Death Note Redux

Light's Loss Or

Sorrow For Somebodies

She arrived home to orders from her mother.

"Go and get your brother, would you? The food will get cold and he won't answer when I call up to him!"

Though Haruka rolled her eyes she did as she was bid.

"It's really unlike him to sleep late," Haruka muttered as she moved up the stairs. "Hey, Light?" She knocked on his door, but there was no sound from within. "Light, I'm coming in, okay?" The knob turned easily, it was unlocked.

Looking back she would realize that she'd known, even before the wooden barrier was fully open, what she would find. His words from the night before, the tone he used... She'd already thought it strange and though she'd purposely kept her thoughts off that track, the fear had never disappeared.

He was there lying still, looking as if he was still just asleep, but his skin was the wrong color, his chest did not rise or fall, and she knew he was dead.

The tears came instantaneously and her hand moved to cover her mouth.

This was the was the end of Kira's reign of terror, but it was more than that and this was the part she'd tried so desperately to avoid for all those long months.

Light was dead. Her twin was dead.

She wasn't sure how long she stayed there alone. At some point she closed the door behind her and moved to kneel beside his motionless form on the bed, patting his hair and crying in silence.

It was one thing to know the outcome, another to see it fulfilled.

Haruka wasn't fully herself when she called L; her words were choked, nearly unintelligible when she told him that Light was gone, and it didn't fully register when he told her he was coming, but she had a half thought of how terrible it was for his first meeting with her family to be over the death of the only son.

Somewhere in the back of her mind she noticed that he'd worn sneakers, that he stood at full height, though nothing else about him was different and she sort of appreciated the effort, but really she just couldn't stop crying no matter how hard she tried.

She clung to L, with a grip that put the jaws of life to shame, the moment she realized he was there. It didn't matter that he'd come with her father, who was predictably devastated though he pulled himself back together sooner than she would have thought possible.

Haruka couldn't have known but it was her actions that brought Soichiro out of the haze of horror. He was unsure if it was the right way to feel, but all at once his objections to seeing her in a relationship with the world's greatest detective fell away. It was a jarring enough sight that he was forcefully pushed into dealing with the loss of Light more quickly than he would have liked to, but he supposed it was for the best.

His wife and youngest daughter were still downstairs, asked to wait though it had been near an hour since Haruka had disappeared to wake her brother, and by now they were aware that something was wrong. They had to be told and he would be the one to do it.

Sachiko collapsed to her knees without a sound while Sayu stood in stunned disbelief.

It was found that he died of natural causes, likely with no hint of pain, as he slept. This brought great relief to his family.

There was not a cloud in the sky on the day of his burial.

Nothing of interest was discovered during the sorting of his belongings.

Soichiro would never allow himself to believe that Light had been Kira. Sachiko and Sayu would never be told of the suspicions that had surrounded the golden child.

Other Facts

The Shinigami know almost nothing about humans.

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