railgun in the dark 3

Chapter 12

Mikoto gripping the gekota purse tightly to her chest walked cautiously up the five steps that led to the dual doors. The doors were massive rising up like a monument filled with panes of glass. The door handles gold in color and shine brightly reflecting the afternoon sun. She could hear the muffled voices of those inside as she started to curl her fingers around the handles.

"Don't…" A soft voice came from behind her, she looked over her shoulder. It was a young girl maybe 16, Mikoto thought. She was petite in stature wearing the summer uniform of Nagatenjouki academy.

"Use this…" She smiled, nodding her head as she handed her a tissue. She reached up brushing long strands of black hair behind her ears.

"If she sees a smudge… She will fingerprint it and have anti-skill run the prints..." She nodded slowly closing her green eyes.

"I have heard even they are afraid of her…"

Mikoto stared, nervously nodding her head, "thank you…" She hesitated for a moment not knowing the little girl's name.

"Rin…" She smiled speaking in a whisper. She reached over putting her hand on Mikoto shoulder, "be careful… Mikoto misaka…" She softly smiled a little wider, "oh… By the way I like your purse…" She quickly nodded turning to leave.

Mikoto blushed, "it's not mine…" She spoke under her breath, wishing it was.

She opened the door slowly using the tissue covered handle and she heard a scream as she stepped inside and the door bumped against her as she stood, wide eyed with her mouth opened.

"Wait!" A girl screamed, "Snap!!! …" Her neck made a sound then she slumped, her friends catching her before she hit the floor.

"Make sure those shoes shine…!” She heard a woman's voice.

"Yes… Mistress…" The two girls carried their friend out the door, "excuse us…" They nervously smiled as they nodded their heads.

Mikoto stared, watching the girls carrying their friend as they passed, and her body started to tremble holding the green purse tightly. She looked at the woman who stood in front of her with her back facing her. She was wearing a dark blue dress suit that suited her tall, slender frame with matching socks and comfortable shoes. However, even though her aura was frightening almost terrifying Mikoto sense something familiar as she looked up, her hair shoulder length was brown in color. She watched her slowly turn bringing her arm up, her fingers adjusting her glasses. Then Mikoto’s chin dropped and her mouth opened.

"You…" She whispered with a shocked expression on her face. "What are you doing here…?” She stared wide eyed her mouth gaped.

"Excuse me…" The woman growled, leaning towards her and sniffed. Mikoto's lips trembled as her thoughts filled her mind.


"Did they clone her…? And they got it right…"

"Could she be a twin…? I don't… I can't believe…" She leaned back and she fell against the door. The woman straightened her back staring at her.

"Why aren't you in Tokiwadai…?” Mikoto managed to force the words past her lips. The woman standing in front of her, ruling with absolute power was the exact copy of the Tokiwadai dorm supervisor. The woman known as the one with no name. The very same that would often snap Kuroko into unconsciousness.

"Excuse me… I work here, little girl…" She reached up adjusting her glasses.

"But… But…" Mikoto struggled to gather her wits.

Accelerator, Mugino and Shokuhou just to name a few, She would often take them on without fear, well maybe except for accelerator but still she felt she "could" have a chance but the dorm supervisor filled her darkest fears because she had no power to mention... Not even a level 0 but it was sheer intimidation that enables her to control the entire dorm for middle school girls. She shuddered to think of what intimidating power it took to control a dorm full of high school age girls. Mikoto tried to catch her breath, then she slowly spoke.

"I am here to return a purse to a girl that stays here…" She smiled her best smile putting her best face forward that would often cause Kuroko to swoon, it failed.

“Hmmph...” The woman raised her chin and shook her head.

"Have you filled out the proper request forms?" She asked turning her head eyeing the girls, like a predator checking out prey, moving along the hallways.

"Huh… I thought… I could just…"

She gave out annoying breath and Mikoto swore she growled.

"You need to fill out the forms for the lost item then fill a form notifying the individual you found it then fill out a request to enter the building to return said item. Then a form saying you returned the item to the individual. She then would fill out a received item form…" She sighed adjusting her glasses as she leaned down glaring at Mikoto.

"What!" Mikoto spoke without thinking, "can’t I just say here… And give it to her…" she stuck her arms out holding the purse out as if presenting it to the dorm supervisor "how hard can this be…" This time she narrowed her eyes with her lips tight as she raised her chin looking at the dorm supervisor. The corridor became silent and the girls stood still, eyeing the middle school student holding the green gekota purse out slowly bring it back to her chest, looking up to the dorm mistress with her hands on her hips glaring down through her glasses.

Mikoto caught her breath realizing she had raised her voice.

"I'm sorry…" She quickly bowed her head, "please forgive me…"

There was a momentary silence, an uneasy silence, not a single word or breathe past in the hallways. Then the dorm mistress spoke, "so quick to apologize…" She spoke as a twisted smile appeared on her face. The woman slowly nodded, "Little Miss Tokiwadai…"

"I am very sorry…" She spoke again, still bowing her head, very humble. "I just want to return it… That's all…"

The room full of girls stared as faces appeared, staring from the outside through the small panes of glass on the door. Everyone waiting, anticipating for the swift execution of the middle school girl.

"Who will catch her…?” One of the girls whispered, Mikoto’s eyes opened quickly.

"Very well…" The dorm mistress sighed, "What’s her name…"

"Von Alucard..." She nodded, still facing the floor, "Anastasia…"

"Hmmm..." The woman closed her eyes, "it does not sound familiar… I know all the girls, all the students from A-to-Z from Z to a…" She shook her head, her eyes looking down on Mikoto and then fixed on the purse.

"Is that the purse…?”


"Girls…" She spoke loudly, "does that name or purse look familiar…" She paused, "are any of you hiding any unauthorized guest…"

Mikoto's eyes grew even wider, "oh crap…" She muttered under her breath.

"Did I just…" She started to panic. She slid her hand back reaching for the door.

"I must leave quickly before…"

"Where you going…" The woman slowly cocked her head as she spoke, "Mikoto misaka… Miss rail gun… Of Tokiwadai…"

Mikoto's heart stopped as she slowly raised her chin, looking up she could see the woman smiling maliciously with her head still cocked to one side, her arm extended and her hand open.

"Give me the purse and I'll discover who it is is…" She nodded.

"I don't…" She started to speak.

"You're not that fast…" The woman slowly grinned. Mikoto remembered how quick their dorm supervisor was from watching her attacks on Kuroko.

"Give me the purse…"

"I… Can't…" She spoke, shaking her head, "I just can't…"

The woman narrowed her eyes, "fine…"

One moment she was standing then the next…

"What the…"

"You're safe now… Run..." It was Rin; she had opened the door, tissue in hand and snatched Mikoto by the shoulder, pulling her out the door that had been opened a crack.

"She will not come out here…" She quickly spoke, running next to Mikoto, "I think she's afraid of open spaces…" She giggled looking over her shoulder at the front doors.

"What about…"

"Don't worry…" Rin chuckled, letting out a deep breath, "I'm a level IV… Light manipulator… We are invisible… Matter of fact… I was standing next to you whole time…" She tilted her head, "I really like that purse… Where did you…"

Mikoto laughed and told her the story. Rin lowered her chin, "European market huh... My Gram lives in Switzerland…" She smiled, reaching into her pocket, "I should call her and see if she can get me one…" Her cheeks were glowing red. She quickly dialed her phone.

"You want me to see…"

"Sure…" Mikoto's eyes flashed she quickly nodded. She noticed the pink gekota strap on her phone. Mikoto gave her contact information saying she needed to find Anastasia. Rin nodded walking with Mikoto until they turned the corner.

"Okay… You are visible now…" She waved as Mikoto ran off laughing.

"Hello… Gram…"

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