railgun in the dark 3

Chapter 10

Mikoto nodded her head as she read the text. Then sat for a while finishing her drink. Then she felt something tap her foot as she readied to leave. She looked down, her eyes nearly left her sockets.


She quickly reached for it, snatching it, holding it tight to her chest, "her purse…" She thought to herself nearly drooling.

"Oh my…" Her eyes filled with stars as she chuckled holding, looking around with a worried look on her face.

"Is she coming back…?” She sighed as she spoke then stood up looking around, "I've got to go meet Shirai."

They had agreed despite Omi's warning to meet together at least one more time to figure out some plans. As she waited, she thought about searching her purse and then quickly frowned.

"What am I a pervert…? Or some nosey girl…" She knew she would not like anyone to go through her personal stuff. She narrowed her eyes remembering a certain boy who had gone through her kill bear and learned about the sisters’ project and accelerator. Then she sighed and smiled as she thought about the results. The project discontinued because of a level 0 had defeated a level V. Then she quickly narrowed her eyes and growled but this wasn't the same. She shrugged her shoulders as she took another breath. She held the purse tight to her chest, the green colored face reflecting in her eyes. Then she smirked, "I'll just take it to her at Nagatenjouki Academy and deliver it personally…" She nodded smiling to herself, "besides…" She lifted the purse up above her head, "I get to carry it around for a little while…" She giggled as her eyes shined. She quickly cleaned the table and put the trash away. She clutched the bag tightly and hummed as she moved through the crowd.

,, The meeting was a bust. If Hollywood got it wrong and how do they defeat the vampires. Mikoto remembered their shocked looks on their faces when she said, "tear their hearts out or cut their heads off… burn them to ash…"

Ruiko stood, shaking her head as she covered her mouth with her hands, her eyes wide open, “how do we…"

Uiharu lowered her chin to her chest as she sat in front of her computer, let out a soft breath shaking her head. Shirai could only look at the determined face of her Sissy, recognizing the predatory look in her eyes. She would not let this go. She shook her head, "Sissy… You…"

"The rail gun could…" Uiharu lifted her head up, she turned twisting her torso, putting her arm on the back of the chair, “you could burn it like the Aim thingy near the nuclear plant…" She nodded with an apprehensive smile. Mikoto nodded, "yes… Burn it…"

"You would need to be close… Sissy…" Kuroko held her hands to her chest. As she shook her head, her tails swinging in the air with force, "no… You shouldn't if anything were to happen…" She paused, taking a deep worried breath, "what if… They could bite you… Your silky smooth perfect skin blemished, your sweet tasty blood drained…" She paused again, "what if they turn you into a vampire…" She bit her lips as she stared at her Sissy, as she remembered all the bad vampire movies they had seen, "you would become their love slave…" She stopped then her lips curled into a smile as she started to drool, her eyes glazed over, "don't worry Sissy I could be your first slave I mean victim…" She slowly smiled, "your first…" She whispered as her eyes rolled into the back of her head as she giggled.

"Geeez..." Uiharu looked at Kuroko shaking her head. Ruiko lowered her chin, "I'm so sorry misaki but… Please don't bite me…" She laughed as her cheeks turned red, shaking her head. Mikoto tried to stifle her laughter as she looked at Ruiko and Uiharu. Then she turned to Shirai.

"Kuroko…" Mikoto growled, "I don't know what you're thinking… Wait… I do!"

The buzzing of electricity danced along the strands of her hair, the smell of ozone wafted in the air as the soft sound of moaning mixed with little pain filled the room as Kuroko's body twitched on the floor as a light smoke rose up into the ether.

"Sissy… Why are you so cruel…?” She whispered.

"Imagine… That is a vampire…" Uiharu ran her fingers along the keyboard, hiding a smirk on her face.

Mikoto shaking her head slowly bit her lip as she reached over to the table picking up the gekota purse and took a deep breath.

"Misaka…" Ruiko arched her eyebrow over her left eye. As she gazed as she slowly caressed the purse.

"I know…" She whispered looking mournfully at the purse as Kuroko watched from the ground with envy as she slowly brought the purse up to her chest and squeezed it.

"I need to return it but…"

"Who and where…"

"Anastasia… Is staying at Nagatenjouki Academy…"

"Where…!" Kuroko's body leapt from the floor. Ruiko's eyes grew wide, "wow… That's ultra-exclusive…"

"True…" Uiharu spoke continuing to type, "but it has not produced a single five yet…"

"Yeah… But their always beating us in the Daihaseisai Festival games…" Mikoto nodded still clutching the purse.

"I will stop by when I leave from here…" She took a deep breath. Kuroko brought her hand up to her chin, "you know Sissy… I will be off in a few hours… I could…"

"No…" She closed her eyes, slowly shaking her head. "I will… I" but Kuroko interrupted, "you are going to use yourself as bait…" She raised her voice as she creased her face, narrowing her eyes knowing her Sissy. She shook her head, "aren't you…"

"What…" Mikoto tilted her head like an innocent kitten and smiled. Kuroko's eyes went wild and her heart thumped in her chest, "oh Sissy… That look…" She swooned.

Ruiko and uiharu looked at each other shaking their heads, "so predictable…" They smiled, as Ruiko spoke, "I'll check the gossip sites…"

Uiharu nodded, "I'll check the surveillance cameras… I'll focus on Nagatenjouki area…"

She chuckled as her cheeks blushed, "well I'm off then…" She quickly moved across the floor opening, closing the door behind her and her smile fell from her lips, and her shoulders slumped as she shook her head.

"How…" She sighed as she looked down at the gekota purse.

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