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Agent Of Hope


"I love you." "No. Don't do that to yourself." || Agent J is an Agent of Hope. He works for the Deity, and his job is pretty simple and self-explanatory. When he is assigned to a human being, it is his responsibility to show the human the beauty of the world that the Deity has created and to bring back the human being's lost hope. Once he succeeds, he is assigned to a new human being, and this cycle continues until he proves himself worthy of becoming an Angel. Unfortunately, Agent J is having trouble lately. Agents of Hope have many rules that they have to follow, but Agent J simply doesn't understand them. Because of this he unknowingly commits eleven offences and so Cloud Nine, the most powerful and influential angels, decide to damn him. The Deity, however, decides to give Agent J one last chance. Agent J counts it as a gift at first, but he soon comes to realise that it may have been better if he had been damned in the very beginning.

Fantasy / Romance
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Author's Note

Hello, and welcome to Agent Of Hope, my new alternate universe BTS fanfiction!

Before you begin reading, I would just like to say a few things, and please don’t skip because I’ll only say a few quick things.

Agent Of Hope is not suitable for all audiences. It will contain violence, self-harm, hints to depression, anxiety, anorexia, and one of the main characters is suicidal. There will be no mature scenes in this fanfiction, but there may be some mature language. Rest assured, I will block out one or more vowels with an asterisk (*) for younger readers.

This story is set in the modern day, but since I am going to properly publish it in 2020, it will be set in 2020. The setting will include two realms - that of the humans, and that of the Diety, the Angels, and the Agents of Hope. In this fanfiction, BTS are not all part of the same realm and not all of them know each other.

This story was inspired by an idea for a fanfiction I was going to write about J-Hope before, but now I have discontinued that idea and will write this version of it instead. This story is also inspired by tales about guardian angels that I have read over the years, and I have also been inspired by a Korean drama which I absolutely recommend to anyone who loves romance, supernatural and a LOT of angst: Angel’s Last Mission: Love. God, I was crying for days after watching this drama, it’s honestly so, so good. Anyway, some of the things that the drama depicts about Angel Kim Dan I have decided to include in this novel, but I hope that I can write about it in such a way that it is original and not just copying from the drama.

PLEASE NOTE, all rights are reserved. This means that you cannot photocopy, record, republish, or use any other mechanical or electronic method to reproduce, redistribute or transmit this story elsewhere, unless you have permission from me.

If you have any questions about the story, or any suggestions, or requests, or if you wish to correct a mistake - please comment on the chapters and I will get back to you ASAP.

Thank you for reading, and I hope you enjoy!


{COMING IN 2020}

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