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16 yr old Kayla and her Dr.Tykes had discoverd something horrible, will they survive untill this living nightmare is finnaly over?

Horror / Mystery
Jason Voorhees
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Chapter #1: the "living" room

16 yr old kayla wakes up in a hospital bed with a doctor about to preform surgery on her "Woah! Im awake! Im awake!" Said Kayla as the doctor stops and puts his scaple on a table next to him "Sorry I did not mean to scare you" said the doctor "Who are you?" Asked Kayla "I am Dr.Tykes" replied the doc, "What happend?" Kayla asked "Your in too much shock to know right now, i tell you everything once your stress levels are normal" Then Kayla suddenly panics and struggles and shouts to gey free "Let me out!" She shouted as Genral Mulhausen walks in "Whats going on in here?" He asked with his expression quite stern "Nothing sir, my patint Is just over reacting" Tykes said as Kayla continues struggling "For a paitint she sure aint patint" Tykes said with a slight chuckle "Do something before she gets a heart attack!" Yelled the genral, then Tykes takes a taser and impales Kayla with it shocking her so much that she passes out "Oh now what look what you done" said the genral "Wait for it" said Tykes and then suddenly Kayla regenerates as if nothing happend "What the heck" Whisperd the genral "Take her to her cell, we resume testing tommorow" he added as Tykes carries Kayla to her cell, then he sets her on a nice warm bed and tucks her in and exits the room

Meanwhile in a small villiage located in northern portugal, A native farmer wakes up to the sound of a huge crash coming from his backyard so he turns on the light and runs to his closet to find a rifle sitting there for him, he grabs it and peeks out the window to see a smoking crater sitting in his backyard,the farmer then grabbed a flashlight and attached it to his rifle, then he goes outside and slowly approaches the crater and looks inside to see a boulder sitting there, the Farmer then goes to the elders house and knocks on the door,the door opens and standing there is a very tired elder "What do you think you doing at this hour" the elder said yawning "Sorry to wake you" the Farmer said "But I saw something you may wanna see" He added "Cant it wait till morning?" The elder asked "Its very important!" The farmer said "Fine bring me to the thing that was so important it couldent wait untill morning" said the elder as he followed the farmer, they go to the smoking crater and the elder was suprised before his eyes when he saw it, and then a hand reaches out and scares the farmer and turns around to see that the hand belongs to the chicken wangler Chuck "Jesus christ Chuck i almost shot you in the head!" Said the farmer lowering his rifle "Sorry i scared you, I heard a large crash and now my chickins are on the loose" Chuck said as he spots the crater "What is that?" Chuck said pointing the crater "I dont know what the heck is in there, but were gonna try to pry the rock open, Chuck do you have any crowbars?" The farmer asked "Yeah here ya go" Chuck said as he tosses the crowbar to the farmer, then the farmer hands the crowbar to the elder "You do it, I have my rifle ready just in case theres something inside that thing." The farmer said "Okay, Lets do it" Chuck said as the three jump down the crater, The farmer pointed his rifle towards the rock as the elder begains to pry t open, Chuck finds an axe to defend himself with, "Okay its open" the elder said as he shined his flashlight inaide ti reveal a fleshy substance "What the heck is this stuff?" The farmer asked "I have no clue dude" Suddenly one of Chucks Chickins runs inside the rock "CRAP!" Chuck yelled as he runs inside "CHUCK!" Yelled the farmer as he ran in after him with the elder following him
Morning comes and Kayla wakes up with Tykes entering her room "Good morning Kayla, Sleep well?" Tykes asked with a smile "I had this strange dream last night" Kayla said "Oh? What was it about?" Tykes asked "I was in a graveyard, g...god was standing abive my own grave, he told me that he grave me a gift making me the most powerful being in existine, i have no clue what ment" Kayla explained "How do you feel now?" Tykes asked raising his eyebrow "My head hurts" Kayla said "Come......we need to run a couple of tests" Tykes said "Okay." Kayla said as she got up and followed him to the testing room "Have a seat" Tykes said, Kayla sits down and Tykes grabs a needle. "I just need to extract a little blood from you" He said "Okay.......but make it quick" Kayla said "Il try" Tykes replied as he goes to take some of Kaylas blood but suddenly the needel breaks when it touches Kayla "What the?..." Tykes said in confusion "I guess im just really strong" Kayla joked when suddenly an announcement comes on "Attention everyone, All personel are to report to the docking bay right now, i repeat, all personel are to report to the docking bay right now" The announcer said, Kayla and Tykes head over to the docking bay where they meet Genral Mulhausen "Okay everyone listin up, One of my agents found an radioactuve anomaly somewhere in northern portugal, and we need to secure it before anyone finds out, the pickup trucks will leave in 5 minutes, All my soilders are to get in the trucks, And as for Kayla and Tykes, They are to assist me on my task." He explained, He goes into his truck with Kayla and Tykes, they all drive to the village of northern portugal with the soilders aiming there guns at the villigers "Secure the anomlay" Mulhausen commanded, With the soilders opening fire on the villigers killing everyone in sight "Jesus christ that they do that for?" Tykes asked "We can't have any outside knowadge getting out" Mulhausen said with one of the soilders approaching him "Sir we can't move the anomaly, Whst are your orders?" the soilder said "Hmm, Secure the entire villiage, we shall study this anomaly overnight and destroy it once we are done" Mulhausen said, "Yes Sir," The soilder said, Kayla goes up to the barn and sees Chuck sitting there in shock."Is it safe....?" Chuck said in a calm voice with Kayla going over and sits down next to him "Yeah your safe.....im Kayla, Whats your name?" Kayla asked politly smiling at Chuck. "My name is Chuck.....Nice to meet you Kayla" Chuck said smiling when suddenly a couple of soilders walks in and aims there guns at Chuck "FREEZE, PUT YOUR HANDS IN THE AIR!" one of the soilders shouted as Kayla jumps infront of Chuck to protect him "Wait. Dont hurt him!" Kayla said "Yes, im the only one thats been in that anomaly! I can tell you all about it!" Chuck said "Liar, You just saying that just to stay alive!" Soilder David says "Wait a minute David, Think about it,What if he is telling the truth?" Soilder Moose says "Your crazy Hes lying!" David says as he goes into shoot chuck the Moose immeditly stops him "But David, What if were wrong about him?" Moose said "Well then were wrong!" David said and moose sighs, they both aim there guns but a familer voice stops them "Gentlemen." The two look over to see that its the Genral standing there behind them "Let him live" he said as Kayla helped Chuck up and helps him out of the barn "Kayla you stay here and talk to him, Your the girl with a way of words" Mulhausen said and walks off leaving Kayla and Chuck alone "So you said you were in that rock over there?" Kayla asked pointing to the anomaly, Chuck nods to Kayla which makes her raise a brow "Can you tell me exactly what happend?" Kayla asked "Well last night me and two others heard a huge crash, I went out to see that.....that thing and one of my chickins ran inside the anomaly, We went in looking for the chickin when suddenly Blood like tenticles sproted out the floor grabbing the two and ripping them apart, Another tenticle wraped around my leg but I managed to chop it off with my axe, Im lucky to be alive." Chuck explained "Well it will be over soon Chuck" Kayla said with a smile "Well thats very reassuring" Chuck said as he spots Tykes signaling him and Kayla "I think your doctor needs you" Chuck said "Lets go" Kayla replied, they both go to the gang and mulhausen makes an announcement "We need someone to head in and explore the anomaly" He said "And that someone is you Kayla" he said, "Sorry Mul but im not up to it" Kayla said stepping foward "Then Il have to kill you Kayla" Mulhausen said taking out his pistole "Then kill me" Kayla said but she aint afraid because she is immortal but Mulhausen dosent know as he puts his gun up to Kaylas forhead and hesitates to shoot "I mean it" Mulhausen said "I guess you do" Kayla said calmly, Then Chuck takes a hidden scalple and charges at Mulhausen but he quickly turns around and shoots Chuck in the head, Chuck falls dead which freaks everybody out,"Okay Guards, Take Chucks body inside and see if it has any effect on him" Mulhausen demanded "Yes Sir" The soilders said as 4 of them grab Chucks body and takes it inside. A minute later they hear screaming, Kayla runs in to find the Soilders cloths with no soulders to be found, and Chucks body left untouched, Kayla runs out in shock and explains to the genrale what happend the genral sighs and decides what is best to do. "Its time to destroy this anomaly" Mulhausen announced "Allow me boys" Kayla said with a smirk, she goes up to the anomaly and touches it and suddenly the whole thing explodes "JESUS CHRIST" Yelled Mulhausen "Lets........Lets head back.....everybody back in the trucks" Mulhausen said as everyone gets into there trucks and drive back, ending this chapter and starting a new one (At least when its done)
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