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YuYu Hakusho Fanfiction


Yusuke Urameshi and his team is back in this work of fanfiction. Yet another artifact has been stolen from Spirit world and the fate of the world is in their hands. Fate has brought the team face to face with a new ally or enemy named

Action / Romance
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Yusuke walked into the castle in spirit world reminiscing as he walked through the big open space in the hallway. His life as a normal adult now in the big world was becoming daunting and boring. This was the only excuse he could come up with to follow up on Botan’s call. Life at the all boy’s college wasn’t ideal. Same ole routine as he did in middle school. How he even got in was beyond him.

His grades were terrible. His manners more so. It was high time for Yusuke Urameshi to grow up and become the man Keiko wanted him to be. The man she could believe in again. It was like Genkai said. He couldn’t just be a cocky kid anymore. Responsibilities wasn’t suiting him very well.

Ogres opened the doors for him as he took a deep breath and walked into the office he hadn’t stepped in over two years. Now that the world was so safe, due to Koenma’s new laws, the human world was rather quiet, safe, boring which caused Yusuke to look for his own trouble. The office was as he remembered huge as Koenma was now an adult not a baby anymore, but still looked the same.

“Yusuke Urameshi.” Koenma turned to him, arms folded behind his back, pacifier still in his mouth. “It’s been quite some time.”

“Koenma.” Yusuke replied, folding his arms now already annoyed. “I thought we agreed...” Before Yusuke could continue Botan squealed from the other side of him, rushing him into a big hug that caused his eyes to burst open wide with surprise. “Botan, you’re choking me.” He struggled to breath as her arms were tight around his neck, squeezing the life out of him.

“Look at you Yusuke all grown up and looking quite dapper. How has the past two years been treating you? How’s Keiko?” Botan’s question came faster out of her mouth before Yusuke could answer. Koenma cleared his throat to get his assistant under control. “Oh right. Back to business then.”

“I admit I’m a bit shocked you answered my call Yusuke, but per our agreement this is a critical situation one that I wouldn’t have called you on if it was anything less than...”

“Okay then spill it.” Yusuke replied, becoming serious as his eyes squinted.

Koenma took a deep breath as he grabbed the remote to hit the TV screen before he started to explain. “I have much to fill you in on. Twenty years ago before the demons were able to pass through the worlds it was an artifact called the Heart Orb. It contains great power once in it’s purity, but if evil got ahold of it, the power becomes the Darkness. Of course as powerful as it is we wanted to keep it close and guarded...”

“But let me guess. Someone stole it am I right?”

“Yes. We haven’t had word of it since it’s disappearance, but nothing bad has happened so we just assumed it was destroyed. In it’s place we created two other orbs that can equally match the Heart Orb, the Soul orb and the Light orb. These are how we control the realms from chaotic calamity...” The Tv screen showed the orbs. Yusuke was mesmerized by their shine and their power. The the light orb started to grow dark and the Soul orb started to grow dim. “Something happened with them recently. We believe it has something to do with the Heart Orb.”

“Just find the heart Orb then and be done. I can’t believe you pulled me back for this...” Yusuke threw his hands up and pointed to the tv screen. “There’s no enemy to fight.”

“I suppose tackling your everyday pop quizzed would suit your fancy now. Yusuke how domesticated of you.” Koenma teased, folding his arms.

Yusuke growled and took several steps closer to Koenma to attack him. “You want to say that again?”

“Yusuke the Heart orb is very important. If there are people after it, or whoever has it can cause the realms to be thrown back into chaos. No one can solve a case like Team Urameshi.” Botan hyped him up, showcasing her non-existence muscles.

“You didn’t tell the others did you?” Yusuke grabbed Koenma’s collar and yanked him close to him. “Why would you do this Koenma? Again you fuck up and I have to take the blame for it! You know Kuwabara is happy with his studies and Kurama is in college getting his degree. Hiei has gone into hiding. There is no way they would help me. I’m even second guessing helping you myself.”

“I get it.” Koenma sighed.

Yusuke yanked him up by his collar some more. “Do you now?”

Koenma nodded. “I am always forcing you to be the bad guy in this situation, but If I will make finding them easier. I will send Botan to help you. I’m sure she can get the gang back together like new and whip this team back into shape.”

His optimism made Yusuke release him and sigh himself. “Fine. But if the guys say no I’m out. Let spirit world handle their own bullshit.”

Botan clapped with glee. “Let’s get the team back!”

Kurama sat in his chair oddly unamused by the lecture going on in the class. Going to college seemed to be the best choice for him since he was smart and his human mother wished for him to do this before she passed. All of his scheming before to save her life now in vein as he now had to live life without her. Graduating would make her proud of him so he had to stick to it. Even though the life on the outside in his Yoko form seemed to call him more than his human life.

It was becoming extremely hard to keep his form under control even after years of doing so. The atmosphere it was something about it that kept him on edge. His eyes continued to wonder outside staring at the sky as if waiting for something to pop out to claim him. He turned unaware then of the woman who had appeared beside him talking to his zoned out body.

“Shuichi?” His eyes darted to his classmates. “You seem worried about something. Are you alright?”

“Yes. I’m sorry about that. Just thinking about my mother. What were you saying?”

His classmate placed her hand over her mouth. “I’m so sorry Shuichi. I forgot she...”

“No It’s fine. What were you saying?” Kurama asked her again.

“Do you want to be partners in the project?” Her attention was now focused on something outside as everyone else walked to the door to look. “Who is that guy with that cool jacket? Is he from here?”

“I never seen him before.”

Kurama looked out as well in curiosity as he smirked once he saw his friend with Botan walking up to the school. His loud mouth started calling him by a name the others didn’t know which made him rush off in a hurry to stop him.

“Hey you! Where is a guy long red hair green eyes super smart...” Yusuke pointed to one of Kurama’s classmates who only ran off from him.

“Wow Yusuke good job at running him off.” Botan complained.

“Hey it’s not my fault these softies can’t handle a little questioning. I thought you wanted to find them.” Yusuke retorted attitude all pointed to Botan.

“I do.”

“Then shut up and let me do this then.” Yusuke turned back towards the entrance and saw Kurama standing there. “See it worked.”

“Yusuke, Botan? What a pleasure surprise.” Kurama greeted them.

Yusuke held up his thumb closing his eye as a greeting and Botan hugged Kurama hard. “I missed you...” Then there was a blush once she realized what she had said and backed away quickly.

“It’s good to see you Kurama. It’s kind of nice knowing things never changed even after a couple of years.”

“I assume this conversation would be better in private.” Kurama led them away from the prying eyes of the students, ignoring or not noticing Botan’s advance and shy response. They followed him to a quiet area away from the school in a park.

“Spirit world needs your help again.” Botan informed, showing Kurama the Orbs on her phone device. “Ever heard of the orbs of Spirit world?”

“I heard. The main one went missing several years ago and thus Koenma forged others to take it’s place in the case that the Heart Orb becomes dark.”

Botan shut her phone then as Yusuke added, “Well looks like that’s the case. Koenma wants our help finding it now suddenly as always at the last minute.”

Kurama chuckled. “Yes it is how he does things rather the procrastinator. I will help however I can. I feel the atmosphere shifting and changing Yoko has been scratching to come out more often now then before. Something troubling is truly brewing our way.” They were all quiet for a moment. "Getting Hiei to join my an issue though. No one has seen or heard from him in two years."

"I know how to get him out of hiding." Yusuke smiled evilly then rubbing his hands together.

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