Finding CrystalLine (Girl Group Apply Fic)


Finding Idols survival Show finally starts up! Will you be our next idol?

Humor / Drama
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New Survival Show to form a temporary girl group CrsyatlLine!

What a way to start of 2020! A new survival girl group show is starting up to see who will debut in 8 member girl group! CrystalLine

The companies who are sending trainees are
JYP. Entertainment
SM. Entertainment
BigHit. Entertainment
Pledis. Entertainment
JellyFish. Entertainment
Source Music
BlockBerry Creative
WM. Entertainment
Yuehua. Entertainment (China)
AVEX Trax Japan
0316. Entertainment (Thailand)Coirdel. Entertainment
Universal Segam Japan

Many fans of these companies are anxiously see if the show will turn out to be like the Produce sergers, the maker of the show said it will not turn out to be like MIXNINE or Produce series. All votes will be 100% done by the public.

The group CrystalLine is set to be a group for about a year! How do you feel about this? Hyped?


JaYoUnG: They will be managed by Morle Company. It’s the sub company to Avengers Media
uWuWuW: +JaYoUnG Isn't that company owned by the daughter of JYP. Entertainment? I'm shocked to see he is even sending trainees
JaYoUnG: +uWuWuW yes it is the company owned by JYP's daughter, and JYP did send Trainees onto Produce and MIXNINE

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