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Memory High ( Soo-bin x Reader)


From the moment he walked into the classroom, that was the start of a new memory with Big Adventures!

Drama / Romance
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New Student

"MEEEEI" My mom yelled as she was banging a wooden spoon to a metal pot vigorously while standing next to the door in my room. I was asleep but not sleep at the same time as if I wanted to wake up but just didn't have the strength to do so, so I just stayed in bed. I didn't end up getting out of the bed yet and school starts in "30 minutes" I say snapping out a train of thought "Yes, school starts in 30 minutes and your still not out of bed yet, Aish Mei" I just sat there for a moment and my mom left the room without saying a word. It's been hard on my mom since my dad left for the army, and not to mention it's been hard on me as well but I seem to shrug it off, which I shouldn't do but why stress.


I never thought I would find myself looking out the window in class while thinking about going to get snacks after school, but English class isn't my favorite class and I am really hungry to the point where I could eat an entire school( I'm just kidding I don't even think I would want to do that, but I'm just hungry) "Mei, would you min... the teacher went silent due to a kid walking into our classroom "I think he's the new student, and he's kinda handsome" Says the worst and most popular girl in the school Minji. At this point, I just want to take her to the mirror and show her how she looks, but all she is going to say is " Thanks for the help of showing me how much of a mean bitch I am" So it would be useless. "Anyways class settle down, we need to set an example for this kind young man of how our school work, so who would want to volunteer" Within that moment everyone raised their hands and I was the only one who didn't because I don't really care about wasting my time showing around some New Student in which I don't even know the name of.

"Ok class since everyone raised their hands I'm going to have to choose so...Mei, you're a good student would you mind showing Soo-bin around the school for 1 month this year" I didn't mind so, of course I took the job nonetheless knowing what I would get myself into "Yea, sure why not" "Ok, good it starts today at 15:30" Great, at least I don't have to go home and clean up my mom's house, which is what I do almost every day but not to where I don't get to do anything but suffer and clean. "Good now mei can you answer this question for us please," said Mrs. Kim as she was impatiently tapping the chalk on the chalkboard "Yea, I don't know if I'm right but 2x+3=2*3x is ¾"

At this point, I'm not worried about getting laughed at or made fun of for having the wrong answer I'm just hungry "Umm...Yes, your right the answer is 3⁄4" Within that moment the bell had rung and everyone had got up except for me and the new kid...Oh, yea Soo-bin.

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