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Nostalgic (Mingyu x Reader)


Mingyu read his ex girlfriend's fanfiction and it was personally written for him to remind him how lovely he is.

Romance / Other
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Chapter 1

Mingyu is a popular kpop idol been interested at reading an fan fiction of him and the whole Seventeen in a popular site but he didn't know that he was actually reading his ex girlfriend's fan fiction that dedicated for him personally. When she feels nostalgic every words came clearly in her mind because she was thinking of Mingyu so bad. His scents, his hugs, his kisses, his I love yous and even the way he treated her those makes her feel nostalgic about her ex boyfriend Mingyu who left her without any good byes without warning he just left he left her alone but after 3 years she still feeling nostalgic about Mingyu the man she love the most the man she doesn't stop loving she often headed into their fan meetings and concert for Mingyu and only for Mingyu. She missed him she wont lie she misses Mingyu so much she misses her Mingyu so much but the word "Her" symbolizes 3 years ago when the moment they are leaving happily and she wont get those kisses, those hugs, those lovely treatment from Mingyu because those happened 3 years ago it was already in the past that she should move forward like what Mingyu did he was happy now so she should be happy for him she should be happy for what Mingyu achieve for the past 3 years since he left that no one should be stuck in the past and no one should be because they both deserve to be happy. She open her account and she receive a message from his ex boyfriend saying "Hello this is Mingyu and I want to say thank you for letting me live like a amazing person in your story and I want to say your story somehow happen in the past and it was the exact thing happen but I think It just reminded it how I hurt the precious woman in my life but I really like it fighting" It somehow reminded you of her she was hurt but she wasn't mad she wasn't mad at you and your choices in life but at least she was expecting an explanation to move on an explanation for her to stop feeling nostalgic about the past to move forward to not dwell on the pain anymore she deserves that she deserve an acceptable reasons to her "whys". She wrote a message back to Mingyu "Hi this is Y/N yes the story reminds me of you because that woman you left 3 years ago is me but Mingyu I am glad you are liking it don't worry I wont hurt myself in this fiction like what I felt in real life be happy now Gyu fighting and I will be rooting for you all the time". Those message came from your heart because you think it's the best to let go to let go the facts that he makes you feel nostalgic of everything that you should not dwell on him so much it was the memories stays but the people who made those memories left already 3 years ago and you shouldn't hurt yourself.
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