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Soldier's worst nightmare


Girl with anger issues and soldiers😇

Action / Romance
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passive aggressive girl with daddy issues sure great. perfect for soldier. this is special team for special situations its called alpha team, and im here to help them for some time. i came here to focus my anger to something good like helping who needs help.

well I'm generals daughter so here I'm gonna live like better tent than others. yay me. i rolled my eyes.

lets be real my dad wanted princess but he got psycho. well i do have my moms beauty but i feel like i got nerves of a crazy person. damn.

we arrived this place is full of boys. I see hope already making eye contact with one of them.

"are you serious?"

"what? this is the only place where i can flirt less and got more"

"you are unbelievable. ok whatever i think you are getting a good tent too" i was wrong hopes tent was basic.

"hey hope wanna trade?"

"oh yeah"

"umm ma'am are you sure that you want trade?"

"yes i am sure"

"ok tomorrow i will show you the around"

"ok good night"

"good night miss mayers"

"Audrey i am sleepy too lets sleep"

"ok bye"

i will be honest its really fun having rich dad but it is frustrating sometimes like this tent thing i wanted hope to had the same tent and i dont wanna make her feel like im being brat.

i fell asleep with all this thoughts. suddenly screaming wakes me up. wtf? i got out of bed amd ran to hopes tent. she is screaming.

"hey what's wrong? hope what is it?"

"rats there are rats in tent"


suddenly i see 4 boys laughing and running away.

"hey hope calm down lets go to my tent and sleep there"

next morning team captain came and showed us around. then he gathered everyone and introduced us.

"this is miss Hope Martinez and miss Audrey Mayers miss Audrey miss Hope this will be your team."

i saw how boys faces changed when they realised they got the wrong girl yesterday. I smiled at them.

"miss Mayers is Qualified warrior she mastered her skills in China and India. she also skilled her strength in Africa and amazon."

"so guys i have eaten many rats and if i have to i will eat more"

i smiled.

"and miss hope is qualified surgeon. also been in Africa and amazon she is going to be our doctor while miss mayers is working with us"

captain gave us out schedule and left.

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