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You calling my name Got7×Reader


In the midst of being kidnapped, she meets 7 men who have also been kidnapped She's left without hope until they all get closer, their relationship may be the key to them escaping

Romance / Adventure
Mun Eunji
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Chapter 1:Rough Beginning

"Shhh, it's alright sweetheart, stay back here and be quiet" Y/n's father says to her as he ushers her into her room closet.

"B-but what about you?, Their gonna get you..."she cries, " No no no , I'll be back for you, then the bad men will be gone" He reassures her

He closes the door behind him as he leaves her in the dark.

10 minutes Earlier

Y/n and her father had been eating dinner together for the first time in forever, Y/n had been closing herself off from him lately and her father wanted them to spend some time together for once.

She was silent until her father spoke up suddenly, "Y/n, why have you been so distant lately, we barely even speak anymore, why?"

Y/n looks up from her food, "Um...well I know its definitely not because my mother abandoned me a month ago" she stated sarcastically, her father's face fell

"But it's alright, now I have a cool story to tell people when they ask why they've never seen my mother" she says with a face smile

"I-I'm sorry Y/n, it wasn't my f-fault though, I tried to make her stay but-" He was on the verge of tears as he was cut off with a loud bang on the front door

They both jump in unison

"Oh no" he whispers to himself. Y/n is confused, "Dad?, What is going on?" She asks with a glare

"Y/n, Y-you need to hide...NOW" He says with a stern tone, Y/n suddenly gets angry

"First you drive mom away, then you hide things from me?, What is going on, I won't leave till you tell me!" She yells.

Soon the banging gets louder, they both jump once again, Y/n stares at her dad expecting an answer from him, he opens his mouth to speak but that's quickly changed when a gunshot sounds off

They look over to the door and see a small hole with smoke emerging from it;Y/n looks at her father and they both quickly run to Y/n's room

Y/n is silently crying, she's never been in the predicament before

Present time

Y/n still cries to herself silently, She can still clearly hear the banging on their front door, but suddenly, She's heard a loud thud, then she heard the voice of other men

"So...wheres the money?huh?" She heard one of the men say, his voice was low and raspy, It scared her

"I-I told you I'd have the money next month-" her father says but he's cut off by another man "Julian can't wait that long Mr.L/n, he needs it now" the man says

"Julian? Who the hell is julian?" Y/n thinks to herself, she wanted to go see who was speaking with her father, but she was instructed to stay in her closet, so she did

"I just don't have the money"her father says in an angry tone, there's a long silence.

"Fine" one of the men say, soon after , a gunshot sounds, she no longer hears the voice of her father, the curiosity builds up inside of her, she bursts out of her closet and runs to the living room

There are about five men in the room, they all turn to look at her, she looks down at their feet and drops to her knees; She gawked at the sight of her father's lifeless body

His head laying in a pool of blood, she crawls to him and lays his head on her lap, evidently not caring about the blood on her clothes

"D-daddy?" She calls his name, still having hope of him being alive, but no answer.

She stands up, her head turned to the floor, she walks to the kitchen, the mens eyes are fixed on her, she begins to laugh

The men look dumbfounded, "You dirty , low-down bastards killed my father..." she says slowly, "YOU KILLED MY FATHER!!!" She screams.

Y/n lunges at all of them with a butcher knife that was left on the table, all but one of the men hop out of the way, and that man was stabbed in the side

"Luciel!!" One of the other men yell, someone creeps up behind Y/n and grabs her, he smacks the knife out of her hand and another man binds her hands with a zip tie

They haul her out of the house, she kicks and screams "I WANT MY FATHER!!! SOMEONE HELP ME!!!!" but it doesn't help.

She is thrown into a black, eight seated truck, as there cat starts she kicks and thrashes around even more, but then she quits and cries

"W-why did you kill him?, he didn't do you any wrong" she cries, the man in the driver's seat speaks up

"Listen sweetheart, your father owed a very powerful man a huge amount of money, but never payed, so he had to endure there consequences, same happened with your precious mother " he explains with no remorse

Y/n gasps in disbelief, " I know, you ruthless disgusting bastards, DID NOT, touch my mother" she said with a deep voice

These man laughs, "nope, we merely shot her and disposed of her body properly" he says


At this point, she's gone insane. She carries on screaming until she gets tired and doses off to sleep.

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