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My love laughing jack


Disclaimer: this picture used is not my own, props to the-clown-crypt on tumblr. The reason I chose this was because it’s a close representation of what jack will look like in This story Summary: Angel is 19 year old mother with a baby girl named Ella. She was abandoned by her family including Luke, the man who got her pregnant when they found out she was pregnant. The only two people that stayed by her side til now is her big brother mike and her best friend Lexi. She was able to save up enough money and also received a little help from her brother to buy herself a house in the town of haven and a cheap but nice looking and running car. She makes money from home with her small business of painting, designing/making clothes and her making of natural beauty and skincare products. She lives her life with her little girl, getting close to daily visits from mike and Lexi....but what how will her life change when she starts receiving visits from a well know killer and his family.

Romance / Horror
Natalie porras
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

*beep beep beep* hmm, nghh, yes yes I'm awake now, stupid alarm. Seriously I regret setting an alarm for 6 o'clock, reminds me of when I was in school. Ok enough lazing around time to get up and shower!.

10 minutes later.......

Ha, that was a good shower, ok it's 6:30 now, time to see if little Ella is awake. Ok so here's a quick back story, The names angel and I'm 19 with a baby that will be a year old tomorrow , her name is Ella. I know it's pretty crazy why I have a baby and not going to college well I got pregnant early in high school then after giving birth I was abandoned by the man who got me pregnant. The only person to have not abandoned me is my best friend Lexi and my oldest brother mike. But I'm doing fine now I have a beautiful house and beautiful baby girl so I'm good, and occasionally Luke (ex-boyfriend) comes visit Ella when he's not busy with who knows god damn what. But yea it's all good!! I'm happy now and so is Ella so that's all that matters.


"Aww morning my little sunshine"

" *giggles* maamaa!"

*chuckle* "let's go eat some breakfast, what do u say, hehe"

" ya yaaa!"

I grab Ella from her crib and make my way downstairs, the house is a bit bigger than an average house, the kitchen, dining room and living room are downstairs and are pretty close to each other. Then upstairs is the four bedrooms, my room, Ella's room, an office/ play area and then the guest room and then three bathrooms two upstairs and one downstairs. It's a nice place just for me and my little sunshine. I set Ella on her high chair in the kitchen while I start to make some fluffy blueberry pancakes and tea. Once I'm done I put some milk in Ella's bottle and cut some tiny pieces of pancakes on her plate, we enjoy our breakfast and when we're done I clean everything up and bring Ella to the living room with me and put her in her play pin while I watch some tv.



"Hey angel, how are you holding up"

"I'm good mike, you don't have to worry so much, how are you doing"

"I'm doing fine, and I have a right as your brother to ask you how your doing, how's my little niece"

"She's good, she's playing in her pin right now— Ella don't put that in your mouth, that's not good baby—

"Sawwy mama"

"It's ok baby"

"Sorry mike what were we talking about"

" haha, i was asking about Ella but sounds like you both are perfect, how cute"

"Hehe yes she's my little sunshine"

"I'm glad it's all good for you two, lil sis, hey I'm about to go pick up Lexi, how about we come over your place"

"Aww the two love birds haha, yea I'd love that, what time"

"Really angel really, and how about at 6"

"Sure perfect!! And come on you know it's true hehe"

"Yea whatever I'll see you later sis bye"


"Isn't this gonna be fun ella, your uncle mike and Lexi are coming over for dinner!"

"Ya—yay! *giggles*"

"K lets get started on dinner we have an hour"

~Meanwhile at the CreepyPasta mansion~

Laughing jacks POV:

Ughh I'm so tired I thought I could get an easy kill this time but no the god damn parents just had to make my job harder. Well it's over they are all dead, but now I'm bored. Maybe later I'll go find someone to play with. *evil smirk*

Jeff: oh hey lj, your back late

Lj: yea that's because I had a family that tried to put up a fight when the kid started screaming

Jeff: hahaha sounds fun

Lj: shut up Jeffery *smirk*

Jeff: you shouldn't have said that asshole, I'll kill you!!!!

Lj: ahahaha come at me Jeffy boy

Slendy: Ok that's enough!!

Jeff: ugh fine, but I'll get you next time bastard

Lj: *smirk* ahaha I'll be waiting

Well now I'm bored again, maybe I'll go out like I said.

"I'm going for a walk people"

Angels pov:

Ok dinner is ready, now let's go change Ella into her pjs, so when we're done eating, I'll put her to bed.

A couple minutes later...


Oh their here perfect timing

"Coming, coming"


I'm walking out of the woods when all of a sudden I see a house closer to the woods, a bit farther from the houses but still not to isolated. I smile my big smile when I see two people outside the door of the house ringing to door bell. Hehe this is gonna be fun, I can feel it.

I find a spot where I can see everything going on but hidden in the shadows so I can't be seen. That's when the door opens and I see a young looking lady holding a baby girl, and let me tell you she's beautiful.

Angels POV:

"Hey guys!!"

Lexi: "ahh!! It's been forever gurl, I missed you so muchhhh and aww omg baby Ella has grown cuterrrr!!!"

Mike: "hey sis sorry for being late, someone here decided to make stops at 3 different stores to get some stuff for you two"

Lexi: "hey!! It's true but you should see the things I got it's amazingggg"

"Haha ok ok come on in dinner is ready!!"

When everyone got in, i looked around before shutting and looking the door, I had gotten the feeling that I was being watched but I guess I’m just being paranoid.

Time skip~ after eating cuz it's late and I'm lazy~

Mike: " hey sis, have you heard about the killings that have been happening lately"

Lexi: "oh you mean those about supposedly the children being murdered or those killings where people are being murdered in their homes"

Mike: "yes both"

"Yes I've heard of them, it's cruel especially about the children but I'm skeptical of all this CreepyPasta killers that are supposedly doing these killings"

Mike: " yea I know but if they are true you should watch out since supposedly these killers live deep in the woods and your the closest one to the woods, I'm just worried you know"

Lexi: "yes An, Mike's right you should be careful, you know just to be safe"

" I will don't worry, I promise— hmm?, is that Ella giggling?"

Mike: yea it sounds like it's her, I thought she was asleep?

"She was, I made sure, let me check the baby monitor"

"Yes your right she's siting in her crib giggling?"

" let me go put her to sleep again"

Lexi: k we'll wait for you"

Mike: yea be careful, I'm having a bad feeling and i don't know why

" it's fine, I'll be back"


I had decided to go in the house to explore since it seems the owner of this house is angel and has a kid. And it seems that mike dude is her older brother and that girl Lexi is her friend or something. I went to the little baby's room, her name Ella and I see her awake siting in her crib, when she saw me I was shocked by her reaction instead of crying, she started to giggle and smile, finding it cute I started making faces which made her giggle even more. That's when I heard her mom come in the room and turn the light on.

Angels POV: I can't say I wasn't confused on why Ella was awake and giggling, usually when she wakes up, she calls me or starts crying. I go into her room and turn on the light. I had gotten this feeling that at first made me feel shaky but I soon felt more calmer.

" sweetheart why didn't you call for mommy, if you were awake, and what are you giggling about"


*giggles* " what am I gonna do with you, come one it's late and you need to go to bed"

" ma—aan"

"Hmm?, man? What man? Ella"

"Clown Maaan"

" ella there's no clown man here, you ok baby?"


" hehe, see your just tired, let's go to bed"

"Mamaaa, singgg"

" hehe ok ok"

You are my sunshine

My only sunshine

You make me happy

When skies are grey you only know dear

How much I love you

Please don't take me sunshine away

Ella falls asleep, I give her a kiss on her head and lay her in her crib, I leave the door open and make my way out the door but I had this feeling like I was being watched. I shrugged it off and went downstairs.


What the actual fuckkk, she sang beautifully, like an angel!!. These two are the cutest especially angel. I couldn't help but wanna keep watching her at first I thought about killing everyone in this house but now I just can't them, we'll I could still kill the other two. But we'll leave that for another day. but I think I found my new playmates hehe, this is gonna be fun.

Mike POV:

I could've sworn I saw something in the monitor while angel was singing to ella, and not only that but it just proves it because ella said man!!!. Something is going on and I don't like it.

" hey sis what was that about, what was ella talking about?"

Ángel: yea it was weird, she was saying man and then clown but there was no one there

Angels POV:

I looked over at mike and Lexi and they look worried and as if they had seen a ghost.

"What's wrong guys?"

Lexi: " umm, I don't know how to say this without scaring you, it's just that "

Mike: " ugh ok, listen sis while you were singing to ella, we saw something or someone in the monitor watching both of you"

"What!!!!! Come on guys, stop joking around I looked in the entire room, no one was there"

" you guys are just tired, how about you stay over it's Ella's birthday tomorrow, so we can all go somewhere"

Mike: yea I guess we are pretty tired and yea maybe it's safer if we stay here

Lexi: yaaa it's a sleepover haha!!!

" haha yea like in high school"

Mike: ok let's get ready to sleep then, I'll sleep on the couch and Lexi can sleep in the guest room

" no you both are sleeping in the guest room together" haha man I wish I could take a pic of their faces, beet red xD.

"Good night everyone see you guys in the morning"

Mike and Lexi: night angel

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