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summary: in which jeon jungkook, a true blood alpha meets jung hoseok, a deer omega hybrid in the woods during a hunt.

genre: fluff

ship: junghope


i can smell it. the faint vanilla scent that's driving me crazy. it's somewhwere near because the scent is getting stronger but i don't know where. i'm going crazy, i need to know where it's coming from.


that whimper. "who's there? show yourself!" there's a little shuffling behind the bushes before a cute little deer hybrid came to our view. my men were ready to shoot the hybrid since we were on a hunt but i stopped them. the hybrids eyes shut tight as soon as he saw the arrows. he slowly opened them and god was he beautiful. mate. my wolf growled out.

"what's your name?"

"i-i'm jung hoseok, an o-omega deer hybrid. a-are you going to k-kill me?" his smooth voice snapped me out of my thoughts, his cute bambi eyes which were teary, looked around in fear.

i said nothing and grabbed his wrist, dragging him with me. as a true blood alpha, i was always busy, busy preparing to become the best pack leader. i had no time for mate and love. but right now he's making me question my choices. jung hoseok, a pretty name for a pretty boy.

i signalled my men to hold the omega and changed into my wolf form. he gasped and widened his eyes in fear. it made me chuckle internally, a humourless chuckle. guess i'll always be a monster, huh?

one of my men carried my mate and sat him on my back hesitatingly. the deer hybrid tried to get down but my deep growl made him shake in fear and sit down while clutching my fur tightly. after he was somewhat comfortable, i started running towards my soon-to-be pack which was in the middle of the woods.

i bowed slightly, indicating him to get down and he did. i was still in my wolf form because i don't want him to freak out seeing me naked. the way his eyes widened, pink lips parting in awe as he took in the surrounding. though he quickly hide behind me when he saw my dad with one of my friend. it made me proud for some reasons that he hid behind my back. "lisa, bring my mate to my room and get him showered. give him any of my clothes that he wants. also, ask the maids to prepare a room for him." i linked to my friend. she nodded and looked at hoseok.

"hi, i'm lisa! c'mon let's get you cleaned, hmm?" i watch as he slowly nodded his head. once he was gone, i turned into my human form and quickly changed into the clothes my dad had for me in his hand.

"who is that adorable little hybrid, son?"

"mate" i sighed out.

"aren't you happy? i mean its a deer hybrid son, you know how rare it is for a wolf to have a deer hybrid as their mate, right?" his mother asked as she got out from the garden.

"not when your mate fears you!" he groaned and hugged his mother. "oh by the way, i got only a small amount of meat since i was too distracted by my mate's scent!" his father scoffed and watched as the alpha ran away.


it's been 4 months since the deer hybrid was brought to the jeon pack and let's just say he's way more happier now. jungkook gave him all the space he needed.

he became friendly with everyone pretty quick. he had this outgoing but innocent personality that made people fall for him head over heels. yet he was still distant with the true blood alpha who's anything but happy at that. he's heartbroken at the fact that his mate was scared of him.

he tried everything, buy the other everything he wants, spend time with him but the deer hybrid only seems awkward whenever he's near the alpha. it's like he doesn't want the alpha at all. but jungkook can't give up, after all it's his cute little mate we're talking about.

today was just another hectic day for the pack leader. jungkook became the pack leader 2 months ago upon his father's announcement. though the muscular alpha became a better one indeed. the pack is running well nowadays, thanks to the young alpha's hard work and effort. although the true blood is a good leader, he also has his worst moments like right now.

he's in a meeting with the west pack leader, lucas, whose secretary has been trying to seduce jungkook since the morning knowing that the true blood was not interested. though in the end, it was yet another successful meeting with them praising the alpha's intelligence and efforts.

he was stressed. he needed a hug from his mother but knows he can't. his parents went on a world trip after his father's retirement. he sighed out in frustration and walked into the pack house. he was instantly greeted by the smell of cookies baking and his mate's beautiful giggles. he smiled to himself and walked into the kitchen but stopped immediately.

his mate who's sitting on top of the kitchen island was being tickled by his friend from another pack, kim taehyung who is also an alpha as the deer hybrid giggled and laughed uncontrollably. the pack leader clenched his jaw and poked his inner cheek with his tounge, both hands in the front pocket of his pants.

his friend noticed jungkook and smiled. "hey, kook! me and seokie were baking cookies, want some?" the deer hybrid gasped and quickly jumped off the counter, head looking down.

that's it. he needs to know why his mate avoids him. "i'll talk to you later hyung" he said and walked towards the hybrid, carried him bridal style. the hybrid yelped and looked at the pack leader with wide eyes.

he was slammed against the wall once they reached the alpha's room. "i fucking need answers right now. why are you always avoiding me? are you scared of me that much? if you can be friends with my other alpha friends, why can't you at least not be scared of me? HUH? WHY?! TELL ME! I TRIED MY BEST TO GET YOU TO BE COMFORTABLE WITH ME BUT ALL YOU DO IS PUSH ME AWAY! WH--"

"I LOVE YOU! there... i said it, i love you. i-i knew you were my m-mate when i first met you but you were so handsome and good looking that i was scared you would reject me if i told you. you don't know how grateful i am that you brought me here."

he paused and looked at the pack leader, taking his hand and dragging him towards the bed. he pushed the alpha down making him sit down on the king sized bed and straddled jungkook making the alpha gulp at how sexy the hybrid looked.

with a sigh, he started speaking. "i am from the grandeur pack. i-i have a special power. i can heal wounds by just touching them. my f-father is the pack leader and h-he was not happy with me being an o-omega. a deer hybrid is rare so they kept me locked in the basement of our pack house. i was never properly fed and was only used to heal the warriors of our pack. my father would sometimes come to the basement just to throw harsh words and b-beat me. that day at the woods when you found me, i actually escaped from my pack house." jungkook's hands rubbed the hybrid's sides soothingly and wiped the tears that were falling down.

"i was never afraid of you kookie, i was afraid of rejection. i didn't want to feel the pain again and again knowing that you don't accept a weak, pathetic omega like me as your ma---"

hoseok was interupted by the true blood alpha's lips on his. he didn't push the alpha away and instead wrapped his arms around the pack leader's neck and kissed him back passionately. the deer hyprid couldn't help but to whimper when the alpha squeezed his hips. hoseok pulled away after a while and looked at the alpha with glossy eyes and swollen, pink lips as he panted. the sight making the leader to groan internally.

"i fell for you the moment i saw your eyes baby. when you pushed me away all this time, i thought i was not good enough for you. y'know i was never a fan of the concept of love and mate but you, jung hoseok, changed me the second i saw you!"

"so will you be mine, my pretty little omega?"

"YES, YES KOOKIE!" he hugged the alpha tightly before pulling away and smiling at the alpha. his big round eyes shining with light and hapiness.

"gosh baby, your cute bambi eyes will forever be the death of me!" jungkook softly pecked his omega's forehead and cheeks making the deer hybrid blush and hide his face on the alpha's chest.

hoseok giggled when taehyung's panicked voice echoed through the pack house while jungkook just watched him fondly.



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