Heart Of Darkness

Laura's Room Mate

I have now been at Starfleet for three years and finally starting to feel like I belong; My classes were getting better... Well, I had worked hard for this and now I was much higher up in my training.

The main thing was I had finally made a few friends. One was my new roommate who had been there for me through the last two years, but to start with I didn’t realise how much she had done for me. I thought she was just one spoiled girl who got where she was because of being an admiral’s daughter, but I truly had been wrong. My roommate Brittany; who only liked being called Brit, might be a bit of a wild girl - Attending parties that shouldn’t be happening and finding herself mixed up with the wrong kind of guys. In the past year, though. She had calmed down a lot more especially after falling for the wrong guy. One that she thought or had hoped would last. Even though, I had tried to warn her against the one and only; Jim Kirk!

Now the two of us had become quite good friends... The best of friends! We even had a few classes together. Even though, Brit was working more towards being an officer and following in her father’s footsteps... She even specialised in all knowledge of alien species - Well, all that Starfleet had come in contact with so far. Britt also loved to read especially about all the different aliens out there; Our room was full of alien books.

At this very moment, we were on the way to class making our way across the main square towards the building where classes were being held.

“There is a party over at Kel’s room. You have so got to come,” Brit stated with excitement in her voice.

My roommate knew better than to ask me to attend a party. I also knew my friend would keep going on until I eventually gave in. Sometimes, I had thought about trying these parties and letting my hair down for once. But I was one of those people that thought the worse; If we got caught, there would be hell to pay. Brit would properly get a warning, because of who her father was. But I wasn’t in the same situation as her and I knew if I failed here at Starfleet, there would be nowhere else to go; Starfleet was my life now! “You know my answer to that,” I responded.

Brit kept walking ahead and then rushing back and started walking around me. That was one thing with my friend; She couldn’t stand still for very long. I remembered how Brit would make me dizzy by trying to keep up with her, but I soon learnt just to keep to my own pace, Brit would come back to me in her own time.

“You need to live a little,” Brit said as she jumped from one side of me to the other.

“I live enough, just by keeping up with you in the daytime.” I gave Brit a bright smile as we continued walking or in Brit’s case... Skipping.

Brit started laughing as we both reached the bottom of the steps that lead up to the main building. “One night out with me and I will soon have you living life to the full.”

This certain made me laugh. “Starfleet, wouldn’t be able to handle the two of us.”

“That’s where the fun ...” Brit all of a sudden stopped mid-sentence and instantly jumped right behind me grabbing my arm and pulled me to a stop.

I turned my head to see that Brit had her head resting on my shoulder and looking ahead of us. I wondered what could possibly have made her stand still, even just for a few seconds?

“... It’s him!” Brit stated.

I knew that look on Brit’s face - She only ever made that lustful look when Jim was around. I turned back around and followed Brit’s direction and saw Jim rushing down the stairs with enthusiasm and Leonard following behind with that look on his face whenever Jim went on about something that didn’t really amuse him.

“You’re sweet on him, aren’t you?” Brit suddenly interrupted my thoughts.

I shook my head for a minute, wondering if I had heard correctly. I slowly turned back to face her, and for two reasons; 1 – I was shocked to hear Brit say that about me and the guy she daydreamed about and 2 - Because Jim and Leonard were getting closer to us as they continued to make their way down the stairs. “No, I’m not. You’re the one who is.” I stated back to her.

“Jimmy isn’t the one I’m talking about.”

I couldn’t help smiling at that statement. “That makes a change for you.” I knew where this conversation was going and I hoped Brit wouldn’t notice that I had changed the subject back to her - Something I had caught from Leonard himself!

Brit knew me too well, though. “I knew it! You are?” She stated with enthusiasm as she started jumping around me again with that wide smirk on her face.

She was wrong - Leonard was just a friend... more like a brother to me. I didn’t feel that way about him at all. But I just decided to let my friend go on and have her moment of glee.

“... I’m a doctor Jim, I’m busy!” I heard Leonard’s voice get louder as he got closer to us.

I slowly turned around and noticed that Brit had stopped jumping around and was now standing behind me, once again. Jim was smiling away at the two of us with that famous smirk of his - Whenever he saw any females around and Leonard for some reason hadn’t noticed us yet; He was looking ahead towards Jim, who was now walking backwards in front of him.

“Hello, ladies!” Jim winked at us both.

Brit instantly walked around me and started to take a step towards him; Brit always fell for that smile just like most of the girls did. This time, though, Jim didn’t pay any attention. He just turned back to Leonard who had stopped walking and was staring at him. Jim took a couple of steps closer to Leonard before saying. “Bones, it doesn’t bother you that no-one has ever passed that test.”

“Jim, it’s the Kobayashi Maru, no-one passes the test and no-one go’s back for seconds, let alone thirds,” Leonard stated.

“I’ve got to study,” Jim said as he slapped Leonard on the arm and turned back to face the two of us.

Leonard looked on with a shocked look on his face which I didn’t blame him for; I knew what test they were on about and how everyone hated it. I had been in the last two tests that Jim took and how he had tried two different ways to pass it - Both times he had failed, but everyone knew that no-one ever passed that test... It was programmed that way.

“Bye Ladies!” Jim walked past us with that same smirk on his face and continued walking away.

Brit starts rushing after him and tapped him on the shoulder. Jim turns back to her with a smile on his face as Brit starts talking with him and I guessed she was trying to win him over again.

“Study, my ass!” Leonard shook his head, before realising I was there. “He sure is impossible sometimes.” He stated, smiling over at me.

I walked up beside him and we both watched as Brit pleading with Jim about something; I bet Brit was trying to get Jim to go out with her again and it didn’t look like it was working. Brit was trying to get closer to him, but it looked like Jim just wanted to be elsewhere.

“Have you only just realised that?” I joked back. I could see out the corner of my eye that Leonard had a wide smirk on his face and I took that moment to smile back.

“I have said it once before and I’ll say it again. You are just as bad as Jim sometimes.”

I really loved it when Leonard and I joked like this; It certainly brightened up my days. “I bet you say that to all the girls,” I responded back.

“No, just you,” Leonard said as his arm came around my shoulder and his face came closer to mine. “You know, you’re the only girl for me.”

Leonard was flirting with me again. But I knew he was only teasing; He mainly did it in front of Anne; his nurse Miss Obere and that was just to wind her up. I had seen Leonard staring at her a few times. “Save it for Anne.”

Leonard stared back at me with a shocked look on his face and I decided to stare back just to see if he would back down and admit it. It didn’t last long before he just grinned back and said, “Anne is more interested in you.”

“Don’t you dare turn this around on me again.” I grabbed hold of Leonard’s arm and pulled it over my head and took a step back, still smiling, though. I knew I needed a comeback. I certainly wasn’t going to let Leonard win this time. “Just finally ask her out, will you?”

“Why don’t you ask her out?”

“I’m not the one trying to tease her all the time.” I knew, I had won the argument this time as Leonard’s face had started to go red again like it usually did when I was right about something. “Anne likes you too.” I continued to encourage him.

“Why don’t you two finally ask each other out and stop with all the teasing.” Brit suddenly interrupted us.

Brit came up beside me with a grin on her face, but I could see that the edges of her lips were twitching and I knew that meant she wasn’t happy and was just refusing to show it. In that next moment, I felt an arm slide across my shoulders.

“How about it, Miss Curtis?” Leonard asked with that same smirk still on his face.

Not that name again! One of these days I will get Leonard to call me by my first name. I instantly grabbed his hand again and pulled it over my head, moving away from him. “Not while you still call me by that name.”

“The last time I checked, that was your name.”

I doubted, Leonard would ever call me by my first name. It was strange, though. He would call Jim and everyone else by their first name, but not me! One of these days I will get it out of him and finally find out all the answers that were puzzling me.

“Has much as I hate to break up this romantic moment, but we have class, Laura.” Brit reminded me.

“I’m coming!”

“Catch up with you another time, Miss Curtis.”

“One of these days you will call me Laura.”

“Certainly, Miss Curtis.”

“Oh, I give up with you.” I took that moment to turn away where I could see Brit sliding her foot along the edge of the step in front of her; She really needed to talk to me alone - Another conversation about Jim turning her down again. As much as I loved my friend and wanted to be there for her. Jim wasn’t the conversation that I enjoyed, but I would listen to her no matter what... I knew, Brit would do the same for me!

“You could never give up on me.” I heard Leonard say.

I slowly turned my head to grin back at him before saying. “I’m sure Anne wouldn’t either.”

Redness started coming back to his cheeks again and this time, I left it at that and turned back around, giving Leonard one finally wave before making my way over to Brit. I wished, I could mend her broken heart. But I knew only Jim could do that and I didn’t see that happening anytime soon.happening anytime soon.

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