Heart Of Darkness

Nyota Uhura

About an hour later my roommate, Brit and I were heading out of class making our way back to the dorms so Brit could get ready for this party that she kept going on about.

“You could still join me, Laura.”

“Join you where?” I knew very well what Brit meant, but I just couldn’t resist wounding her up, even though I knew that didn’t always work; It was the only way I could handle her without coming right out and yelling at her to stop going on about this bloody party. Brit knew I wouldn’t attend, no matter how much she went on.

“Don’t give me that look. You know very well what I’m on about.” Brit continued jumping around me like she always did with a wide grin spread across her face.

She properly had it in her head that I would one day be more like her. But, as much as I liked her the way she was, which was the complete opposite of me. I certainly didn’t want to become her. I always wondered, though why a girl as wild as Brit would hang around with someone as boring as I was? One day, I knew I would ask Brit this. But right now I wasn’t as confident - I had a bad feeling that I wouldn’t like the answer.

“No idea what so ever.” I smiled towards Brit as she just raised her eyebrows and started skipping away from me. I knew she wouldn’t go far and would come skipping right back to me. I had always wondered, where Brit got all her energy from; some of our classes were very tiring, they really took it out of me but not Brit - She was just so hyper.

“Laura, wait up.”

I instantly stopped walking and turned around to see Uhura rushing up the corridor, towards me. This really surprised me; I didn’t think Uhura even knew who I was - Yes, she was in a few of my classes but we had never really spoken to each other. I wondered what she could possibly want with me.

Once Uhura caught up, she placed a hand on my arm and tried to get her breath back.

“Uhura?” I asked in confusion. I was very surprised by this; why, would she be so eager to catch up with me? I watched as Uhura started looking up the corridor where my roommate Brit had gone and then turned back to me again, with a smile upon on her face.

“The name’s Nyota. I was hoping to catch up with Brittany before she left but it seems I was a too slow for her, once again.”

There weren’t many people that called Brit by her full name, not the ones that knew her well. What could Uhura want with Brit? (No it was Nyota now) Especially, when she didn’t seem to know her all that well. “Yeah, it certainly takes a lot to keep up with Brit,” I answered her.

“How do you manage to?” Nyota asked

“One thing I learned with Brit, she would eventually come back to you.”

Nyota kept looking down the corridor and then to me and back again looking out for Brit and I noticed then that Brit had truly disappeared this time but that still didn’t bother me; Brit must have found something to occupy her for the time being. she would come back in her own time.

“How long does that normal take her?” She asked

“Depends on what has caught her eye.”

“I remember you now..” She suddenly changed the subject. “You were with that guy who tried to protect me against Jim Kirk.”

I couldn’t believe Nyota had noticed me that night, what with everything that went on and it was all down to Jim and my brother’s anger. I had to admit if it wasn’t for overhearing her conversation with Jim, I wouldn’t even know Nyota, or should I say remember her. “Yes, my brother Karl,” I stated.

“He sure has a bit of temper, doesn’t he?”

“Yes, he does! Karl never used to but I have to admit, he has been through a lot.”

“So have you by the looks of things.”

Oh, not again! why was I so visible to others whenever I spoke about something that affected me. I will have to work on this before everyone else could. Somehow had to change this around before I got too emotionally. “I noticed that you certainly knew how to handle Jim,” I added instead.

“Jim is just too full of himself.”

“I wouldn’t say that in front of Brit if I was you,” I warned her.

Suddenly, Nyota started laughing. “Everyone knows Brittany as the hots for Jim. What about you, do you have the hots for him?” She quickly added, facing me properly.

I started to laugh along with her. I couldn’t hep it - I knew there were quite a few girls out there that wish they could live happy ever after with Jim. But I certainly wasn’t one of them. I knew that was because I had known him as far back as I could remember and I knew that he hadn’t changed one bit. Although, I had to give him credit for managing to stick with Starfleet for so long.

I suddenly realised that I hadn’t answered Nyota yet and she was staring back, waiting for just that. She was properly making the answer up for herself. “Jim certainly isn’t my type.”

Jim was quite good looking but looks didn’t mean all that much. Jim and I didn’t really get on. To be honest, I couldn’t stand being in the same room as him.

“I thought he was every girl’s dream,” Nyota added.

“So you were only teasing him in the bar.” I decided to mock her.

“Well, almost every girl.” Nyota quickly stated.

I couldn’t believe that Nyota and I were getting on so well; this was the first time we had ever spoken to each other. I started to remember what she was going through my mind that day at the bar; about Nyota and I becoming friends. This certain made me smile when I also remembered thinking how Jim would cope being up against the two of us.

Nyota took that moment to turn her head around again. “Well, it looks like Brittany isn’t coming back.”

“Most have found something more interesting.”

“I have a few books for her to read,” Uhura stated as she turned back around.

I could certainly guess what those books were of; Brit would only read about the different aliens Starfleet had encountered so far. I suddenly remembered hearing that Nyota was experienced in alien languages. So that must be how Nyota came to know Brit. “Let me guess, these books are about alien knowledge.”

“That’s right.”

“Well, I’m sure Brit will love them.”

“Could you give them to her for me?”

I wondered where these books were as Nyota didn’t have any with her. “Sure!” I answered.

“They are back in my room. If you have a moment, that is?”

“Lead the way.”

Nyota continued down the corridor and I followed on behind. By the time we reached the other end corridor I caught up and started walking beside her.

“So how do you know Jim?” Nyota suddenly asked.

‘Oh, here we go again’ would anyone ever stop asking me that? I couldn’t really blame Nyota, it was just a curiosity question, after all. And I doubt it will be the last time I’m asked it. I just had to come up with a simple answer that I could use every time I’m asked. I decided to tell her what I had told Brit. But to leave out the part that still haunted me to this day. Only Brit knew that and I wanted to keep it that way.

“Jim and I go way back, our parents were friends so I suppose me and Jim did too. When we were kids; we were the best of friends or so I thought until Jim started acting like... I was only there for his amusement.”

“How long were you friends for?”

“Until I was 10 and my family moved away.”

“Now I see why your brother got so angry, he wanted to get his own back on Jim.”

Nyota truly understood things without them being explained; She seemed really nice and easy to talk to as well. I hoped Nyota and I really could become friends. “Karl and Jim never got on...”

“Let me guess, they kept wounding each other up and properly fighting a lot too.”

Did Nyota pick that up from just the bar fight and our family connection? Could she be psychic or something? If not, she sure did listen well and thought very deeply about what was said! “Are you psychic or something?” I directly asked her.

Another smile suddenly appeared on Nyota’s face as we both started walking along the corridor of the girls’ dorms but in the opposite direction of mine and Brit’s room.

“You certainly are not the first to say that but to be honest, I could tell there was more of a story behind your brother’s eyes than him not liking Jim.”

I was now confused myself. What could Nyota be on about? Surely she couldn’t have picked up on Karl’s anger towards our parent’s death. I slowly shook her head - No of course not! Nyota wasn’t that psychic or, was she? “What do you mean by that?”

This suddenly made Nyota stop walking and she slowly turned around. I wondered what else she would come out with but for she only placed her hand over the scanner by the door, that we stood next to, causing the door to slide open.

“And from the way you just acted, you are both suffering from this.”

Nyota really was quite surprising, even getting close to scaring me. I had never faced anyone like her before... Nyota sure was one of a kind, I certainly didn’t want to know what it was like to get on her bad side.

Nyota moved to the side and guided started guiding me into the room; which looked just like mine, where a plastic wall separated the entrance to the main bedroom. As Nyota started to follow me in, I was certain I could hear a voice; a quiet one at that. I ashamed it was Nyota’s roommate but there was someone else with her. I could just make out another voice; one that sounded a little familiar - Wait a minute, that was a male voice. No, I must be wrong! No guys were allowed in the girl’s dorm and the opposite with guys dorms.

“You don’t have to talk about it if you don’t want to.” Nyota suddenly interrupted my thoughts.

I turned my attention back to Nyota and realised I had almost forgotten what we were talking about. It took me a moment for it to come flowing back to me. “We both lost our parents a few years ago,” I explained.

Nyota walked further into the room before saying, “I’m sorry to hear that.”

I started followed Nyota into the main bedroom area where I saw another girl lying on one of the twin beds, smiling as if this was the happiest moment of her life. I knew she wasn’t human; what with her skin being green. There was one thing that concerned me about this girl; she was lying there in only her underwear. Which to me, seemed really strange. Why didn’t she at least cover up when she heard that Nyota had brought someone with her? Maybe this was just who she was; confidence in her own body. I truly envied her!

“Laura meet Gaila!” Nyota made the introductions.

“Hello, Laura!”

“Hi, Gaila!”

I suddenly realised that Gaila sounded a little too happy which reminded me of hearing two voices when I first entered. But where was that person now? There was no one else in the room or any other way out. Except, the door Nyota and I came through. There was a bathroom but I knew that was behind me. Meaning, they would have had to walk straight past me to get there. I truly must have been mistaken!

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