Death Note Redux


" is unknown how many passengers were upon the vehicle at the time of the incident, but as of now we have no reports of injuries to bystanders. It is believed that the crime was committed by this man," a picture came onto the screen, "Kiichiro, Osoreda, who is suspected of being involved in an attempted bank robbery earlier this week..."


"That's so crazy!"

" we reported the hijacker was struck by a car upon exiting the bus. We now take you to a report from our corespondent at the scene, but we would first like to caution you that these images are live and may be inappropriate for some viewers."

A man in a brown coat lying in a puddle of blood.

"Kiichiro... Osoreda?" What did he have to do with her family?

"Huh? Was that person someone you knew, Haruka?"

"What? Oh, no. I think I heard the name before though, probably because of that robbery they mentioned."

"Ah, your father's on the police force. I bet you heard it from him, right?"

"Hm, maybe. I don't really remember. Anyway, its not like there's anything I can do about it."

The others nodded and took her dismissal of the incident as permission to move onto other matters.

They continued their shopping, ate lunch at a small cafe and made an impromptu stop at a Karaoke spot when Minna received an invitation to a get together that was lacking female participants.

"He's a friend of my brother. They're all in college!" she told them with evident excitement. "I guess some girls canceled on them."

"So," Haruka spoke skeptically. "We get to see boys other girls didn't want to see?"

"Aw, don't be like that! They probably needed to study or something!"

In the end it wasn't as bad as she'd feared, but neither was it something she hoped to do again soon; as Minna said they were college aged, but Haruka doubted their abilities in the classroom. They'd seemed dense and too free with their compliments.

"None of them measure up to Light!" Yuuki complained afterward.

Haruka bit her tongue as Sakura agreed, "Yeah, it's not even fair to them. They didn't stand a chance."

"Well," she interjected. "It's getting late, already after three. I think it's time I head home for the day!"

They tried to convince her to stay, paid her well wishes when she insisted on leaving, and asked for promises that they would reconvene later on during winter break.

"I'm sure we'll meet up again!" she laughed. "We don't have school until after the new year starts. It would be a waste to spend all my time in the house."

Goodbyes were exchanged and Haruka began the trek homeward.

"Light," she grumbled. He was there, up ahead. She considered doubling back, but knew he would find it strange if he ever found out. Instead she called out to him, "Light!" It was better to be close.

She saw him still momentarily, before turning to smile at her. "Haruka. So, you were out today, too?"

"Mhmm. Minna called right after you left. Actually, I've got something to talk to you about, later though."


"Yeah, something."

He seemed to get the message, had the audacity to look concerned. "Is it something we can talk about now?" he asked.

She shook her head. "Not really. It'd be better to discuss it at home. Oh, and here, take my bags. They're getting heavy." She pushed her purchases into his hands. "So, how was your date?"

She took note of the pause before his answer. "It was interrupted."

By a bus-jacking perhaps?, she thought sarcastically.

"That's too bad." What would it mean if her perceptions turned out to be correct? That would still fall far from unequivocal proof of Kira's identity, but it would be a curious twist of fate for him to be involved.

The man, Kiichiro, Osoreda, had not died of a heart attack, but he was a criminal on the run. He met the qualifications for the type of person Kira would have killed. The ability to kill from a distance, was it regulated to heart attacks?

That was a frightening thought. If not, how many more deaths could be attributed to Kira?

They returned to find the house empty, though a note was left telling of Sayu's being invited to stay with a friend for the night and their mother's visit to a neighbor; she would back in time for supper.

"Alone," Light mused. "For hours. What will we do with our time?"

"Um, study?"

"Each other? Maybe."

"That wasn't what I meant..." Now was definitely the time to distract him. "I saw something, on my way to meet with my friends."

"You saw something?"


He placed her bags on the landing, sat there himself and held out his arms in invitation.

She dared not reject the offer and found herself enveloped in his embrace.

"I don't know if you heard about it, the bus-jacking, but I saw a hand in a brown sleeve, lying in a puddle of blood. I wasn't far from home yet so I called to be sure Mom and Sayu were alright. I even called Dad, on his cell phone, to ask what color coat he'd worn today. He probably thinks I lost my mind. Now, I think it was the criminal."

She found his lack of response interesting and remained unaware of Ryuk's raucous laughter.

"There was a newscast about it when I was in a shop. They had a live shot of the scene, so I saw the man. The coat looked right. Actually, this might sound wrong, but I was relieved. Now I only wonder why I saw it at all."

This time she waited for him to react.

It took Light several minutes to collect his thoughts, to rein in his emotions. He hadn't expected this. It had been years since Haruka last spoke of seeing death and even back then it hadn't been a common occurrence.

Rather than answer he tightened his hold, forced her head back and kissed her.

This was one of the few true pleasures in his life. Killing criminals gave him power, but not much enjoyment. Reading what people said about Kira on message boards was growing old. The unspoken competition with L was somewhat gratifying, but this, this was what he looked forward to.

He'd grown used to tuning Ryuk out, so even though the shinigami made loud, obscene comments, he wasn't overly bothered by the presence of an observer. If anything it made the experience more of a thrill.

Tongues intertwined and she moaned his name.

He wanted her. Wanted to take her fully right then and there, in the entrance way. Half of him couldn't have cared less that a family member might walk in at any moment, but the other remained rational. At least it did, until she turned and pushed him to the floor.

She sat atop him now, wriggling her hips against his and he lost himself to the sensation.

Haruka saw the moment Light's mind was overcome with desire, watched as he began to pant her name. So, this was what it took to make him let his guard down? That was a relief; it was less risque than she'd thought it would be. She hadn't even needed to remove clothing.

She leaned forward, whispered, "I'm so glad you're safe." She traced her shell of his ear with her tongue, sucked on his earlobe and ground her pelvis into his. His fingers gripped the back of her sweater tightly. "So glad..."

His breath hitched when she moved away. "No," his voice was hoarse. "Don't stop."

She stood over him, considered their position. This was where she wanted him, tied to her so completely that he would let go of his grandiose pride.


A step, over his head and onto the stairs. "We can't stay here like this, anyone could come home," as she spoke she glanced over her shoulder, looked down on her brother who lay breathless and wild eyed on the hardwood of the landing. This was wrong on so many levels, so entirely screwed up that she didn't think the situation could ever be made right, but this was where she found herself. It was better to be in a position of power than on the floor.

He stared after her, aghast, as she ascended to the upper level of the house, sat up in time to see his bedroom door open.

He followed immediately.

To be perfectly honest, Ryuk wasn't sure he wanted to be involved in this particular escapade.

"Hey, Light, do you care if I go–"

"Shut up."

Haruka took those few moments alone to craft a plan of attack.

He was in an unnatural state. She doubted Light had ever been truly aroused in his life. He'd never had an interest in that kind of thing, she knew he'd thought it a waste of time, though she wouldn't have put it past him to have engaged in racy activities just to gain the experience in recent weeks. Even if he had he would have approached the issue with surgical precision and remained in control of himself for the duration of the act.

She had no such experience. No boyfriends to speak of, no friend's with benefits, nothing. Like her brother she'd not been intrigued by the prospect and thought it a useless entertainment. She wasn't so virginal that she didn't know anything about pleasuring a man, but her knowledge was limited to things she'd read.

At this point it might not matter. He wanted what he could get from her and she didn't think he would argue against what she chose to do as long as she brought him to completion.

In his post-pleasure haze he might agree to show her what he'd found within the police files; she was still against looking herself, but if Light refused she would take the risk. She had to know if Kira had other ways of killing.

He entered the room then, grabbing her roughly and pulling her close for just a moment before flinging her to the bed. She landed on her backside with a bounce.


She worried he would be angry, that would have been an appropriate reaction for Kira and his actions suggested he might be, but when his lips crashed down upon her own she realized that her fear was unneeded. Even if he was upset with her previous actions he was too far gone to care enough to do anything about it.

"Stop, stop, stop!" she insisted, pushing him back. "Just wait a minute! I can't do anything until your pants are off."

He stilled, for a full thirty seconds he seemed unable to respond, and then he was telling her to pull out the second encyclopedia to the right as he discarded his clothing.

"What the– Since when do you hide stuff like this in here?" It was a lubricant.

"Since you started leaving me to take care of problems like this myself."

That was unintentional and troubling, but also appreciated; he hadn't forced participation out of her.

"If you think that's a compliment–," she broke off; the words got stuck in her throat. She was unprepared for the sight of him.

Part of her wanted desperately to flee the room. To run for her bedroom, lock the door, pack a bag and escape out the window. But, that was an impossibility. What she needed to do was turn off her thought process.

And so she did.

This was far better than anything he'd ever done for himself and he realized the difference was in who handled him; had it been someone else, a borrowed lover, he knew that he would not have found such gratification.

Her hands, all she used were her hands and yet he was reduced to a panting, sweaty mess. How could she do this to him? How had she gotten this power over him?

Sliding up and down, pausing, making him grit his teeth when she lightly ran her nail over the tip...

If anyone was evil here it was Haruka and the poison she offered was too tempting to refuse.

He lay motionless and spent for several minutes afterward, during which time Haruka had to quell the compulsion to leave and wash her hands. She settled instead for a tissue and hand sanitizer.

She asked for the favor while he was attempting to regain his composure.

"Light," she'd stretched out beside him on the bed, leaned close and whispered in his ear. "Light, you have to let me see what the police are doing. I know you've already looked and not knowing is driving me crazy."

A weak glare. "Was all that just for this? A bribe?"

"Not all."

The thought that they were too much alike crossed his mind, but it was not enough to make him deny her and he doubted that he had the ability at all when she turned his face toward hers to kiss him.


It was a concern. He hadn't anticipated this level of attachment. It was one thing to want Haruka, another to need her. There was nothing she could physically give him that he couldn't get from another, yet he didn't want it from anyone else. She was the one he desired, it was her touch he craved.

He'd intended her to be his possession. Instead, it seemed that she was becoming his obsession.

The week that passed between her foray with Light and the day the follower disappeared was one she hoped to forget as the years went by. Though a few favorable things happened in the area of her work-life, Haruka felt the situation with her brother outweighed that progress.

He was insatiable. He took every spare moment she had and crushed it. The tail sent by L might have been gone, but she had a new stalker now. Everything she did had to be vetted by him first; he needed to know where she was going, who would be there and how long she would be gone. She feared for those she worked with and avoided giving names.

At least he'd kept his promise about showing her the police files, though she got the feeling he didn't want to do it with the way he put it off. In the end it had taken another round of 'convincing'.

The information she read made it plain to her that Kira could kill in more ways than one, but she didn't tell Light that. In fact she lied straight out as she pretend she couldn't make sense of what she was looking at.

"I mean I get it, but I don't get it."

He accepted the falsehood. "It's not easy to understand." She thought he sounded relieved. "It doesn't really matter."

"It doesn't really matter."

She didn't didn't believe that he actually thought that, not for a second, and it only stacked the deck against him. He was too eager to placate her curiosity, too happy to tell her lies.

She could hardly stand how stupid he thought she was.

Their father was home for dinner, the first time in a long while, and he used the opportunity to call an assembly. They were all seated at the dining room table, waiting for him to begin.

"Um, so, whats with the family meeting, Dad?" Sayu asked as she rested her chin on her palms, elbows on the table.

"I figured you're going to find out sooner or later, so I might as well tell you now. I don't want you to be alarmed, I'm sure you've heard of this Kira investigation, well I'm currently in charge of it."

This information was not a surprise to Haruka, she'd long ago guessed this was the case. The only question had been how long it would take him to tell them officially.

Sayu was impressed. "What?! Are you serious? That's totally awesome, Dad! You're the best cop ever!"

"That's not quite the point I'm trying to make. You see, the truth is the FBI sent twelve of their agents to Japan, to assist us in finding Kira, and all of them died yesterday."

"Does that mean they were all killed by Kira?" She withstood the impulse to kick her brother. How did he manage to sound so sincere, so worried? His tone made her second guess all her suspicions. She wanted to be wrong so badly, wanted to believe that he was truly just as surprised as he seemed, but she couldn't. There were too many things going on behind the scenes for her to allow wishes to blind her to reality.

Light was Kira. She couldn't allow his performance to sway her into false security; his behavior toward herself was more than enough to prove that something was wrong and with all things considered she couldn't deny the truth. Though Haruka still lacked the evidence to convict him in a court of law, even in the court of public opinion, she'd had more than enough unwanted experiences to find him guilty on a personal level.

"What!?" Sayu was appalled by Light's insight.

Soichiro continued, "What I'm saying is there's a chance that Kira will actually try to kill anyone who comes after him. His crimes are ruthless and more frightening than anything we've seen. Many detectives have already quit."

This statement prompted pleas from her sister and mother, asking that Soichiro do the same. Predictably he refused, stating that he would not bow out due to fear, that he would stand against the evil of Kira.

Haruka half-expected this to evoke an honest response in Light, a hint of anger or something, but he acted his role well.

"I think it's honorable of you, Dad. I'm proud to be able to call you my father," he stood from the table. "And if anything should ever happen to you, I'm going to find Kira and make sure he gets executed."

She stood once the door closed behind him. "I'm with Light on this. I'm really proud of your commitment, Dad." Unsurprised, but proud all the same. "There's a risk, but if he's killed people who aren't even criminals isn't being alive a risk at this point? All it takes is for Kira to think you might be a threat and you're a goner!"

Sachiko appealed to the older girl to be a bit more sensitive, "Haruka please, don't be so callous," but the request was rebuffed.

"Me? Callous? Hey, I'm not the one ticking people off a kill list–"


"–I'm just saying that backing off only makes people seem weak and Kira acts like the type of person who will eventually go after people like that, too. I mean, 'support me fully or die' sounds like his motto to me. Really childish."

"That may be true, but there is a time and a place for everything," her father fixed her with a hard look. "And this was neither."

"Whatever," she shrugged, turned and made for the doorway. "If you can't tell me I'm wrong then the point stands." When no one offered further comment she left the room to find Light just outside the door. "You heard all that?"

"I did."

"You think I'm wrong?"

"I didn't say that, but I do think you scared Sayu. Tact exists for a reason, Haruka."

"In this case I think its better she hear it straight. She's not stupid and sugarcoating won't make it easier for her if Dad does die. You heard her, she hadn't even considered the idea. She just thought it was cool that he was on the case! I know she's young, but there are some things you can't hide." She used her feigned annoyance as grounds to stomp up the stairs and into her own room. She doubted he would come to her for company when she so obviously in a bad mood. That gave her an evening alone.

She used her time to focus more fully on life outside the home.

Light was a consuming preoccupation, but she'd refused to put aside her work for him. He'd expressed jealousy, indirectly told her he would prefer that she give it up, but she'd been clear that there was no chance of that.

The next several days would be busy. The agency was in the process of collecting resumes so she could choose a manager; the fervor in Kinomoto's voice had been distinct when she called to speak to Haruka earlier in the day.

"We've gotten so many offers for you Haruka-chan! Really, it's unprecedented for our small company. You're definitely going to need someone to negotiate things directly," she'd paused before adding, "You could turn this into a real career, you know? Not everyone has that ability."

She'd didn't speak of her plans, her mother was in hearing range, but she did take the remark as a sign that she was moving in the right direction.

Manipulation, persuasion, whatever term used, was her one real talent. From the time she realized where her natural ability lay she'd planned on using the skill to it's fullest advantage. Modeling had fallen into her lap and she thought it foolish to pass up the opportunities it offered.

There were so many idiots out there looking for someone to follow. If not her, then who? Some other idiot, like Ryuga, Hideki, would come along and guide the masses over the edge of a cliff. Making them harm their health with bogus diets. Making them go out and buy worthless junk. Making them feel inadequate with one errant comment.

"Tch." It was annoying. Why was power always bestowed on the imbeciles? They were weak minded themselves and in no condition to lead the way for anyone else. They caved to the slightest pressure of their handlers, let everything go their heads and eventually ended up out of the business, on one of those "Where Are They Now?" shows that no one really watched.

Forgotten. Unnecessary. Their stardom was fleeting, but they were too dazzled to realize it so their time in the limelight was squandered. They labored under the delusion that they would forever be wanted.

Haruka knew better. People got tired of seeing the same faces day in and day out. It wasn't enough to endorse products or go on talk shows and in the end overexposure killed many a rising star. What really mattered was how well the audience could connect with the face in a magazine. Did they feel like that person was close enough to understand them or were they too far away to care?

She could create the illusion that she was near. She was just a normal high school girl with average grades. She was someone they could connect with and, if her blog's progress was any indication, they were willing to accept her as their new idol.

The trick was keeping the momentum going and then maintaining herself at the highest tier possible. It was inevitable that some would fall away, jealousy would likely be the driving force, but if she could hold onto a majority her star would continue to shine.

She wasn't so narcissistic as to think this was all done under her own power. She'd just hit the market at the right moment; she had enough confidence in herself to believe that she could have done well even if times were different, but this exponential growth was due to a perfect storm scenario. The public was beginning to grow tried of the current faces, the whole Kira thing had everyone on edge, and she'd been dealt the best cards possible with the knowledge of how to play them.

Her schedule book was rather empty, but if Kinomoto hadn't been exaggerating then it would soon be full.

Haruka turned her attention her computer, opened a browser and began a new apartment search. With the way things were going she wouldn't need the help or approval of her family to strike out on her own. She'd been putting away most of her earnings, spending just enough to keep up with the trends, and she'd saved quite a bit. It would be sufficient to get her into a place and, if the next couple of months were as full of work as it seemed they would be, she would have more than enough to afford a modest space.

There were procedures to follow; she would need to choose an area and meet with a real estate agent, tour the apartments and secure a guarantor. That might prove to be difficult. It would be best for her father to fill that role, as Chief of Police and a well respected man she didn't think there would be a problem with his signing onto the duty, and there were guarantor companies, but she held little faith in operations like that. They could very well be thugs working in the gray area of the law; she'd heard her father speak of similar cases.

Perhaps she'd get lucky and find a place that didn't require a guarantor.

In either case the problems would be solved in one way or another. For the moment she needed to continue working hard and put her effort into gaining notoriety.

Light disregard her irritated attitude and came to sit in her room about an hour after the family meeting.

"You can't get involved in the Kira case."

His request surprised her. Was it because he thought she might have enough determination to get to the bottom of it? Was he concerned that she might find him out?

It was a bit late for that.

"Oh, really? You know, saying something like that only makes me want to do the opposite." She saw his annoyance. "If you can make that kind of declaration, saying you'll basically take Dad's place on the case, then I have the right to do the same. He's my father too. Even so, I know my limits. I'm not cut out for that kind of thing, but that doesn't mean I wouldn't try to avenge Dad if he died."

Her answer was expected, but that did nothing to appease him. He would hate to have to kill her and, at this point, seriously doubted his ability to do so. Should she learn that he was Kira... What would her reaction to that be? Haruka was pragmatic. Surely this would make sense to her, surely she would accept him, perhaps love him even more for it.

"I don't want to break the law and I would probably have to do that to find out anything else. It's not like I'm investigating now, but if something happens to Dad I can't promise I won't try."

"I guess I can accept that, but Haruka, what do you think about it all? I mean, you must be worried."

"Worried? I guess, kind of. Not for myself really, but for Dad? Sure. I mean Kira's killed people who aren't criminals, what would stop someone like that from killing police officers?"

He didn't like that answer. It implied that she against Kira, but it also made sense. She was unaware of his role, didn't realize that the FBI agents could have led to his downfall.

"Not for yourself though?"

"No. Not yet."

"What do you mean by that?"

She spun slowly in her chair. "Hmm, I guess I do get nervous thinking about what Kira might do to intimidate the police. What if they start closing in and he goes after family members to scare them into hiding? Sayu and I would be toast."

This line of thinking irked him; she was too close to the truth. That was the kind of thing he might be forced to do eventually. A last resort. A counter measure.

"I don't think Kira would do that, not without feeling very threatened at least. It doesn't fit with his style."

She shrugged. "Maybe, but that's not an easy thought to live with. Sayu doesn't think that way, I doubt it's occurred to her that she might be in danger, but we're the soft targets in the family. The daughters. Sayu is probably more at risk than I am. Not that it would actually hurt any differently, but it's more powerful to kill the baby. I mean, can you imagine Sayu dead? I might kill myself for letting it happen!"

To think that she would take her own life was unacceptable.

"Suicide is not an option. Would you really do that to Mom and Dad? To me?"

"I might. She's my imōto, Light. The only one I've got. It's different for you, even for Mom and Dad. You can't understand how I feel about her."

Haruka realized this was a dangerous tactic. If he doubted her sincerity everything would go up in smoke, but this was a chance to secure the safety of her sister. Light wouldn't kill her, he was too attached, but Sayu was fair game. Whatever had happened to Light had changed who he was on the base level. If he wanted to punish their father at some point Sayu was the likely target.

"If Sayu goes, I'm going too."

"I'd have you on suicide watch before you got the chance." His reply was immediate and firm.

"You can try, but don't think I haven't thought this through. For all you know I'm hiding a lethal weapon." Like you are, she thought. He had to be! What it was she didn't know, but he had some kind of device that allowed him to kill without being caught.

That was the last straw for Light. Enraged by her easy talk of a self-initiated death he stood to loom over her, but she didn't seem affected by his anger. Instead she remained defiant, stared back at him and said, "I would hate to leave you, but I would hate for Sayu to leave me even more."

The things she'd said weren't exactly true. She had no suicidal thoughts, no plans to end her life even if the rest of her family passed away. Still, she would do what she could to keep that from happening and if convincing Light that Sayu was necessary kept the girl alive she had no problem doing it.

In Haruka's estimation, of all her family members, Sayu was the one who deserved death the least. She was young, lively, and sweet. Soichiro was in a dangerous line of work, Sachiko was getting on in years, Light was probably a mass murderer and, as for herself, she was a manipulative brat. Any immaturity displayed by her sister, any lack of forethought, could be attributed to her youth; Sayu did not deserve to die, but Haruka didn't trust Light to keep their sibling alive.

He'd seemed to believe her words, his emotional display was proof enough, and to her relief it seemed that Sayu would be safe for the time being.

In an effort to stem his wrath, and to distract him, she'd tugged at his slacks; he wasn't so furious that he refused the offer, but he had pushed for more than hand-to-cock contact and she'd felt obligated to comply.

So, Haruka had given her first blow job her to older brother who hadn't seemed perturbed by her lack of experience. If anything he'd been smug about his position in the beginning, though by the end of it he'd had little control of the things coming out of his mouth.

"Haruka." He'd panted, groaned, moaned, twitched and she'd moved away before he could cum. That was not going to happen.

The need to reciprocate was then brought to her attention, but she hadn't expected him to use his mouth. He'd been too insistent for her to turn him down, he would have found it questionable, and by this time she'd gained practice in disengaging her rational mind.

When she could pretend that he wasn't Light she was able to almost enjoy the experience, before reality came crashing down around her once more. In the end he was still her twin, a person she'd known all her life.

Of all the things that could have happened, of all the paths that she could have taken, why was this the one before her?

Why did Light have to be Kira? Why did he have to change so completely? What happened to facilitate all of this in the first place?

Those were questions she didn't have answers to and she found herself doubting that she would ever find them.

Death Note Facts

The Note purposely enhances the personality traits of human users in a negative way.

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