railgun in the dark 3

chapter 11

She sat waiting for the bus to take her to school District 18; Where Nagatenjouki high school was located. She held the light green colored purse, its smiling eyes looking up at her from her lap. She hummed a bouncy girlish tune as her shoulders moved back and forth.

"Gekota!" She said in a musical rhythm. (Picture in your mind the song tequila in the peewee Herman movie, yeah that song.)


She noticed the bus coming down the street, seeing no one was on the self-driving bus. All the buses were like that in Academy city, it let out a low hiss as it slowed to a stop then lowered itself to the ground, the doors slowly opening. Mikoto blushed as she shook her hips in rhythm.

"Gekota…" She sighed; taking the first step onto the bus then shifted her hip to the other side nodding her head with a big smile.


She moved slowly down the line between the seats, sliding her feet shifting her hips, chuckling with bright red cheeks.

"Gekota…" She raised her fist into the air, "woo...” she turned then twisted her torso, sliding onto the empty seat next to the second set of doors.

"Gekota…!" she lowered her voice, pressing the purse to her chest. She listened as the door slowly closed then the bus raise up and shifted moving towards District 18.

"Gekota!" The musical scream could be heard every now and then as the bus moved along the street with one lone passenger.

She sighed as she took a step off the bus onto the sidewalk. In front of her were the bronze gates of Nagatenjouki Academy, beyond them the ivy covered brick and stone three story structures that stood twice the size as Tokiwadai academy. Its classic architectual beauty rivaled many of the Harvard and Oxford type universities.

She took a deep breath walking past the gates, entering the grounds. The manicured lawns were peppered by students, lying on the grass talking and laughing in the shade of old growth trees. She blushed, her eyes nervous noticing the difference in appearances. She was obviously in middle school 14 nearly 15. These were older girls 17 and 18 years old. Many would look over as she passed noticing her Tokiwadai uniform and even the bright green gekota purse. She took a deep breath as she glanced down at the sidewalk.

"Mikoto…" She lifted her head and smiled.


Mio Aizono stood with her head tilted and her green eyes bright. She reached up and brushed strands of her long brown hair from her cheek behind her ear, joining the rest of her hair flowing down the back of her summer uniform. Her red wristbands catching Mikoto’s eyes as she took a deep breath.

"What are you doing here…?” She asked.

Mikoto watched her eyes moved to the purse and she smiled, feeling a little more relaxed. She and Mio had their misunderstandings but finding out about their past help them to resolve those issues.

"Is that…!" She pointed to the purse.

"No… No…" Mikoto quickly became embarrassed, "I would never…"

Mio tilted her head, seeing the gekota strap hanging from her pocket. She smiled slightly and giggled.

"It is very cute…"

"Huh... Really… I mean… it kinda is… You know…" Mikoto leaned her chin forward as she started to ramble, mio cheeks blushed as she shook her head. She watched Mikoto tightened her grip on the purse.

"But it's not mine… I'm trying to return it…"

Mio straightened her back taking a deep breath, "I don't recall anyone carrying anything like this…" She raised her hand to her chin as she shook her head.

"Well… She is staying with her sister… Here…"

She nodded her head then looked over to Mikoto, "what is her name…?"

"Alucard... Anastasia von Alucard..."

Mio slowly shook her head, "there are a lot of students, but I don't remember that name…" She sighed, "I'm sorry…"

"I will just check with the…" However, Mikoto couldn't finish her answer as Mio quickly interrupted.

"Misaka no…!" she paused, "God… No…" Mio shook her head as her eyes filled with terror.

"Why…" Mikoto had a strange look on her face.

"The house mistress is a demon… A horrible woman… God anything but her… Please if you must… be careful…"

Mikoto stared at her, closed her eyes shaking her head, and sighed, "Really… Have you met tokiwadai's headmistress…" She waved her hand in the air nonchalantly.

"Misaka… I'm serious…" She paused, "I heard she cracked walnuts in the palm of her hand… One minute past curfew… We have heard screams of terror and a loud snapping noise then silence… I…" She shook her head and tapped her finger between her breasts.

Mikoto sighed, lowering her eyes noticing the difference in size.

"I won't even go out to help them… Horrible…" Mio closed her eyes and her body shuddered.

"Well…" Mikoto released a very non-worried confident breath, "I have to return this so…"

"Hug me…" Mio looked at Mikoto with a stern but worried face.

"What! I…"

"It may be the last human contact you ever have misaka…" She reached out wrapping her arms around Mikoto. She blushed looking around as the others looked up at them. She could see their smiling, laughing faces slowly change, many of them shaking their heads.

"Please be careful…" She whispered as she tightened her embrace.

"Is everything all right… Mio…" Another girl walked up as she released her embrace. Mikoto blushed, dropping her chin to her chest, unable to answer right away as she turned to see the other girl.

Mio looked over shaking her head as she sighed, "she is going to see the headmistress…"

"No!" The other girls brown eyes went wide, "why would you do that…" she brought her hand up covering her mouth.

Mikoto could sense the terror in her voice, watching, as she reached out grabbing Mio's arm.

"I have to return it…"

"Keep it…" The girl nodded her head, "or…" She lowered her chin, "I know… You don't want to do it… Violate her privacy but you could search the purse…" She quickly looked away as Mikoto’s chin drop, her mouth gaped, "I can’t do that… I could never, “ she closed her eyes, pulling her lower lip into her mouth, “ I just have to risk it…"

"I see… Then…" She quickly reached out hugging Mikoto, "I know we just met but we do this any time we might run the risk of crossing her… I did once…" She sighed and her lips trembled, "I wore the wrong uniform tie because the other one was dirty…" She took a deep breath and she could feel the pain in her voice, "it was quick, her attack. I heard a loud snap and then darkness…"

"What…" Mikoto's eyes grew wide looking at mio as she nodded.

"I was there," her eyes dropped to the sidewalk, "I had to carry her to her room"

The girl released her embrace, nodding her head reaching up wiping a tear off her cheek.

"I had to buy some extra ties just in case…" She took a deep breath and sighed releasing it slowly.

"We try at all cost to avoid her…" She stepped back and turned to mio, "we should go… Classes…"

Mio shook her head, smiled a weak smile, and then waved to Mikoto as they left.

Mikoto turned, eyeing the entrance, slowly taking her first and second step. She clutched the gekota purse tightly to her chest taking a deep breath.

"I have to return this…" She whispered over and over.

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