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You calling my name Got7×Reader

Chapter 2: Tragic truth

As y/n regained consciousness, she noticed she was up against a warm carpeted floor,

She looks up and sees that she's in a well-lit room with a bed, Two dressers, one with a mirror, and a TV.

Normally, She'd be happy with this, but the situation she's in now haa messed her up to where she can't even smile.

"They could've put me on the bed...bastards" She thought to herself as she got up and sat on the bed, she looked around the room and spotted a note on the side of her bed

She reads it

"Hello mrs.L/n, I know exactly what you're thinking at the moment, Why were my parents killed?, Why was I kidnapped? Well I have those answers right here...

Your parents and I used to be good friends, and they were also good customers, they always bought drugs from me, Mostly ecstacy

They did good business with me until your mother stopped paying, eventually she started paying with her body,

if you wondered why she was gone at night all the time, I was because she was cheating on your father with me

And I got tired of her about 5 months later, armed she didn't pay me any money, so I got rid of her

As for your father, he stopped coming to me, he stopped buying from me, completley cut me off, he said he couldn't pay cause he was putting you through college,

he had a running tab on him from arms purchase he had made about 3 months earlier, but he never payed, so I got rid of him too...

Hope you understand now, and you're gonna be here for quite a while, so get comfortable


She crumpled up the note and threw it, threw herself onto the bed, and cried

She thought her parents were wary better then that, doing drugs? She never would've guessed, and her mothers affair with this Julian person... shocked her, deeply.

There was nothing she could do, she's now an orphan, and she's been kidnapped so she has no idea where she is,

"I gotta get out a here" she muttered to herself

"Theres no point"She heard a voice speak, she went silent for a while "W-who's there?" She called, She then saw the shadow of two feet at a door that she thought was a closet

She walks up to the door and presses her ear against it, "hello?" She says expecting an answer

"Hey, You just got here, right?"The voice answers, it's a lower voice, but soft

"Y-yeah, I don't know where I am, do you know?"She asks, "In the middle of nowhere, I can promise you that, what's your name?"The voice asks

"Y/n, and you?"She asks,"Bam Bam, that's what my friends call me, they say my real name is too long to pronounce" he chuckles

Y/n giggles, "The door isn't locked is it?" She asks, then she hears the door knob turn, the door opens and standing in front of her is a handsome,black haired , 5'10 ish, well built man,

She stares at him for a bit, until he snaps her out of it, "Y/n?, you alright?" Here asks while waving his hand in her face,

"y-yeah, you're here, my bad" she mentally slaps herself, "You look like you've through some stuff, let me hug you" he says with a soft voice

Y/n is shocked for a moment but walks into his arms, she unknowingly began to cry;

"Stop Y/n!, why are you crying you idiot?!" She thought to herself, "You know... you shouldn't hold back tears, if you want to cry, cry, I won't judge" he says with a soft smile

She all of a sudden bursts out into tears, "I-im sorry, I J-just, My parents, their g-gone, I'm an orphan n-now, what an I gonna do?" She cries into his chest

He holds her tightly and rocks back and forth trying to sooth her, "Its okay, mine are gone too, for the same reason, it's alright though, we're gonna get through this together" he reassures her

She felt a wave a security wash of her as he spoke, she wiped her tears and smiled at him, "Promise?" She asked, "Promise" he answered holding his pinky out

She hesitated, but the hookednhers onto his, they laughed, "You know were not the only ones right?" She asked

Her eyes went big, "Really?, who else is here" She asked, "You're the only female, there are six more males, their all asleep right now though, I'll introduce you later" He explained

She smiled, "So...about this house... do we only have access to the rooms were in?" She asks

Bam Bam shakes his head, "No, We have access to the entire house, Just not the outside, there will be people watching us from the outside so we don't escape and get to the authorities"He explained

At least they have a little bit of freedom, "Come to the kitchen with me, I'll make you breakfast"he softly smiles again.

"Thank you"she accepts with a soft smile.

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