Death Note Redux

Unraveling Overcast

Day start.

Day end.

Day start.

Day end.

Morning, noon and night.

Light, Light, Light, Light, Light!

Every day was the same. Every day revolved around Light. Even when she spent the hours away from home, either working or with her friends, he was never far from her mind.

"Thanks," she stamped the slip of paper and took the package from the delivery man.

"No problem, miss. Have a nice day!"

"And you as well."

Sayu poked her head into the hallway as the front door closed. "Did you order something?"

"No, I'm not sure what this is, but it's addressed to me from the agency so-"

"Open it quick!"

At the moment he was upstairs, doing who knew what in his room. She thought it likely he was plotting new ways to make her loose her mind.

"What is it?"

"Sayu, stop breathing down my neck! Take a step back, okay?"

"Okay, okay, but hurry up!"

He wouldn't leave her alone! Coming into her room at night, expecting her to do the same, she couldn't even get a full night's sleep with him around. She was more anxious than ever to move out of the family home.


You've got an offer for a banded deal! This was sent to the office so I'm forwarding it to you. Enclosed are some products from YouToo. Try them out and then decide! Sorry again about pushing back the manager meeting, but I've put some resumes in here for you to consider.


Kinomoto, Asami

"YouToo?!" Sayu was ecstatic as she pawed through the contents of the box. "That's a really expensive makeup brand! They sent you so much stuff!"

Two eye pallets, one called Celebration, the other Nocturnal, a set of brushes, and more.

"Their mascara, their eyeliner, their lipstick and gloss... SO LUCKY!" Sayu bolted from the room and Haruka could hear her bellow up the sitars, "Hey Light! Look what Haruka got!" He'd been invited to intrude here too.

She sighed as her sister launched herself onto the couch, snacking on potato chips and likely spreading crumbs as she went.

"Sayu, take this bag of clothes and go to the Police station. It's for you father."

"What? Does it have to be now?"

"Your father's been pulling overnighters with no change of clothes so you're going to bring these to him."

"But Mahhom, I totally promised my friends that I'd go out with them today!"

"Why don't I go? I could use a break."

"Thanks Light! I owe you one next time!" She chomped into another chip.

You owe me a heck of a lot more than you owe him, Haruka thought acerbically. I saved your life and you don't even know it.

Now here he was playing the perfect son, the good older brother. Offering to do a favor for his youngest sister and standing over the shoulder of the other to see what she'd been given.

He made Haruka sick. Everything about this person was false. His acting abilities were off the charts, to this day no one else suspected him, and it seemed like she would never find conclusive evidence to use against him.

"They want you to promote them?" He'd taken her letter.

She shrugged, unwilling to answer. With every hour that passed it grew more difficult to speak to him, harder to pretend that she was as clueless as the rest of the family. It was his preference for her that kept her safe, she knew it was. Had he not been so addicted he would have seen through her act. For now he remained blinded by his ego, unable to conceive of what she was actually trying to do, but one mistake was all it would take.

If Kira could kill people in ways other than heart attacks, and she felt sure he could, then her death might seem like a complete accident.

"Yeah!" Sayu provided commentary in her sister's silence. "YouToo is really popular, but also pricey. You can't just buy it at the drug store, right? You have to go to specialty shops to get their stuff. This is so cool, Haruka! Light, tell her how cool it is!"

His smile was too bright. The kiss he placed on her cheek too firm.

"Hey! Kiss me on the cheek too!"

But they didn't notice.

"It's always nice to see you three getting along! I'm glad you're so close. When I was young I hoped for a family like this. It seems my dreams came true!"

A happy family? They must have seemed that way. To anyone looking in that was what they were. Sure, Soichiro was cast in the role of a workaholic, but he was with the police and no deficiency on that front would be forgiven. His job was demanding, but his family was perfect. A loving, devoted wife. An incredible, brilliant son. A daughter making her way into the public eye and another daughter just getting her start in life.

Perfect. It was all perfect. Maybe so perfect that it would tip L off. He was billed the world's greatest detective, but would he see what everyone else missed? Was he really that good?

Haruka hoped he was. She hoped he saw through the mask on her brother's face, the one she wore herself, and put a stop to Kira.

Justice needed to be served.

Light thought what he did was justified, that Kira's actions were warranted, but that wasn't the case. Then again, if L should fail did that make Light right? Would his justice be the new standard? What was justice anyway? Bad people got away with bad things. Good people got caught up in bad things. Good people got blamed for bad things. Bad people were credited with good things and sometimes things turned out for the better in the long run, despite injustices.

Who decided what was right and what was wrong? Did it even matter?

Those thoughts plagued Haruka. It would have been easier to give in and allow Light to devour her, but she couldn't stand down. It was no longer a matter of right and wrong, it was about winning.

If Light won everyone else would loose.

There would be no freedom to mess up, no real choices in life. It'd become clear to her that he'd moved far beyond trying to rid the world of crime; if that had been the end game he could have won long ago. No, he wasn't just trying to clean up, he was trying to take over.

If Light won he would be God.

"So, Haruka-chan, you've got a busy week ahead of you! Get some rest, alright? And good job today!"

"Thank you, Okada-san. You as well!"

Oakda, Manami was officially installed as Yagami, Haruka's manager, after extensive meetings that involved the chief of police and his lawyer, on Thursday January 4, 2007. She was an older woman, already in her late thirties, who had nearly fifteen years of experience in the entertainment industry. For a short time she'd been a television host, but her bent had been more in the direction of management than the spotlight and by the time she was twenty-five she'd been overseeing the direction of aspiring child actors. At this point she'd also held the spot of manager for another model, but she'd never worked with a person whose career was as promising as Haruka's.

The girl was seemingly a prodigy and humble on top of that. She made the work look easy, but after all her years in the business Manami knew that wasn't the case for most. It could take a lot of training to gain the abilities Haruka naturally possessed. Not everyone could follow direction well or make the work of the photographers so effortless. The cameras loved her; it was as if she didn't have a so-called bad side and nothing seemed to phase the talent. That day alone there'd been multiple delays when equipment failed and a co-worker, another young model, had a meltdown, yet Haruka sailed through the hours without a hint of temper.

Oakda was unaware that Haruka viewed this time as an escape. Things that would have normally bothered her were taken as blessings. Every delay was another few minutes away from Light, a reprieve from her worries about Kira.

When Fujii, Sakura had a tantrum over something insignificant she watched the display with a bit of envy. How carefree that girl was, how simple minded. What anxieties troubled her? She was an only child, doted on by her parents, who had been modeling since she was an infant. Sakura had been too happy to gloat over her success, unable to comprehend that her light was fading as she told Haruka of the way her mother had walked the runways of Paris and Milan, said that her father was a designer. She didn't realize that her prosperity was due to riding the coat tails of her parents or that it wouldn't last forever.

Sakura provided a hiatus. Instead of thinking of Light and all the people who had died by his hand, however he managed that, she considered the fate of Fujii. Haruka had heard of the label her father designed for, though only because she'd seen the clothing on discount racks. Her mother had clearly invested in face lifts, if not more extensive surgeries, and was barking orders at laymen who rolled their eyes when the woman turned away. Sakura was little more than a source of murmured complaints and gossip.

Fujii, Sakura did not see that her downfall was fast approaching, but her existence supplied a needed distraction for Haruka. As annoying as she would have found the teenager ordinarily, her bloated sense of self-importance served to entertain.

"What I wouldn't give for–"

"For what? Haruka?"


"What I wouldn't give for something greasy and calorie-filled," was her contrived answer. He would be right on the other side of the door. "How long were you standing there? Impatient?" A teasing tone, yielding as he quickly kissed her.

"Yes." Another kiss, longer, deeper.

If there was any silver-lining to this dark cloud it was how distractible he'd become. Whatever he'd been doing before she arrived, and it couldn't have been honorable, had been interrupted. She held a power over him, though she hated to exert it.

"Uh, other people are here, right?"

He pulled away with a frown and an annoyed sigh.

She couldn't get rid of the fear that one of these days he was going to do the whole family in just to get her to himself.

"Maybe," she leaned close, whispered in his ear. "We can sneak upstairs..."

He had her back pressed against his bedroom door less than a minute later, his mouth assaulting hers as she hitched a leg up around his waist.

"Light," a breathy sigh and he believed everything she said, fell for the lie all too willingly. "Light," when she moaned, when he carried her to the bed, she could see it in his eyes. This wasn't love, it was obsession. "L-Light!" He touched her, pushed his fingers inside of her, not because he cared about her, but because he wanted to bind her to him. Everything he did was for himself.

"Haruka..." They weren't so different; what she did was for herself, too. She didn't think herself a good person for it because, in all honesty, she wasn't part of the contest for anyone else. "Haruka," hissing her name only meant that she was the one who was really in control. He was the one obsessed. "Ha-Ha-," falling apart when ran her tongue up the shaft and sucked on the end, he was a mess.

If she wanted to be sincere she would admit that they were both a mess, but that led to too many doubts so she tried not to think that way as he rolled to his side, wrapped his arms around her and mouthed her neck.

She tried really hard not to think about her mother downstairs in the kitchen making supper for her fractured family, about her father working to catch a psychopathic murderer who was actually his own son, or about Sayu in her room growing more frustrated by the nanosecond with her arithmetic before she would finally give up and come to Light for help.

She tried really, really hard to believe that L would figure this all out soon, that he would find the evidence that evaded her, convict Light as Kira, put the bastard to death and be her knight in shinning armor because she really, really needed someone to save her.

He needed a clue. Just one piece of information and Kira would be found.

What was he missing?

He stood at the window, hunched as always with a thumb at his lips, staring out at the city lights. If he'd had the time he might have considered how wasteful society was, how spoiled people were and the arrogance that led them to believe that things would never change, but he didn't.

The task force, a team of five men from the Japanese police, was combing through information provided by the FBI in hopes of finding the hint that would crack the case wide open. Truthfully he doubted they would be the ones to discover it, but one could never be sure. His own estimation put their chances around the ten percent mark.

Not impossible, though unlikely.

Whether they did or not was beside the point. The men needed to feel useful and he did require their assistance, but this busy work was nothing more than a means to an end; he didn't think there was anything left to gain from the FBI data.

They hadn't thought anyone suspicious. There had been no cause to raise alarm about the police or their family members, yet he felt certain that one of them had some knowledge. The police files had been accessed by someone, someone no one would suspect or think to accuse; who else but a member of the uniformed could be afforded such protection?

Kira was not just a run-of-the-mill civilian, of that he was ninety-three percent positive. Perhaps he was not part of the police, but he was surely related and so far above reproach that no one had thought to consider him.

They would need to review the surveillance tapes from December 27, the day the FBI agents died.

Had he missed anything?

Misora, Naomi was dead and her body would never be found; even if it was there was nothing much to connect himself to the woman. Should he be seen on the CCTV system with her all that could be surmised was that she'd left of her own accord. It would be simple enough to tell most of the truth, leaving out key facts of course, and his reputation was impeccable so he had no doubt that he would be believed.

Misora had almost been his downfall. If she'd managed to tell a member of the Kira investigation of her opinions he would have lost major ground, maybe lost entirely.

But, she hadn't. In fact, he'd found her first. It almost seemed as if a god larger than Himself was on his side.

However, Misora, Naomi was not his only problem. Haruka was becoming an increasingly heavy burden. He was disturbed by how often his twin cropped up in his thoughts, seemingly without explanation, at the most inopportune moments.

"So, Light, how about an apple?"

She was causing him to loose sleep and he'd begun to wonder if it might actually be better for her to leave the house, if for nothing more than his peace of mind. Keeping her close, though he was loath to push her away, would eventually prove detrimental.

He didn't have the time to spend on her now. Later, when he formally took his place as God of the New World, when He was in complete control, he would be able to have her fully.

"Light, an apple?"

And that was where the problem began. He didn't want to wait. It might very well be years before he was able to truly call himself God and how could he stay away from her for that long? He was intoxicated by her, almost addicted; certainly she took up more space in his mind than he should have allowed.

Vivid dreams that woke him in the middle of night sent him to her bedroom seeking release.

Mid-day thoughts of her gasps and moans left him on edge.

Random worries that she might be with someone else turned his blood to ice, made him contemplate hiding her away in some secret location.

"Hey, Light!"

Haruka. Where was she now? What was she doing? Was she thinking of him as he thought of her? Did he preoccupy her the way she preoccupied him?

Of course there could be no doubting that. She wanted him just as badly as he wanted her, she'd made that clear. He'd woken to find her straddling his waist the night before, her lips at his ear. Haruka was His.

And yet he felt conflicted. He should kill her, she was a distraction, but if he did that who would he go to for satisfaction? He couldn't imagine finding anyone as appealing as he did her. There was no one who matched him so well and there never would be either. She was his duplicate. Born, not only from the same mother, but conceived at the same moment. Who could be more perfectly suited to himself?

For now he would try and stem the tide of his feelings. He would convince his family that it was best for her to move out, thereby putting distance between them. Without her constant presence he would be able to concentrate on his work with the Death Note, figure out a way to expose L and then return her to his side once he was free of the police harassment.

Haruka had a terrible nightmare.

There he was, Light, his body riddled with bullets, yet he ran on. An adrenaline rush? It had to be. He should have been dead... And he was dying. Alone in a warehouse, on a metal staircase.

"Light!" She tried to reach for him, tried to call his attention, but he didn't hear her.

As he faded, his eyes growing clouded, she thought she saw something. A huge, dark thing with wings, but it was only for a moment, less than a second, so she couldn't be sure what it was.

A funeral. Light in a casket, her mother crying in anguish and Sayu! In a wheelchair? Where was Dad?

The realization hit like a freight train. Her father was dead too, had been for some time already.

"This isn't happening," she said, but it seemed that no one heard her. "This isn't real!"

She found herself in bed, sitting up with an arm outstretched and breathing heavily. Her heart pounded, her pulse thudding in her ears, as she left he room. She had to know. She had to see.

His door was locked, it took too long for him to open it and for one awful second she thought her dream had been reality, but then he was there, that monstrous smirk on his face until he saw the way she looked.


She didn't stop to think, didn't care that he'd done horrible things because in that instant he was her twin. He was Yagami, Light, not Kira. Her older brother was there, alive.

"I thought you were dead," she gasped, flinging herself forward. "I saw you dead." She couldn't stop the tears. "You were dead. Dad was dead. Sayu was as good as dead."

Pure evil. That dream was nothing short of vile, but was it true? She'd never experienced anything like that before. It was so graphic, so realistic. But he was here! Light was alive.

She didn't notice the way he maneuvered her into the room, made her sit on his bed. It wasn't until he put his hands to her face that she realized he knelt in front of her.

"What do you mean?"

He sounded calm, but his eyes told a different story. He looked furious, but this wasn't something she could lie about. She couldn't hide this or pretend it hadn't happened.

"I guess it was... A dream, but– It was so real," more tears. Her nose was running, she could feel it. "You were shot so many times, but you kept running anyway. You died alone, somewhere, I don't know where! A warehouse. And there was that thing–"

"What 'thing'?" he gave her a slight shake when she clammed up. "Haruka. Tell me. What 'thing'?"

She shook her head. "I don't know. I only saw it for, maybe, half a second? It was so weird, so scary. It wasn't human! A demon, that's what it looked like. Some kind of black demon with wings. It's skin was so pale, almost blue in the light."

Yes. A demon. That described it well. Something straight out of Hell.

"And then the funeral– Mom was inconsolable and Sayu, I don't even think she knew what was going on. She was just not there at all, her mind was somewhere else! I don't even know if I was there. I could have been dead too. No one seemed to see me–"

He was trying very hard to contain his emotions.

She'd seen Ryuk.

She'd seen his death.

Haruka was telling him that he was going to die.

"When do you think it was?" An unconcerned tone; he couldn't give away the truth.

She was gaining control of her breathing. "A few years away. Sayu looked a little older."

A few years? That was no time at all.

"Do you know why, why I died?"

Again with her shaking head. So, she was unaware of the reason behind his death, but he could guess. Who would shoot him if not the police? And why would they do that unless they knew he was Kira, unless he failed and L won?

He didn't want to believe it. It was too farfetched to be true, right? Haruka seeing his death, maybe it was just a subconscious fear. But, that didn't explain the 'demon'.

"I told you I wouldn't say anything about your death date, but since your sister brought it up, and it will make things more interesting, I'll tell you something," Ryuk spoke up. "She's right. It's not that far off!" His laughter was sickening. "I don't know any details, even if I did I wouldn't tell you, but a few years is nothing much to you right? HA!"

And there was the conformation.

Haruka was right. She'd seen the day of his death, the day he lost to L. Ryuk would write his name in a Death Note and everything he'd done would be for nothing.

There had to be a way to change it.

He'd kissed her forehead, told her not to worry and made her stay in his bed for the night. She couldn't stop herself from clinging and when she woke the next morning found herself wrapped securely around him. She wouldn't have been surprised to find that she'd strangled him in the night, but his breathing was steady.

Besides, if that dream was to be believed Light's death would come by gunfire not asphyxiation.

Should I tell him? she wondered. Tell him that I know he's Kira?

That question was easily answered. No. Not yet. If she ever did tell him it would only be because they'd reached an impasse with no other way forward. This wasn't the time.

Still, she felt sure the nightmare would haunt her for years to come. God forbid it did come true. Even now she couldn't get the image out of her mind. Light lying alone, bleeding out in some old, dirty place.

Alone. He was going to die alone.

The thought made her eyes water. As much as she wanted Kira dead, she couldn't say the same for Light. She didn't want that future for him, but neither could she be sure that there was another road to take.

Prior to this her forays into the future had always happened while she was awake, without warning, and never lasted more than a few seconds. This was different. She'd seen so much and it was further ahead than anything she'd ever experienced in the past. Maybe far enough that something could be done to prevent the tragedy.

There could only be one route for Kira and it wasn't pleasant. Kira would be caught and put to death, but did Light have to suffer the same fate? Was there not a way to stop it all?

Once again she questioned why she had to be the one to see such bleak things. If there was nothing she could do then why make her see it at all? She didn't want a future like that. Her father dead, her brother dead, her sister incapacitated and her mother beside herself with grief.

How could her family fall apart that way?

There was only one answer:

Light was Kira.

Death Note Facts

The numbers above a person's head, visible only with the Shinigami Eyes, show their lifespan and indicate the date of a person's death.

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