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They were stars, and it was her job to join them together, dot-to-dot, to make a constellation.

Scifi / Romance
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Author's Note

Hello, and welcome to Constellation, my new alternate universe BTS fanfiction!

Before you begin reading, I would just like to say a few things, and please don’t skip because I’ll only say a few quick things.

Constellation is suitable for all audiences. It may contain some violence, but this will be in the form of minor arguments and minor bodily injuries, for example a split lip due to a fight or a stinging cheek due to being slapped. There will be no mature scenes in this fanfiction, and there should not be any mature language in it. However, if I do decide to include some mature language, I will block out one or more vowels with an asterisk (*).

The story is set in the modern day starting from New Year’s Eve of 2019, but after the first Chapter it will be set in an alternate universe in which BTS was never formed and the seven members are living their own lives far from one another.

Also, and this information is completely unnecessary but whatever I’ll write it anyway: I actually finished writing the first Chapter back on the 26th of December (of 2019, for any readers of the future), but because I wanted this story to be as close to New Year as possible, I’m publishing it a few days later. I actually wanted to publish it on New Years, but I’m going to be celebrating it with my best friend, so I won’t have time to. So, I’m publishing it now, on Kim Taehyung’s birthday! (HAPPY BIRTHDAY YOU PRECIOUS BEAN, I KNOW I’VE SAID IT TOO MANY TIMES TODAY ALREADY IN MANY DIFFERENT BOOKS AND TO MANY DIFFERENT PEOPLE BUT YOU DESERVE ALL THE LOVE AND SUPPORT I CAN GIVE SO I’LL SAY IT AGAIN--HAPPY BIRTHDAY KIM TAEHYUNG <3 <3 <3)

This story was inspired by a daydream that I had recently, and also by the game BTS World. Although I am not basing the entire story off of the game, I will still reference it here as some of the character’s backgrounds and plot lines in this story will be similar to the plot lines of the additional section in the game. However, some of the characters will have plot lines that I have created based on the story that I wish to tell, so I’ll just put it out there that this is a work of my own imagination.

PLEASE NOTE, all rights are reserved. This means that you cannot photocopy, record, republish, or use any other mechanical or electronic method to reproduce, redistribute or transmit this story elsewhere, unless you have permission from me.

If you have any questions about the story, or any suggestions, or requests, or if you wish to correct a mistake - please comment on the chapters and I will get back to you ASAP.

Thank you for reading, and I hope you enjoy!


{COMING IN 2020}

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