Crowley's Daughter

Chapter one

Chapter one

11 Years Later

(Season 4)

“Hey, you think this could be a case?” Alex looked up from the newspaper she was holding, looking across the room to where her father sat at a desk, his favorite type of whiskey in hand. “Dad,” she groaned, drawing out the 'a', when she didn’t get a reply.

“Yes?” Crowley asked looking up. “Are you still thinking about going off on your own to be a hunter?”

“Well yea, and I’m not going to be alone. I’ll bring Leo.” Alex patted the now-fully-grown Hellhound laying across her lap.

“I still don’t approve of this. Why be a hunter? You’re the type of thing hunters would be hunting!” Alex didn’t even get a chance to reply before Crowley continued to lecture her in hope of convincing her to stay at his mansion. “And what if the angels get to you?”

“Dad, I’m a hell of a lot stronger than those winged moonkeys. If anything threatening gets in my way, I’ll kill ‘em. Simple. Now, will you please listen to me?” Alex tried giving her father her best puppy-dog look, hoping to soften him up. Not like it’s your choice anyhow. I’m twenty, I can do what I want.

“Still don’t understand why you would want to help people. They're just stupid humans,” Crowley muttered pouring himself another drink. “But yes, continue, what is it?”

Alex smiled looking down to read from the paper, “Stratton, Nebraska. Man gets killed in a locked room, inside a locked house. No signs of forced entry. Sounds ghosty huh?”

“Yes, I suppose it does. Do you even know what you’re doing?” Crowley rolled his eyes.

“Yes, I do. Iron and salt for like, defending yourself against ghosts and to put them to rest you burn the bones, correct?” Alex placed the newspaper beside her on the couch then crossed her arms.

Crowley heaved a sigh, “Yes. But how will you get information about this ‘ghost’” He was determined to find a way to force Alex to stay home.

“Use force?” Alex shrugged. “Also, stop trying to convince me to stay here. Can’t you just support my decision? If I don’t like hunting I’ll stop, okay? It’s just one case.” She gave Crowley her puppy look again.

“Ugh. Fine. But only one.” Crowley sighed in defeat. Alex’s puppy eyes always get me. I’m a king! I shouldn’t be so soft.

“Thank you!” Alex pushed Leo off of her lap and skipped over to Crowley to hug him, nearly spilling his drink.

“Yes, yes, now go on get out of here before I change my mind.”

Alex trudged up to the blue two acre farm the victim had lived in, feet aching. “Why the Hell did I think it was a good idea to leave the car somewhere and walk all the way here?” She had had an idea to leave her car far away from the farmhouse so that while she investigated no one saw her car there and got her arrested. She turned around when she realized her companion wasn’t at her side,“Oh come on Leo it’s not that much farther. If I can handle it, you can handle it.” Alex chuckled as Leo whined and slowly padded up to her.

“Come on buddy, let’s get this done before my feet fall off.” Alex muttered as they approached the front door of the house. Alex reached for the door handle and frowned when it didn’t budge. “Oh, of course it’s locked.” She hissed. Alex let go of the handle, concentrating on what a lockpick looks like.

She smirked when one appeared in her hand, “The perks of being an antichrist” She strolled inside and locked the door behind her, just in case. “Alright,” She smiled looking around the empty house. “Showtime.”

After a while of searching the house, Alex found absolutely nothing, although she had been getting a sense that someone- or something- was watching her. “Dammit. What the hell? Wish I had one of those EMF detectors. That’d be pretty useful.” She muttered walking around the house again in case she missed something.

“Oh wait.” Alex facepalmed herself, “Well I’m a genius.” She focused on what she thought an EMF detector looked like, one appearing in her hand a few seconds later. She pulled up the antenna and waved it around. It made some weird noises and the lights on the top glowed red.

“Aha!” Alex smirked, proud of herself. Leo barked, trying to get her attention. Alex looked over to see him with is paws up on the windowsill, part of the curtains in his mouth, pulling them aside. Confused, Alex walked over to stand beside Leo. The Hell is he doing? “Oh...damn.” Alex frowned when she noticed all the power lines outside, making her new EMF detector useless.

A low rumbling of a car’s motor caught Alex’s attention. “Shit.” She whispered as a black 1967 Chevrolet Impala pulled up to the house. “Shit shit shit shit shit.” Alex swore as she frantically searched for somewhere to hide. She panicked, unsure where she should go. There weren't supposed to be people here! Leo barked again.

“Shhh! Are you trying to make it obvious we’re here?!” Alex tried to hush him. Leo barked again. What the hell does he want? Then it came to her. She could make herself invisible like Leo was. She wouldn't have thought of it if it wasn't for Leo; Alex wasn't the greatest at using her powers yet. “Perfect,” she whispered.

She watched as two men got out of the beautiful car, it’s doors creaking as they closed them. One man was very tall with rather long hair, wearing a white shirt underneath a jacket. The other was shorter and wearing alot of layers. The shorter man pulled out a lockpick as they climbed the stairs to the porch. The two men came inside and walked right into the room she was in. Alex quietly moved to the next room that was connected to the one the men were in and stood in front of a brick fireplace, Leo following closely.

“Three bedrooms, two baths, and one homicide. This place is gonna sell like hot cakes.” The shorter man commented, standing only a few feet in front of Alex and Leo. Alex followed the men closely, being quiet as could be, commanding Leo to stay behind, he wasn’t very light on his feet.

The men entered the yellow kitchen, looking around, opening cupboards- the same thing Alex had done before them. The shorter man went over to one wall looking at it questioningly. “Hey, check this out,” He called to his partner, knocking on a covered up square on the wall Alex hadn't noticed.

“Huh,” The taller one walked over and traced his hand over the wall. “It’s probably a dumbwaiter, all these old houses had ‘em” hmm. Know it all, Alex thought.

“Know it all,” The shorter man said, as if reading Alex’s mind.

“What?” The taller man turned to the shorter one.

“What?” The shorter man asked as if he said nothing.

“You said-”


“Never mind.” The shorter man smiled smugly, and Alex had to hold back a laugh.

The men continued to search the house, Alex close behind. They entered the room the murder took place, “Well no bloodstains, fresh coat of paint, this is just a bunch of bubkes.” The short man commented. Alex had to agree on that. There was no signs anywhere that someone had gotten murdered in this room.

“Needle’s all over the place,” The tall one said with his own EMF out, making the same mistake Alex had made, his partner pointing out his mistake just as Leo had for her. Wait. He has an EMF? Are these guys hunters? Alex scoffed. Stupid hunters, stealing my job. the short man looked directly at her, confused. Crap.

“Uh, Dean?” The long haired one had opened the closet door and was looking at a bald doll head on the floor.

The man named Dean looked away and walked over to the closet. "Well that’s super disturbing,” He said, looking at the doll head.

“Think it got left behind?”

“By who? Unless Bill Gibson likes to play with doll heads. Ah hey, you feel like we’re being watched? Like someone else is here?”

“No…Why?” Dean didn’t get the chance to voice his suspicion that Alex was there as another approaching vehicle caught his attention.

“I thought you said this place was still for sale?” Dean asked.

“Apparently it’s not.”

“Shit” Alex hissed, then covered her mouth, wide-eyed. Did I seriously say that out loud?!

What the hell, Dean thought, looking in the direction of the voice. His partner didn’t seem to notice and continued downstairs. “Whatever the hell you are, we’ll deal with you in a minute!” Dean said catching up to his companion. Alex made herself visible again and went downstairs after the two men had left.

Alex watched as the men confronted the family; not really bothering to use her great hearing to listen in on what they were saying. She chuckled when they pulled out badges of some sort. These guys are seriously prepared. She could hear Leo’s big paws thumping on the wooden floors as he came to join her.

“Hey, Leo, go back to the hotel okay? I’ll call if I need you.” Leo whimpered but obeyed, leaving for the hotel. Alex watched the family leave and the two men return. She sighed, not wanting to deal with the pair.

The two men pulled out their guns, going back into the house. Dean had explained to his partner about the voice he had heard, although he didn't seem to believe him. “I’m telling ya, Sam. I heard someone. A girl.” Dean told his partner again.

Alex remained visible, unsure how to explain herself.

“Hey!” Sam yelled aiming his gun at Alex.

“Woah, woah, easy there tiger,” Alex said putting her hands up. “I’m not gonna hurt you.”

“Yea, cause we’re the ones with the guns!” Dean retorted, also aiming his gun at her.

“Who are you?” Sam asked, not lowering his weapon.

“Can you put that away? I’m clearly defenseless.” Alex laughed a little. Yes I’m totally defenseless.

They both lowered their weapons slowly after sharing a look. “Who are you?” Sam repeated.

“My name’s Alex. I’m a hunter. Just like you guys, right?”

Dean scanned her pale blue eyes, searching for any indication that she was lying. None was present, well, as far as he could tell. “Your a hunter?” Dean scoffed. “Pretty horrible one if you’re unarmed.”

Alex sent him back a glare, “I am armed. No reason for me to attack you though is there?”

Sam and Dean exchanged another look. “Well ah, Alex. You can back out of this because we can handle it.” Sam said. Alex got the feeling that he was the nice, caring one.

“Hell no. I was here first. I’m coming. End of discussion. So are we off to question the cleaning lady?” Alex walked out of the room, leaving Sam and Dean slightly confused.

Alex, Sam and Dean headed back to their hotel. They conveniently were staying at the same one. Alex entered her room, Leo greeting her the second she got in. “Hey buddy,” Alex patted his head. She looked around the room, realizing she didn’t actually bring a change of clothes, never mind a work outfit to pretend to be FBI with the boys.

“Hmm.” Alex hummed, spinning around, her worn out jeans and simple white tank top changing into a black pencil skirt and a white ruffled top. She smirked looking down at her new outfit. “Still need shoes though.” Alex snapped and a pair of black heels appeared on her feet. Using the hair tie she always kept on her wrist, she tied her hair up into a professional bun then looked in the mirror to admire her new look.

Dean opened the door to their hotel room, turning back to look at Sam, “You coming?”

“Ah.Yea. Hey, you think we can trust Alex?” Sam replied finishing tying his shoe and standing up, ready to leave.

“I dunno. She seems kinda suspicious.” Dean said as the brothers left their hotel room and walked down the hall to get Alex. Just as Sam lifted his hand to knock on the door, it opened revealing Alex in her FBI costume. Sam and Dean were actually quite surprised at how well she cleaned up. “Do you smell dog?” Dean sniffed. I hate dogs.

“Ah...No. I don’t. Shall we?” Alex glanced over to Leo who was standing by the door before exiting the room. The trio made their way down the hall in silence.

“Shit.” Alex stopped.

“What is it?” Sam stopped too, grabbing Dean so he would as well.

“Ah I forgot my fake ID. I’ll be right back.” Alex started backing away. I don’t even have a fake ID. But I can’t just make one appear in front of them.

“Oh ok. We taking the same car?”

“If that’s alright with you,” Alex looked over to Dean, the owner of the beautiful Impala. Her only reply was a grunt. “Meet you there then” Alex sighed heading back to her room.

Alex adjusted her top uncomfortably as they pulled up to the orange and white house. “Alright,” Dean started, getting out of the Impala and straightening his suit, “Let us do the talking.”

Alex crossed her arms, “Fine.” She sighed, “Let’s go.”

The three walked up to the house and Dean knocked on the door. They introduced themselves as FBI and jumped straight into questioning her.

“What did the room look like when you found it, Mrs.Curry?” Sam questioned.

“Well I already told the local boys,” The woman said leaning against the door frame, the screen door still closed. “There was blood…...everywhere.”

“And Mr.Gibson,” Dean pressed, “Where was he?”

“Everywhere.” She replied simply. The trio exchanged a look. well…. Alex thought.

“How long have you been cleaning Mr.Gibson’s house?” Sam asked, changing the subject.

“Hmm.” The woman thought, “About 5 years.” She nodded.

“So you knew him pretty well..?” Alex jumps in before Dean can say anything. She took the words right out of my mouth… He thought, giving her a look before turning back to the graying woman.

“Oh, not really well. He was real private.” She said looking at Alex then back to Dean, “Not the easiest man. Not that I blame him.”

“What do you mean?” Sam asked, a look of confusion on his face.

Mrs.Curry inhaled deeply, “His wife dies in childbirth, daughter hangs herself in the attic 20 years later. I’d be bitter too,” She nodded again. “I think I got some pictures,” she continued walking away.

Sam and Dean exchanged a look before she returned, “Here”

“Thanks,” Dean took the pictures from her as she opened the screen door and stuck her hand out. “Can we keep these?”

“Suit yourself.”

“Now, why’d the daughter kill herself?” Sam asked, looking at the pictures.

“Oh I don’t know. That was before my time.”

“Did you ever notice anything odd in the house when you were cleaning it?” Dean questioned. Ah there it is, Alex thought. Was waiting for them to start asking the real questions.


“Like, you know, lights going on and off, things not being where you left them?” Yes Dean, just act like that’s totally a normal question for a fed, Alex tried not to roll her eyes even though she didn’t know how else he could have asked.

“No…” Mrs.Curry shook her head. “Well maybe there was one thing.”

“What’s that?” Sam narrowed his eyes slightly.

“Well sometimes I thought I heard like a….rustling in the walls.” She looked up at Sam.

“Like a rat?” Dean offered.


“Must have been some big sons of guns out there huh?” Dean smirked a little.

“Wouldn’t know. Never saw any.” The woman shrugged.

“Would you happen to know where Mrs.Gibson and her daughter were buried?” Sam asked. Moose, you ask a lot of questions.

“Ah, they were both cremated.”

“Alright.” Sam said as they walked back to Dean’s car.

“So it wasn’t the mom or the daughter.” Alex commented.

“Then whose ghost was it?” Sam asked. So many questions Mr.Moose. Alex smiled, laughing at herself.

“I don’t know,” Dean answered. “But I say we give that place a real once over and see.” Although I don’t know if I want Alex tagging along.

They all went back to the hotel and changed into normal clothes, Alex giving Leo a steak for dinner, before she joined the other two to head back over to the house that night.

“Crap,” Dean muttered as they pulled up to the house to see a moving truck there with all the lights on in the house. “So what now?”

“We could tell them the truth?” You took the words straight from my mouth moose.

“Really?” Dean asked turning to his brother.

“No not really.” Sam shook his head. Alex snorted.

They sat in silence until they heard a high-pitched scream from inside the house.

“Oh boy.” Alex said jumping out of the car and running to the house, the two brothers following closely.

I knew this would happen. Dean thought as he pounded on the door. “We heard screams. What’s going on?” He asked going inside the house, Sam and Alex following.

“Oh! You two! Did you touch my daughter?” The father of the house said angrily.

“What?! No.” Dean defended himself.

“Who are you guys?”

“Relax, please,” Sam tried to calm the angry man.

“You have a ghost.” Alex blurted out.

“A ghost-”

“I told you!” The man's daughter exclaimed.

“It’s the girl!” His son added.

“Both of you, relax,” The man soothed placing a hand on each of their shoulders. Then he turned back around to Sam, Dean, and Alex. “What are you three playing?”

Dean sighed, “Your family is in danger. You need to get out of the house. Now.”

Suddenly all of the lights flickered off in the house, causing Alex to jump. “Nobody move!” Dean commanded. Everyone looked around as the family dog started whimpering.

“Buster!” The son called out, looking around for his lost dog. The father of the house ran outside forcing everyone else to follow.

“Buster!” The whimpering continued, getting louder and more pained. Alex cringed.

The uncle and father ran down the stairs towards the sound, Sam and Dean behind them. Alex stayed behind, trying to calm the rest of the family.

“Buster! Buster! What the Hell.” Alex could hear them outside. This can’t be good. The dog’s cries had also stopped. The mother pushed past Alex.

“No! Wait, Ma’am!” Alex ran after her. The woman leaned over the porch to see what was going on.

“Buster!” Cried the son, looking around wildly.

“Go back inside,” His father commanded. “Go.” The mother grabbed her kids and pulled them back inside away from the horrific scene.

A trail of dark red blood, Buster’s blood, lead to the large white moving van. Then, in red, dripping letters, ‘Too late’ was written. “We are not the bad guys. Your family is in danger.” Dean said to the man. Alex stayed on the porch to listen in the conversation.

“First things first,” Sam started. “You got to get your family out of here”

Everyone met outside, Dean explaining to everyone that they’d be safe at the hotel he had mentioned.

“What are you three gonna do-” The father started but was interrupted by a distressed Dean.

“Oh….Oh come on!” Dean exclaimed going over to his car and seeing the tires slashed. “Oh come on!” He yelled at nothing.

Alex went to the trunk with Sam and saw that their entire arsenal of weapons was missing, “Shit.” She whispered to herself.

“Dude the guns are gone, “ Sam looked to Dean, clearly annoyed. “So is the- Ughhh”

“Basically everything’s gone.” Alex said for the frustrated Sam.

“Truck’s no good!” The uncle ran over, explaining how the moving truck’s tires were also slashed open.

“What kind of ghost messes with a mans wheels!” Dean shouted into the sky. Then the daughter started freaking out. This is no time for a panic attack. Alex thought.

“She’s there! She’s there!” The girl screeched, looking at something in the woods. “She was right there in the woods!”

“What’s a ghost doing outside?” Dean waved his flashlight around the woods, searching for the ghost girl.

“Want to stay and find out?” Alex asked sarcastically.

“Everybody inside.” Dean turned towards the scared family.

“You crazy? We’re getting the Hell out of here!” Alex rolled her eyes at the uncle's words. They didn’t exactly have time to argue over what to do.

“In what?” Dean snapped, clearly not wanting to deal with it either, “This ghost is hunting us. Everybody back inside now!”

Everyone ran inside and Alex headed towards a kitchen, looking for salt. Finding some, she returned to everyone and helped Sam with the salt circle as Dean explained its purpose. The father clearly not buying a single word. I’m actually kinda surprised I can touch this without getting hurt. Maybe it doesn’t work on me? Hopefully I won’t get trapped in this circle then too.

“Safe, from ghosts?” He repeated skeptically, pulling Alex from her thoughts.

“As a matter of fact, yes.” Dean looked over at him.

“Ok. I’m not listening to this anymore.”

Alex didn’t bother listening as Sam explained how this is their job and the boy asked them if they are basically scooby-doo. Sam went over to the daughter and showed her the pictures from earlier of Mr.Gibson’s wife and daughter.

“Ok does she look like either one of these girls?”

The girl looked at the portrait of the daughter and pointed to it, “Her. She was a lot paler and a lot dirtier but that’s her.”

“That’s the girl in the walls,” The boy butted in.

Sam raised an eyebrow, “So it was the daughter?”

“That girl in the photo….She’s. she’s dead?” The mother, who Alex was pretty sure her name was Susan, asked.

Sam inhaled deeply at what he was going to say, “She killed herself. Inside this house.” Susan gasped and Sam walked away to talk with Dean alone. Alex stayed in her position on the floor thinking everything over, then listening in on the brother’s conversation.

“....Want to baby-sit while I go check it out?” Sam offered.

“Look,-” Alex didn’t even bother listening to the uncle complain more and have Dean yell at him more. Alex stood up when she saw Dean hit the man against the door frame. She silently went over to Dean and pulled him off, giving him a death glare that would scare a demon to death. Sam came over and gave Dean a look too, but more of a “What the fuck man” look than a “I will slaughter your entire family” look.

“Dude you don’t have a gun” Sam said when the uncle had backed off.

“And..? I’m not letting that bastard or anyone else die tonight.”

Sam kinda nodded, “Ya cool?”

Dean actually thought it over for a second, bobbing his head like he was contemplating the answer. “Go” He said instead of answering.

“Hey, fonzie,” The uncle, who Alex learned was named Ted, started, breaking the silence that came over the room after Sam left to search the house. “Question for you, this indestructible force field made out of salt have to be kosher stuff or what?” Ted crossed his arms and smirked.

“Knock it off, Ted” Susan looked over at him, clearly annoyed and stressed.

There was a loud creaking noise, “Shh….What was that?” The daughter sat up straight looking around. Alex gripped her iron poker tighter as the door to a closet creaked open. A filthy girl came out and everyone backed into the corner of the salt line. Alex held her poker out in front of her, Dean did the same. The girl was very pale, with matted raven black hair. She wore a tattered, used-to-be-white dress.

“All right, everybody stay calm. She’s a ghost she can’t come into the circle. “ Dean backed up slightly, still holding his iron poker out. Alex wasn’t so sure about this “Ghost girl”

She continued to approach the circle slowly, then stopped at the salt line, pulling out a rusty knife. She made a sort of growling noise and stepped over the salt line.

“Ah Dean,” Alex gasped. “I may be new to this but I’m pretty sure that’s not how it works.”

“I thought you said ghosts couldn’t cross the circle!” The daughter exclaimed, the not-ghost girl still approaching.

“They can’t….She’s not a ghost.” Dean said

“Shoot her! Shoot her!” Ted yelled, referring to the gun Dean had threatened him with earlier.

“Yea...About that.” The girl let out a high pitched scream and Dean yelled at everyone to leave. Alex followed them outside, figuring that Dean could protect himself. What the Hell is she if not a ghost? Human? How? The screaming of the girl continued as they ran outside and Alex debated going back. But she didn’t instead she followed the family to a hiding spot and stayed there until the father came to get them.

“Dean okay?” Alex asked turning the iron poker she still had in her hands. better this than nothing.

“Yea he’s fine. come on.”

Everyone met in front of the house but the son, Danny, was missing.

“Told you it was some crazy bitch.” Ted said as Susan and her husband called for their son.

“Yes, you did.” Dean replied in a sarcastic tone.

“Hey uh. Head to town, we’ll take it from here okay?” Sam said to the father.

“Danny come on baby we’re leaving!” Susan continued to call for her son.

“Danny! We gotta go!” Her husband joined in.

Susan shook her head nervously, “Brian where is he…”

“Danny!” Brian yelled.

“Danny!” Susan tried to run off but Brian stopped her.

“We will find Danny, I promise you-” Susan struggled in his arms. “Take Kate and go now. While you still have a chance”

Susan continued to shake her head, “No! Not without Danny! No way!”

“I am not going out there with mom alone!” Kate added.

Dean put an arm on Susan’s shoulder to stop their fighting, “She’s right. She’s right. Until we find your son, the safest place for you right now is the shed.”

“I am not going there either,” Kate shook her head. Stubborn little brat. Alex thought. She seemed to think just like a demon a lot, made sense seeing as though she was raised by them.

“Yes you are. It is the best defense” Dean replied. “ The windows are boarded up, it’s got one door. It’s our best shot right now.”

“Suse, Kate, go” Brian agreed.

“Alex you too,” Dean added.

“What! Hell no!”

“Just go!” Dean snapped. Alex rolled her eyes and stomped after the other two girls. I can take care of myself dammit. But I suppose Dean’s sending me with them to protect them.

Alex went inside the shed with the other two and closed the door behind her. “Well I guess we just sit here until they figure it out.” She sighed, sitting crosslegged in the middle of the floor. The mother and daughter held on to each other tightly.

Sam and Brian had joined them after searching the outside, “Find anything?” Alex asked, getting up off the floor.

“Nope.” Sam said, moving a table in front of the door to keep everything out.

“Well. That’s great.” Alex muttered. Just means she’s inside with Dean and Ted.

After a few minutes Brian broke the silence, “Look. Why are we just standing here? Let’s go in. Let’s check the house.”

“We have to wait for those guys to get back, okay?” Sam answered. Then there was a knock on the door.

“Sam it’s me.” Dean said from the otherside.

“Help me out,” Sam asked Brian going over to the table to move it out of the way. Dean slipped in once Sam unlocked the door, quickly closing it behind him. Ted wasn’t with him.

“Did you get Danny?” Susan asked, although it was clear Dean came alone.

Dean looked over at Sam and sighed, “No.”

“No?” Susan breathed. “Where’s Ted?” Oh no. Alex sighed, she knew what happened.

“He’s outside.” Dean replied, sounding kind of upset.

“Well why doesn’t he come inside?” Susan looked at Dean who was staring at the floor.

Sam and Dean shared another look, “Because I had to carry him out. I’m...Sorry.”

“Wha-What does that mean? What does that mean that you’re sorry,” Susan seemed to be the only one in the room who wasn’t understanding.

“Are you saying he’s dead?” Brian asked.

“No. He’s not saying that he’s dead. You’re not saying that, are you?” She turned away from her husband and looked at Dean. Well clearly that is what he’s saying, Alex looked at the ground.

“We were in the walls and she attacked,” Dean explained. Susan’s hands flew to her face. “And I couldn’t get to him in time.” Susan buried her head in Brian’s chest while he rubbed her back soothingly.

“Uncle Ted is dead?” Kate asked, shocked.

Dean looked away again, “I shouldn’t have left him alone. I’m very sorry.” He unlocked the door and went outside.

Susan seemed to be having a panic attack of sorts, starting to believe they’d never find their son and that he was dead. She was rocking back and forth on the floor, Brian beside her trying to comfort her while their daughter, Kate, paced nervously. Susan continued to speak, going on to why this had to happen to them and how they’re a good family. Brian spoke of someone named Andy and how they will be fine. This seemed to get to her, and she calmed. Alex began to pace, she was actually getting nervous. Brian joined Dean outside. I imaging they’re having some kind of talk. Dean will probably ask about Andy as well. Alex continued to pace, even though it didn’t help anything.

Sam stopped reading a book he was holding and left the shed. Alex stopped pacing and looked over at the door where he just was slightly confused. She left the shed to head after him, even though Susan and Kate didn’t seem to pleased about it.

“Dean, we need to talk” Sam said as he walked up beside Dean and Brian.

“I’m coming.” Alex jumped in.

The three headed into the house, and when they were alone, Dean asked, “What is that?”

Sam began to explain, “Rebecca’s diary. I just finished reading it.”

“And…?” Alex raised an eyebrow.

“And that girl back there? I’m pretty sure she was Rebecca’s daughter.”

“Rebecca had a kid? Dean asked, covering up the closet where the girl had come out from.

“It’s all she talks about,” Sam continued. “Being pregnant, being ashamed of being pregnant.”

“Geez. Rent ‘Juno’ and get over it… Wait- why kill herself after the baby?”

“Maybe because her dad called her a dirty little whore and said he was gonna lock the baby up where nobody could ever see it.” Sam answered

“Why would he say that?” Alex asked.

Sam gave her and Dean a look…”Oh gross” Dean made a face. “So the daddy was the baby-daddy too.” Oh what the fuck. Alex finally caught on.

“A story ripped from austrian headlines…..Humans man.” Alex snorted at Dean’s comment. It was true humans are pretty messed up. “So she’s been locked up in this house her whole life?”

“You saw her eyes. Has she ever even seen light? She’s barely human.”

“Ok so what then, she’s been caged up her whole life then busts out and ganks dear old dad/granddad?”

“I guess,” Sam shrugged.

“Well I can’t say I blame her.” Alex would’ve done the same.

“I’m sure her life was Hell, but it doesn’t mean she get’s a free pass for a murder spree.” Sam looked at Alex.

“Like you know what Hell’s like.” Dean retorted. Alex raised an eyebrow. Has Dean ben to Hell? She hadn't been herself, but from what she heard from demons, it’s not fun.

“I didn’t-” Sam tried.

“Forget it.” Dean shrugged it off.

“So ah. Where are we gonna find her?” Alex broke the tension in the room.

Dean thought for a moment, “Kid’s gotta eat right?”

“What?” Sam and Alex asked at the same time, then looked at eachother, still confused.

“He kept her hidden, locked up. But he had to feed her, didn’t he?” Sam still looked confused but Alex understood.

“The dumbwaiter?” Alex asked. Dean nodded and headed off to the kitchen.

“He could have kept her there for years…” Sam explained to Brian as Dean broke through the wall covering the dumbwaiter. “Kept her fed, nobody would ever know.”

Dean broke through the last of the wall and Sam poked his head into the hole, “Danny!” He called.

“Watch out, I’m going down.” Dean told Sam.

“No that’s my son.” Brian said, wanting to go down himself.

“I know it is. But I said that I would get him. I will. Let me.” Brian gave up. Dean wasn’t going to go back on his word. Not now. Dean handed Sam his flashlight and made his way into the small hole in the wall.

“You got curtains? We need rope.” Sam asked Brian. Brian walked off to find some and Alex followed.

“Dean will get you son back, trust me.” Alex tried to comfort the man.

“I don’t have any choice but to trust you guys.” He replied grabbing some curtains. “Here” He handed them to Alex. Alex helped him bring them back to where Sam was and then helped in making the tan curtains into a rope. When they were finished, Sam dropped the rope down the hole.

“Danny!” He exclaimed, surprised.

“What?” Alex asked walking up behind him. Sure enough, Danny was wrapping the rope around his waist.

“Okay!” He called up when it was secure. Sam, Alex and Brian all pulled on the rope, lifting Danny up from the hole. Brian was at the front telling Danny comforting things as they pulled him up. When he was finally up he hugged his father as Brian did the usual parental things, asking if he was okay, and telling him he was safe.

“Get him out of here, go,” Sam told them and they gladly left the room. Sam and Alex walked over to the hole, “Dean!? I’m going down. Stay here.”

“Wait, Sam!” Alex didn’t have time to stop him before he climbed down the hole. “Dammit.” She muttered looking around to make sure no psycho murder crazy girl was coming to kill her. Alex looked back down the hole.

“Sam! Dean!” She let out a relieved sigh when she saw them climbing up the walls. Sam crawled up first and she offered her hand to help him through, which he refused. “Glad you’re okay.”

“Yea well we gotta go. She had a brother, which I just killed.” Dean said walking off.

“So the girl’s still out there?” Alex ran after them.

Outside, they saw Susan soothingly stroking Danny’s hair and Kate sobbing beside her. Alex was glad they were okay but she knew what happened would scar them for life. She followed Sam and Dean to wear a bloodied Brian stood looking over at the dead body of the girl. She had multiple stab wounds in her. “Well….” Alex breathed. “At least it’s over.”

The next morning Dean was fixing the tires on his car while Sam and Alex went back down through the dumbwaiter and got back their weapons and put them back in their rightful spots in the trunk of the car. When they were finished, they walked over to where Susan and Brian stood.

“Thanks for the head start.” Dean thanked them.

“Why doesn’t it surprise me you guys don’t like the police.” Brian commented.

“Sort of a...Mutual appreciation thing really.” Sam chuckled.

“Well...Thank you” Brian shook Sam and Dean’s hands and nodded to Alex. Susan did the same.

“You okay?” Dean asked her.

“No. We’re the opposite of okay….”She shook her head. “But..We’re together.” She took Brian’s hand. Dean nodded and they said their goodbyes, not wanting to be there when the police showed up.

“Hey, ah, Dean…” Alex said. “Can I catch a ride with you guys my ah…-”

“Sure, come on.” Dean cut her off. Alex smiled, these guys aren’t half bad.

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