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She lived and she died. She loved and she hated. She got something but lost everything. She made someone happy and she destroyed someone. She made some left in peace while made others rest in peace. She wasn't made of love, but of loath, despise and disrelish. She daily witnesses dawn and sunset with a fire burning inside her. This is not a teenage love story but a story made of vengeance. "What I did wrong to deserve this, I exist without any origin, without any love or any feelings." "Stop...you can't change a monster into a human." "I will never leave you alone in this burning world of revenge...I will never leave your hand...never." This story contains angst, hate and violence.

Thriller / Mystery
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She was thrown into a world she never knew yet she didn't gave up.

" He broke my heart into tiny little pieces and I'd still pick them up and put them back in his hands."

He told me that let go of the shit that suffocates your soul and stay close to them who feels like sunlight but he never knew that in my world there was never a Sun.

He told me he would never leave me, so he never left me even after dying.

One day I was sitting in a park and was envying the little kids playing here and there which was a pleasurable movement for the normal Eyes but for me it was a torture.

I heard a voice beside me Saying

"stop being jealous silly, they are just unaware of their surroundings."

Guess who was that.....

A wandering soul.

People are very peaceful when they are sleeping but what if they are sleeping for their whole life.

Resting in their own peace.

Being away from the cruel world but also leaving some precious people behind.



Author's Note

Hope you like the prologue.


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