Death Note Redux

Misa's Misake Or

Requiem For Rem

The second Kira had made a move. Sending another video tape, along with a piece of paper that seemed like a diary entry, s/he claimed to have found the real Kira. Not only that, but s/he wanted to meet. However, this person had refrained from explicitly setting a meeting date or time, but the team agreed that the dates on the journal page were likely a poorly concealed message.

It was decided that certain members would be dispatched to facilitate this meeting and another video, narrated by Light, was aired in response to the Second Kira's request.

Light would be sent to each meeting point, posing as Kira, to be sure that the voice would match in case the second demanded a test.

L announced that Amane, Misa was under suspicion of being the second Kira. After extensive investigation clues pointed to the young model and she would be arrested should she make an appearance during the course of the meet-up. This would be done as quietly as possible and they were coordinating with the police force to decrease the possibility of public outcry.

Haruka was made aware of the proceedings, certain factors anyway, and was asked to watch Amane for any strange behavior during their day out on Saturday.

Rem was on edge. Misa's life expectancy had made another drop with the sending of the next message and though the shinigami was prepared to step in should this get together go awry, she would prefer to avoid the conflict altogether.

"Misa, I wish you wouldn't do this."

"Rem, don't worry about it! Everything is going perfectly!"

As much as Rem cared for Misa she was not blind to her faults. The blond was too optimistic, too carefree. She lacked depth of thought and her flaws were propelling her toward demise yet she refused to see the darkness ahead.

"Misa if you will not change your mind–"

"I won't," she interrupted stubbornly. "Rem, this plan will work. I have Kira's attention and I know his identity. It's not like I'd waltz out to meet some strange person. If it isn't Yagami, Light I won't say anything!"

So satisfied with herself and yet so blind to the truth. The Yagami boy would never love Misa, in fact Rem would not have been surprised to learn that he was planning her death, but the child rejected anything said against him. Even telling her that her lifespan had shortened did no good.

"I'm sure it's a mistake and if it says that right now it can change! I'm sure Kira will save me if anything is going wrong."

Misa should have known that it was impossible for a shinigami to incorrectly interpret the numbers. Her misplaced faith would have dire consequences.

There was nothing Rem wanted to see less than Misa's death, but there was only so much she could do. Should the necessity arise she would, without a second thought, intervene; however, she only had one chance. She was the final barrier and even though Misa would gain time with Rem's sacrifice there was nothing to be done if she insisted on following a life-threatening path. Rem would no longer be there to protect her and there was no one else to stand in the gap.

"I'll be with him at the Blue Note cafe on Sunday!"

Rem saw the death of the human she loved fast approaching and her grief was unimaginable.

"I can't believe you're seriously going to miss school tomorrow!" Minna had hold of Haruka's arm and shook it as she spoke. "I mean it's just a study day really, but still!"

Everyone knew. As hard as she'd worked to keep this under wraps it seemed her efforts were for nothing. The entire school was aware that she would be skipping out for a day of pampering with Misa-Misa before hitting up a new club with an exclusive invite.

She'd wanted to avoid this scenario if it all possible. There were too many people already on the borders of jealousy and this had tipped the scale. The situation wasn't dire, no one was bold enough to say anything to her face, but it was an annoyance.

Haruka knew she would have to learn to deal with this type of behavior and thankfully her school days were coming to an end, but she'd tried to delay the inevitable. She'd done enough to give herself some shelter against people taking physical action against her, she was too popular with the public for anyone to risk putting themselves in the spotlight that way, and she would be out and away from her schoolmates in a few short weeks.

Still, she held concerns about some of the more reckless girls in school. Daikoku Private Academy was very strict as far as what types of behavior were permissible, but there would always be those few who toed the line. If any one of them got too full of themselves she might find herself in a bad position.

She needed a buffer.

"Yeah, it's crazy, but you know I was wondering what you're doing on Sunday?"

"On Sunday? Nothing much, why?"

"Well," she dropped her voice to a whisper. Though they were practically alone in the classroom this lunch hour, the weather was nice and most had gone outside to eat, it was still better to be cautious. "First you all have to promise you won't tell anyone, I mean no one, about this."

The three made solemn commitments to keep the secret.

"I wanted to ask if you'd all like to come over and help me figure out how to decorate my new place."

Squeals of excitement and acceptance were quickly hushed and plans were made. Haruka would text each of them the address and at eleven on Sunday morning they would meet.

Their happiness at being included in this was palpable; to be part of an important secret with her was a major sign of friendship. They would stand for her should anyone attempt to do harm to her reputation.

The joy simmered beneath the surface for the rest of the day and by the time school ended Minna, Yuuki and Sakura were already attempting to coordinate a color scheme and making lists of furniture stores that sold classy yet girly, as they'd decided the theme would be, furnishings.

Whatever they decided Haruka was fine with. They did know her fairly well, had a good grasp of her sense of style and she really did trust them with this.

It wasn't that she relied on them solely for their usefulness; if that had been the case there were plenty of other girls who could have filled their roles. They were her friends. She genuinely cared about them, despite her best efforts, and she recognized that if anything were to happen to one of them she would likely see it ahead of time.

That aside their presence would serve another purpose. They would be an alibi.

If Misa was arrested on suspicion of being the second psychic killer Haruka would also have to be questioned. L hadn't said this, but she knew it would come up. She was going to be spending an entire day in the blond's company just before the arrest, if it happened, and it only made sense that she would be called in as a character witness. Though, if her suspicions were correct, things might not be done completely by the books. She had her doubts about the way the system would handle nabbing a Kira; human nature was too volatile for this to be simple. The case would probably be rushed through just to get it over with, to give the police the ability to say they'd done something.

As yet there'd been no perceivable headway and that was leading to complacency by the public. Kira was sort of accepted as an unavoidable unseen force, but if something big happened, like the capture and execution of a person with Kira's powers, it could turn the tide of public opinion. To learn that Kira was actually a person, albeit someone with incredible abilities, was to understand that he was fallible.

She wondered what effect that would have on Light. No doubt he wouldn't equate himself with a fool who got themselves caught, but maybe a seed of doubt would be planted.

She could only hope.

Unfortunately any expectations that had arisen were knocked to the ground that evening when she received a phone call from her brother asking for Amane's number.

His excuse was believable, but she knew better. He told her he wanted to have a word with the person who would accompany her on Saturday, to make sure the girl was trustworthy, and of course she had to pretend to fall for it while tossing in a bit of jealousy. Anything less would have been suspicious.

"You're telling me you want the number of a model to talk about me? Somehow I don't think I believe you."

"Are you getting nervous?" He'd sounded so smug.

"Not nervous." Petulant.

She'd felt obligated to tell L and though he made no outward sign of interest she knew it was a clue. She could only imagine what Light had actually told Misa.

"That's not your phone," Ryuk commented.

"It's disposable."

"Oh, so you'll get rid of it after this?"

He didn't receive an answer. Light hadn't been very communicative lately, except to ask for the name of that detective and of course Ryuk refused. Where was the fun in ending the game a bit early? Things could still change!

Light paid little mind to his shadow, he had other things to be concerned about. Amane was definitely the one making trouble. Her actions toward himself pointed in that direction and now Ryuzaki was suspicious of her as well. If the girl was as stupid as he thought she was, and he hoped he was wrong, she might ruin everything.

The text message he sent her was vague; though he identified himself as Kira no one with any sense would have replied.

The phone vibrated not five minutes later and his worst fears were confirmed. Amane, Misa was an absolute idiot.

"Kira!" Her pitch was shrill. "Don't worry, I won't use your name even though I do know it, but–"

"Are you stupid?" he hissed. He couldn't contain this anger. She was putting everything on the line! "Why would you reply to a number you don't know? I could have been the police!"

"Whhhat?" A whine, near unendurable. He was tempted to hang up on her. "The police don't know anything about me so you don't have to worry! I was really careful–"

"That's where you're wrong," he ground out from between clenched teeth. "The police are aware of your actions and I have some instructions to give you now."

His only consolation upon ending the call was his belief that Misa, as stupid as she was, was not incapable of following directions. She'd been eager to hear what he had to say and was full of promises that she would do as he instructed.

She could not approach him, but the police would likely arrest her on sight. He told her to dress in her usual way, to go quietly with the officials, and then claimed that he would sort everything else out; it wasn't a lie. Above all else she wasn't to speak a word of this to anyone and he'd told her to hide her Death Note. However, he wasn't foolish enough to put much faith in this girl and he'd already prepared for the possible discovery of their supernatural weapon.

Saturday morning found Haruka in the arms of Amane. They'd met outside the beauty parlor, one Misa swore by, and to Haruka's dismay, Misa's happiness, they were captured by the cameras of the paparazzi.

"Don't worry about it!" Misa told her. "It hasn't happened to you yet and I know its weird at first, but Misa's dealt with it for a year now! It gets fun once the weird wears off!"

The Ruby Room Salon and Spa catered to anyone who could get a coveted appointment and afford the prices, but it was their VIP lounge and the amenities offered that drew Misa to them.

Haruka had never visited a spa before and she doubted having her nails done at a walk-in shop equated to this so she had little to go on, but she was positive that this was truly a luxury salon. The décor was extraordinary in an understated way with a soft pallet of neutral colors and quiet classical music served to set a calming tone.

They were greeted immediately upon entering and were led to a private room that Misa explained was part of the executive area. Everything would be done for them in this space, unless they decided to go elsewhere.

There was two of everything. Makeup stations, hair styling stations, padded seating for pedicures and manicures and massage tables. Two fluffy pale yellow robes and devices that Haruka was ignorant of.

One of those turned out to be a towel warmer and the other a combination facial steamer, aroma therapy contraption.

Any reservations she'd had were soon dismissed. They were treated like royalty and Haruka worried that she would be unable to accept anything less after this. Drinks that were meant to help cleanse the body were brought to them and the spa had a record of Misa's prior requests so a selection of professional chef prepared foods was already available.

As their pedicures were completed tablet computers were brought to them, full of pictures of the clothing available in the boutique. Haruka allowed Misa to direct the decisions here; she readily admitted that she had no idea what would be appropriate club wear. She did let her 'friend' know that she wouldn't accept anything too revealing, but Misa laughed off the warning.

"That's what your brother told me!"

She was surprised to hear that he'd really had brought that up during his call, but she supposed it made sense. Light was covering his bases and she wondered what else he'd said, but it would have been strange to ask. An ignorant younger sister had no reason to be suspicious of her perfect, caring older brother.

So, she let the subject drop and Light was forgotten entirely when the massages started. All in all the day she spent in Misa's company was far better than she'd expected it would be. There were no awkward pauses in conversation, no moments of hesitation and Haruka realized that a friendship with her would have been easy. She was a happy girl, full of pep and funny insights.

By the end of the day Haruka was fervently hoping that her intuition was wrong and that Amane was not the second Kira, but there were too many signs pointing in that direction for her to fall into willful ignorance. Misa's interactions with Light and the fact that he'd taken the initiative to contact her were unmistakable clues. Those points combined with the fact that L had done more of a background check on the woman, which turned up some unplanned visits to her hometown just before the first round of videos were aired, along with hairs found within the packaging of the Kira Tapes, kept Haruka's feet planted firmly on the ground.

Thoughts of that nature stayed with her throughout the evening and into the later hours of the night. The atmosphere of 47 Sky, though it was more intense than Haruka had expected, was not enough to derail her depressing train of thought. She hid her abstraction well and consented to dancing with Misa and another model friend of hers for a couple songs before retreating to the 'Sky Deck', an exclusive space prepared for the special attendees, to observe from above.

Overall the place wasn't bad. She had nothing to compare it to and she doubted she would ever make another appearance, but she could appreciate it's function. It was definitely for the young adult crowd and the live DJ had a good mix of music blaring from the impressive sound system. The strobe lights, smoke and bubble machines added to the atmosphere and massive screens that were used to spotlight dancers seemed to be a hit with everyone present.

More importantly though Misa had convinced her to wear neon. A crop top and short-shorts. Looking down on those on the dance floor she realized that comparatively her outfit was modest, but her father would die if he knew and she was certain that more than a few photographs had been taken when the fifteen guests of honor were given priority entrance. She was dreading her next meeting with him.

Idle thoughts fled her mind when a commotion down below drew her attention.

Her eyes widened. "No way," she murmured.

Other invited guests moved to look out the wall length glass window, gasping as the scene came into focus. One man, dressed all in black, had a gun to the head of a woman. It was impossible to understand his screeching, but did his reasons really matter?

Haruka knew in an instant that this had been orchestrated by Kira. It was too coincidental. Not even eleven and her day out was over, forcibly stopped. Employees of the club were directing them out of the building, police negotiators had already been dispatched and it was of no surprise to her when Light, looking as frantic as any concerned sibling should, spotted her standing with the rest of the displaced party goers under police protection.

He had no trouble pulling her out of the area, more than one officer knew the both of them on sight, and she sent a text to Misa, whom she'd been separated from, to let her know where she'd gone. A reply came almost immediately, so quickly that Haruka wondered if she'd been made aware of this display in advanced, telling her that, Misa is fine too! My manager was waiting. C u again sometime! This was really fun! The message was embedded with sparkling text and flashy images, totally inappropriate considering the circumstances and it should have taken at least a few minutes to create.

One more sign that Misa had taken the role of the second Kira.

Haruka said little to Light and he didn't try to strike up any particular conversation. He made vague comments and she gave equally unclear replies. Her patience with him was at the absolute limit as they listened to the outcome of the incident on the radio in the taxi. The criminal, who was already wanted on an attempted robbery charge, committed suicide ten minutes after taking the unidentified woman hostage.

This entire fiasco was his doing. That poor woman was probably going to end up in psychiatric treatment over this and for what?

She truly did not know what to do about her connection to him anymore. The last thing she wanted to do was to be physically intimate, but he'd done this much just to put a halt to her night out. In the end the only way to stop him, as far as she could see, was to finally find the evidence that he was Kira. Nothing less would make her, or anyone else for that matter, safe from him.

There was a lot riding on Amane's capture. She was a careless sort of person, even when she intended to be secretive she missed crucial details. If she and Light had access to the same power she'd probably tried to hide it, but her personality would betray her. It seemed to Haruka that Misa would give up clues without even realizing what she'd done.

But, there was little use thinking about that issue. Everything would be decided the next day and she had nothing to do but wait it out. If Misa didn't show up all her suspicions would be for nothing.

The twins parted ways in the lobby. Light disappeared into the lowest levels of the building while Haruka went to the top, praying that her father wasn't one of the men watching the security feed.

Sakura, Yuuki and Minna arrived right on time the next morning, chattering excitedly as they took the lift to the highest floor.

"I can't believe you live here!"

"And on the highest floor!"

"How did you get into this place?!"

She'd rehearsed answers to combine with questions of that nature. Obviously she couldn't tell them the truth, so they needed to hear a believable story.

"First of all it's probably not as expensive as you're thinking, secondly my manager knows the owner of the building and she worked out a contract saying I'd talk the place up in the press. Also, I've been saving pretty much everything I make–" Her planned speech was cut off as the doors slid open and her three companions raced into the apartment.

It was bare bones and she'd left it that way for this purpose. L had said he would leave decoration up to her, claimed that he wasn't interested in that aspect and handed over a translucent credit card. She'd never seen anything like it and refrained from asking questions. She had wondered before where the resources to construct this building had come from and she knew Matsuda had attempted to find the answer, but he'd been ignored. She suspected it had something to do with Ryuzaki's alternate personas and the fees they charged, some kind of backroom government funding was probably also connected. Whatever the case she doubted it was anything technically illegal.

The flat was somewhat furnished, the bedroom had basic furniture as did the living room, but nothing else was there.

"I made a list of everything I need. It's extensive, but we've got all day."

They were overjoyed to be included in this task. Hours passed without the loss of their interest, several items of décor were ordered and at noon they left the apartment with the intent of visiting a new cafe, but the moment they entered the lobby they realized something was amiss.

"What's with all the reporters?" Yuuki asked, eyebrows raised. "Looks like they're waiting for someone."

"Yeah it does," Haruka muttered in response. "And I don't really want to find out who, but..."

"No, no," Minna waved a hand. "We'll go out first, it's not us they want to see. If it's you I'll set them straight, whatever it is."

Her planning had paid off. She'd not misjudged their characters, they were true friends. Of course now she felt obligated to be on the watch for their futures, but that was a small price to pay for the service they were about to do her.

"If you're sure it's alright, but– "

They ignored her attempt to prolong the conversation and exited the building. She watched their movements carefully; it was impossible to hear what was said, but she noticed when Minna began to get agitated.

All three seemed to be arguing with reporters when her cell phone rang with a call from her manager. Manami relayed, with a deeply troubled voice, the story of what had happened earlier in the day to Amane, Misa.

Apparently she'd been approached on the street by a plain clothes officer, eventually she was arrested without much fuss on her part, but before it was over a man had died. He'd approached the scene with a gun, seemed intent on killing Amane as he shouted things about Kira, before dropping to the ground. He'd died of a heart attack.

Haruka could only imagine how much of it had been Light's plan, how much had been L's, but she couldn't speak of those things to anyone at the moment so she acted as shocked as was appropriate, exclaiming her disbelief and discontent. She told Okada of the people outside her building, was advised to avoid the situation and reassured that a statement would be released within the hour from Float.

Her friends returned indoors just as she hung up the phone ranting about the confrontation, but the overall tone was positive. They'd each said their piece, had defended Haruka's honor against 'unfounded accusations' and provided their analysis of her personality.

"My manager called while you were out there," she told them as they rode the elevator again. "She told me about what happened. I just can't believe it!"

"Right, right?!" Minna was still rather excited by the whole exchange. The other two had calmed considerably, but she remained fevered. "How would you know anything about that? It's crazy! They're looking for a story without any ground to stand on! Well, they can try. See if I don't get my uncle to represent you when you take them to court for defamation of character!"

She allowed a nervous chuckle to escape. "Let's hope it doesn't go that far. I was told a statement would be released very soon from the agency so maybe that will settle it."

"It had better. If they ruin your billboard you should sue them for damages. This isn't some little thing, this is your whole career!" Her speech continued as they reentered the apartment.

"Anyway, Minna," it was time to redirect the girl's attention. "We'll order from the building's restaurant, if that's okay with everyone?"

Amane's capture had yielded It. The clue that had eluded them for so long was finally found.

This was kept from the media, but when the man who attempted to murder the model died a black notebook had appeared, seemingly from nowhere at all, and dropped to the ground. It was taken by the task force and was currently in L's possession.

It had strange lettering on the front cover and within, well, there were names. The last entry corresponded to the man who'd died at the scene of Amane's arrest.

"Look into the rest of the names here, find out who these people are. Do not write anything in this notebook. Do not touch it without gloves. Be very careful with it. This could be the evidence we've been waiting for.

"Watari," he turned from those present and spoke into a microphone. "Amane's apartment is being searched?"

"Yes, Ryuzaki, as we speak."

He was left to his own devices when he sent Mogi away to begin searching for information regarding the several dozen names in the notebook. He was forming his own conclusions though. This was a notebook of death. The names contained within would be linked to the dead and he believed it would be found that they all died of heart attacks, if a cause could be found at all. He had the idea that some were very old.

The book itself was strange enough. To have suddenly popped into existence the way it did, with that unreadable label, led him to believe that indeed Shinigami were real and the notebook had belonged to one. It was not of terrestrial origins.

He had other things to consider on top of that, like Haruka's scheme to keep herself as far above suspicion as possible. She was a manipulator, he'd already known that, but it almost staggering to see that side of her personality so fully on display. Yet at the same time this meant she really did trust those girls she'd invited over.

She was dangerous and that was something he'd realized long ago, but it was apparent that knowledge was not enough to keep him from her. It was as he'd suspected: Love was entirely illogical. If he'd any semblance of control he would leave the child, yet it was near impossible to imagine being without her now. They were tied in an unalterable way, forever connected on a level he never thought he'd reach, mostly because he wasn't interested.

In every way the situation had changed. He was now almost certain, near ninety-nine percent, that he knew how Kira committed his murders. Light was in possession of a supernatural weapon, but he had no false hope. The boy wasn't stupid. He'd likely had a plan already in place should something like this happen and his instrument of torture was probably well hidden. Regardless the Yagami house was to be searched once again so he'd sent Light, who'd gained his license after completing the written examination and driving test with perfect scores, to take his mother and sister out. Where they went was up to him as long they stayed away from home until after the dinner hour.

Meanwhile he set to thinking of places to hide a notebook; more specifically places Light would think to hide his notebook.

She'd managed to fuck it up. L knew about the Death Note, undoubtedly he'd been able to piece together how the thing worked, and Light had given his to Ryuk for safekeeping without giving up ownership; of course he'd been unsure if it would work that way, but it had been a chance he was forced to take. The Shinigami had only agreed to be helpful for a trade involving large quantities of apples.

He was unsure of what happened during the arrest, where the Death Note had come from. Misa had been adamant that she would follow his instructions and, for just a moment, she'd seemed truly surprised when it appeared and then she'd done as he'd instructed and gave up ownership of her Note.

At the very least she would pass the polygraph test. However, with the addition of the unknown notebook there was a distinct possibility that the rules he'd told her to write in hers wouldn't be believed.

There was still a very slight chance it wouldn't be found, wherever she'd hidden it, but he didn't trust her skill in that area.

For now he could only wait and see what conclusions Ryuzaki would draw. His next steps would be dependent on L.

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