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Freddie is such a cuddler❤

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John sighed and scooted further away from Freddie on the Queen sized bed until he was pressed against the wall he had agreed to share a room with the dark haired man since Brian and Roger were already sharing a room together and he was fine with it really but one of them could've at least warn him that Freddie was a cuddler. Bastards.

Freddie, still asleep sensed somehow the loss of warmth from John's body and shifted closer to the burnette. Seeking it out his arms wrapped tightly around the younger man's. waist and he growled quietly he was definitely getting back at his other two bandmates for not telling him he tried to pull away from the singer but was already up against the wall and Freddie merely tightening his grip.

John sighed again and debated of just getting up and going downstairs to go sleep on the couch in the living room he tried to squirm his way out of Freddie's arms but that didn't work so he thought of waking the singer up but that was nearly impossible. He slept like a fucking rock John finally gave up panting slightly from his failed efforts.

He froze when he heard a voice in his ear "You going to be still and let me sleep now?" Freddie whispered.

"You been awake all this time?!" John whispered-shrieked

"Who could sleep with you squirming around?" Freddie asked cracking an eye open John noticed that he still not letting go.

"You could've told me that you...cuddle" although he was liking it but acting like he's not.

"What's wrong with cuddling?" Freddie asked wrinkling his eyebrows in confusion

"Nothing wrong with it I just didn't know you were a cuddler.." John said while blushing red feeling a little embarrased that he is now starting to like it.

Freddie smiled "well you know now and it seems like you're enjoying as you're no longer moving around".

John blushed "um....maybe...I...am..." his face now turning to a beet red.

Freddie chuckled liking how the younger man was blushing so he then pulled John closer to him resting his chin on top of the bassists head in which he responded by snuggling into the warm embrace he had to admit it cuddling was noise and the singer is warm he felt lips brush the top of his head through his hair.

"Night Deaky" Freddie whispered already going back to sleep.

"Night Freddie" John whispered back going to sleep as well.

So maybe cuddling isn't so bad after all especially with Freddie.

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