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taehyung never knew how much time mattered until he meets jungkook.

Romance / Fantasy
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taehyung doesn't believe in fantasies.

if there was one thing you should know about taehyung, is that he refuses to believe in those delusional illusions created by the human's mind. he doesn't believe in fairies or mermaids, wizards or witches of the west or a big fat santa claus climbing down your chimney. mostly, taehyung doesn't believe in the fantasy that is eternal love.

he learned it the hard way at the tender age of seven, when he thought that his parents' love for each other was supposed to last forever, their love forgiving and eternal until the end of time. no, real life doesn't work like that. real life crushes your dreams, your imagination, and pounds you until you realise that there is nothing to hold on to. and then, you crash and fall.

his parents fought, got divorced, and his mother left home for taehyung to be alone with his father. it was an emotional time, his father going for drinks every other day. taehyung hears him crying inside his room, and although he does it silently taehyung could still hear his father's heart breaking into pieces. taehyung's perception of fantasies and love changed ever since that day. he was no longer an oblivious fool.

despite the small trough in his life, taehyung has always been raised well, born in a small village located in the suburbans of daegu, and then moved to the blinding city streets of seoul for the soul purpose of his studies. he occasionally visits his family on long holidays, not forgetting to bring delicious treats and gifts for his precious nieces and nephews.

it was a short relief from the city life, where the parties are loud and the alcohol burns your throat, the attention flashing at you every once in a while. taehyung came home to search for peace and tranquillity. he misses the feeling of fresh seafood and clean vegetables grown in his backyard. he misses the smell of dew at the dawn of day and the significant fragrance of the blossoming flowers in his little garden.

"here, son." a plate of grilled meat is pushed towards taehyung, mouth watering as he endures the juice leaking between the slices.

"thanks, dad," taehyung chirps and digs in.

"no problem," jaesung, his father, chuckles. "figured i'd cook something special for ya. it's been a long time, after all." taehyung nods as he munches on the delicious food. it really has been a long time since his last visit, he can't wait to explore the village and spend time with his beloved family again.

taehyung catches a glimpse of his father, the crinkles spreading from his forehead, his eyes and to his smile. he's not getting any younger, yet taehyung still thinks how handsome his father is. he still has the same smile he had in his twenty years of living.

taehyung is a carbon copy of his father, even personality wise too. they're both strong men that have gone through so much. jaesung is a father who has never left his side even at the worst times, a father who is always supportive of what he does. taehyung admires him a lot, because he's there. he never left.

taehyung thanks his father for the food and leaves for bed.

the clock was ticking. it was ten minutes before midnight. taehyung gazes at his half-opened window, the breeze slithering into his skin, causing goosebumps to rise. the sound of crickets drum in his ears as his breathing rises up and down. he closes his eyes and he sees grey patterns on black. it was nights like these when taehyung can't sleep. when somehow, the darkness brings him into the night.

the moon looks as pale as ever, contrasting with the dark starless sky. it reflects its dim light onto the tip of taehyung's dainty nose, his irises catching the yellow shimmer of the shadow. his skin is glowing under the low light and his mind definitely awake from the simplest thoughts.

taehyung can't sleep, as if his mind is still stuck in sleepless seoul.

hearing the next tick of the alarm, taehyung thrusts his body upwards. he takes one last look at his bed before tiptoeing towards the front door. as soon as he steps out, the same breeze whispers loudly. his bangs dance along with the rhythm of the wind, his nose scrunching when it is tickled.

taehyung decides to take a stroll under the starless night. he plans to go wherever the moonlight leads him.

twelve minutes later, taehyung finds himself on the rooftop of an abandoned house. he doesn't know who it belongs to, the walls covered in mould. however, there was something enchanting about the place that lured taehyung to explore. so there he was, a minute before midnight, a few steps closer to the moon.

taehyung sighs. he lays his body on an unfurnished table made from bricks, his arms behind his head. the sky doesn't look any different compared to the view from his small window.

the man eases in with the scenery. he lets his lids flutter close as he enjoys the nature within him.

taehyung feels a shadow over his upper figure. he flutters his eyes open to see a man with a black cloak before him, his bright ebony eyes peeking through. startled, taehyung shifts his position and ends up falling on the ground with a thud. he groans. his spine hurts.

taehyung rubs his face with an arm and takes a clearer look of the guy. he has the hood put down, allowing taehyung to see his features.

and boy, even under the night, was he beautiful. murky mops frames his slim face, light bangs dangling on his forehead. his skin was silky smooth, the way the light instantly hits on it making him glow. his nose slender and his thin lips curved so delicately. but his best feature was his gorgeous brown eyes, which holds little twinkles in them.

"excuse me, is this place taken?", the man asks, standing straight amidst taehyung who was still on the floor. taehyung clears his throat. stands up and brushes the dust off his clothes.

"n-no, 'm just chilling," taehyung mumbles.

"may i stay here for a while?"

taehyung raises a brow, says, "i guess."

he moves over for the man to sit on the spot beside him and he scurries over, thanking him. then, the space was silent again as taehyung admires the sky above them. the moon was still alone, yet taehyung senses a change in its aura.

"aren't you cold?"

taehyung shifts his attention back to the man, who has been staring at him for who knows how long.

"i guess," he shrugs. the wind hears his words and befriends him, sending a chill down to his bones.

so the stranger scoots closer, his cloak shadowing with him. he moves until the tip of their pinkies touch. the cloak surrounds a bit of taehyung's figure, and then he feels warmth, even just a little, all over again.

taehyung thanks him, and the man replies with the crinkles near his eyes.

"you come here often?", taehyung asks, tilting his head to face the man. he's curious, so what better use he could do than asking the man.

"i come here once in a while. the moon looks beautiful seen from up here. it makes me calm, even when my life isn't." the stranger answers, his voice pooling with tranquility. "like time stopping, even just for a while."

taehyung nods. bites the inside of his cheeks.

he shudders again when another breeze engulfs him, making him hugs his body as his arms grow weak under the cold atmosphere. the night is not getting any younger, and so is its weather who won't be as friendly.

"here, you can take my cloak," the stranger places it on taehyung's lap quickly. "i- i have to go, my mum will be searching for me." he gives taehyung another glance.

"i'll see you later."

he leaves taehyung without another word. and suddenly the space between goes darker, even with a subtle difference and taehyung finally realises that the glow surrounding him doesn't come from the moon, but it comes from the beautiful stranger, who has now disappeared into the nothingness.

and taehyung didn't even ask for his name.

he stares at the cloak once more.

taehyung doesn't believe in the fantasy that is fate. he probably won't meet the boy ever again.

a shooting star occurs.

taehyung wishes he had been brave enough to ask for his name.

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