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Taehyung is a little too horny for his own good.

Erotica / Drama
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Taehyung gripped at Yoongi's shirt, kissing him deeper. His roommate was really too cute.

Yoongi's soft moans were filtering throughout the room, edging both boys to be even more aroused.

The comment section on Taehyung's live stream was blowing up. They really loved when Taehyung brought guests on his little show.

They had a surprise, however. He had two guests. Yoongi, and his boyfriend, Hoseok. While Taehyung felt no need to be with anyone, feeling the dominance from Hoseok was nice.

MrMon Ah~ nothing better than seeing two subs get it on

SadiPark you both look gorgeous, but you'd look better under me

WorldwideHandsome two babies, I wonder how this is going to play out

Playboy69 lets see those asses, babies

Zico fuck fuck yess

Xiaomin hot damn

Hoseok chuckled at the comments. He was still out of view at the moment, but decided he had had enough of watching the two males make out.

He walked in view of the camera, and to the two boys, and gripped them both by their hair, pulling them apart to look up at him.

"Why don't we get to the fun bits, hm?" He said lowly.

Taehyung and his puppy dog eyes brightened a bit with Hoseok's words, and nodded quickly.

so ye this will be slightly edited
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