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Pen Pals - A Tododeku Fanfiction


Aizawa assigns everyone a pen pal, but there's a catch! It's a mystery! Every three weeks, there's specific requirements for the letter. Aizawa reads over them and hands them out to their corresponding people. The themes letters are supposed be to help you to guess who your pal is.

Romance / Humor
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Pen Pals?

"Good morning, class," Mr. Aizawa said, monotone as ever.

"Good morning, Mr. Aizawa," the students responded, sounding just as dead.

Mr. Aizawa started his morning announcements. Half way through, he paused. "Wait. Where's Midoriya?"

Suddenly, he burst through the door. "Sorry, Mr. Aizawa! M-my alarm didn't go off!"

"Sure," Aizawa mumbled. "Sit down. This is an important announcement that you were about to miss."

"Sorry!" Midoriya fled to his seat and sat, pulling out his notebooks.

Mr. Aizawa continued on, "Today, you'll be assigned a pen pal."

A chorus of 'ooh's, 'ahh's, and varying questions erupted through the room.

"There's a catch, though."

Silence. Utter silence.

"Neither you, nor you're partner, will know who you are partnered with. Only I will. Every time you finish a letter, deliver it to me, sealed in an envelope with your name on it. I'll read over it, making sure it's appropriate." He glared at Minetta, causing a few giggles. "I'll write your pen pals name on the letter without the envelope and hand it out accordingly." He paused. "You will all think of themes and put them in a box. Every three weeks, I'll select a new theme. You'll all wire a letter based on that theme and turn them in. I'll hand them out the Friday of that week. Any questions?"

Iida's hand shot up. "Yes! What is the point of the themes, sir?"

"Mmm...." Aizawa growled. "You use what your partner writes to try and guess who they are. Also, for those of you who cannot keep up a conversation. It will give you something to elaborate on. Any more questions?"

"Uh, yes sir." Iida said, raising his hand again. "Is there something we are supposed to learn from this?"

"Somehow, yes. Does anyone want to guess what we'll learn from this?"

Silence. Utter s-. Muttering?

Midoriya was muttering, thinking over what they could possibly be learning. "Let's see. We have been assigned pen pals, we could be working on our penmanship, but I doubt it. Since we don't know who our pen pal is, we could be-."

"Ahem." Aizawa interrupted.

Midoriya glanced up, blushing when he realised everyone had been listening to him. "S-Sorry."

"You'll use your observatory skills in and out of class to figure out who your partner is. You'll also learn to hide your identity. Try to speak in ways that sound like it's not you. Anymore questions?

"When do we start?" Midoriya said.

"You have an hour to write your first 'greeting' letter. It must be turned in at the end of the hour so I can hand them out to your partner. You may start now."

Midoriya's P.O.V.

I got out a pencil. What should I write?
"Hmmm...." I put my pencil on the paper and scribbled a draft.
I edited and revised. Finally, I decided on what i wanted:

Dear my new pen pal,
Hello! I will try to keep myself hidden as well as possible. I hope you have a fun time reading my letter and letters to come. I know, since this is the first letter, that it's short, so, here's a sketch I made of the class!

I tried my best to sketch and color the class. When the hour was up, we all stood to turn in our letters and envelopes.
Ten minutes passed.
"Come get your letter when I call your name." Aizawa said. He started a long list of names. I waited until I heard mine and rose to get it.
I sat at my desk and opened my letter.
In sloppy writing, it said:

Hello. Have fun figuring me out. Thank you.

Wow. Okay. Very Vague.
The rest of the day went by quickly. After school, I sat in my dorm, preparing myself to write another letter.
"Maybe I'll just write some questions for them."

Dear Pen Pal,
Hello! I think we should think of special nicknames for eachother. It could be fun! Also, we wouldn't have to call eachother 'Pen Pal'.
I'm not quite sure what else to write, so I'll just ask a few questions. What's your favorite color? What do you do for fun? Do you have any pets?

I sealed it in an envelope and wrote my name on it. I spent the rest of the night doing homework.
Before I went to bed, I set my alarm, making sure I wouldn't be late again tomorrow.
"Goodnight, All Might." I shut off my light and climbed in bed. "Goodnight, world. Oh, and, goodnight, Pen Pal."

End of Chapter 1 - Pen Pals?
The picture Deku drew is supposed to be the cover, by the way.
Thanks for reading!
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