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Cheyenne Of The Red Wolf


A 10 year old girl named Cheyenne lives with her Ma in a biltmord room but she meets a friend, a cat friend In the woods.And and they meet a problem and a solution

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Chapter 1:Biltmore Home


"Wake up Cheyenne!" Ma says"What" I lool up at a decorated room filled with velvet chairs."Wake up!" "FINE" i say sitting up,my red over sized jersey flowing over my legs "Cheyenne i told you NOT to wear that old jersey!" "Ok ma lets get break fast" i say not changing into the fancy night gown my momma wants me to wear.I get up and tip toe out of the room "chey-ugh never mind" i knew that ma dose not mind the way i walk but she still don't like it .I walk out of my room and run down stairs and into the kitchen almost ruinnning into a maid,my back recoiled and i slipped horizontally through my dark brown braids slapping across my face stinging in a way i never felt."Hey kid watch it!" She shouts her blonde hair flying around in the air "Sorry Miss!" I yell truing back.
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