty painful. So, I started to lean against Jim and placed my arm around his neck.

Despite the pain shooting through my foot, I felt at ease being in Jim’s arms. I couldn’t explain why? I just did. Which kind of scared me a little; How could I feel this way, when I knew Jim was only after one thing?

“Have you sprained your ankle again, Miss Curtis?” Leonard asked as we stepped up closer to him.

I moved my arm from Jim’s neck as I moved myself up onto the bed. I knew Jim had only helped me for his own sake; But, nevertheless, he did help me so I knew, I should thank him. “Thanks, Jim.”

“Anytime. Just say the word and I’ll be there,” Jim said before turning to face Leonard and started to speak to him. “How could you send a beautiful girl like that away?” He asked.

I knew he was talking about Miss Obere and that Jim had dismissed me. What did I expect? Jim just didn’t care how he treated people. Especially girls, who don’t pay him any attention. What did I care anyway? But, somewhere deep down I did care what Jim thought of me or maybe it was what everyone thought. Yes, that must be it!

“What do you want, Jim? Can’t you see I’m busy?” Leonard grumbled annoying Jim’s question.

Jim placed his hand on Leonard’s shoulder and smiled at him. As much as I had gotten to know Jim so well. Well, enough to know he would come back with his own sarcastic remake.

“Can’t I come and see my best buddy in the whole wide world.”

Leonard all of a sudden grinned at me before turning back to face Jim completely. “O.K, out with it. I don’t have all day.”

Now, that surely did make me smile; It seems that I was right about Jim and Leonard becoming good friends. At least, Jim had one friend now; Hopefully, that will help sort him out. But, somehow, I doubted it. Even when Jim and I were friends, he still just got worse and worse with his crazy stunts. I just wished now I had done something to try and help him find out why he was acting this way. Although, I was only a kid myself and didn’t completely understand things as I do now. In a way, I still didn’t quite understand him and I don’t suppose I ever will or anyone would for that matter.

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