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they wanted him. the moment they saw him, they knew he would be theirs. lust, that's what they felt when they saw him. he just wanted them to love him not use him. in which jeon jungkook and jeon taehyung started lusting over their friend's daughter's kindergarten teacher, jung hoseok. will the five year old, park mina bring them together?

Romance / Erotica
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he was breathing hard as the taller male's hand palmed him through his pants. small forced moans left his pink lips as he looked over at the two males with pleading gaze.

the tanned skin male walked over to him with small steps and intimidating look. he took the panting male's hand and pecked it before slowly moving it towards his growing bulge. he smirked as the shorter's eyes widened. guiding the smaller's hand to palm him.

the other male stopped palming him only to smash his lips onto the short teacher's wobbling ones. the shorter's eyes widened more as tears spilled uncontrollably on his soft cheeks.

with all his might, he pushed both the males away from him and hugged himself in a defensive way.


his small broken voice was amost inaudible but the two heard him clearly. they gulped when they realised what they did."w-we... i--" the much taller boy started only to be stopped by the crying boy's palm on his cheek. he held the aching cheek and looked at the small boy in shock.

"i don't want to see either of you! l-leave!" he pointed towards his front door as the two male felt tears forming on their eyes. they left silently, leaving the teacher to cry his pain out.

"w-why?" he cried out. covering his mouth to muffle his ugly sobs. he slid down the wall and pulled his knee up to his chest, hiding his face by looking down. "i wish you loved me.."

to be continued...

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