railgun in the dark 3

Chapter 13

She walked around the corner of the Academy, looking up at the blue sky framed by the tall buildings.

"Maybe… I should…" She thought of climbing up the brick wall and looking into the windows. She nodded, raising her foot up as blue white sparks danced from the soles of her shoe striking the wall, then her foot became attached, then she chuckled, leaping up slamming her other foot on to the wall. She moved slowly up the wall, cocking her head as she peeked into the windows.

"No… Not here…" She quickly moved on.

"Or here…" She climbed even higher checking out each window.

The first floor, nothing. The second floor then the third, nothing.

She sighed as her shoulder shrugged, "maybe… I need to open the purse…"

She took a deep breath, raising her chin, looking up the wall, still two more floors. She continued her search until she reached the top floor, then crawled over the edge and stood on the roof. She turned looking around the massive roof, "its bigger than Tokiwadai…" She sighed, dropping her chin to her chest, her sad eyes looking at the gekota purse catching the sunlight.

Then she heard slamming of vehicle doors and loud voices. They were yelling not arguing. They were speaking to someone from a distance. Mikoto turned, looking over the edge of the building across the street.

The building was smaller than the Academy. The four story brick wall extended down the alleyway to the next street.

"A private apartment complex…" She nodded her head. She chuckled as her cheeks turned red as they swelled from her smile. She could see the parking area. A few cars and SUVs parked in the lot. She opened her mouth as her eyes grew wide. She stood on the edge and yelled as she waved.


A young girl with blonde hair turned, squeezed her eyes and stared. She was standing with the tall girl with long brown hair, whose was carring some bags from shopping she believed.

"What the…!" She heard her speak , looking at her standing hanging, her feet attached the wall.

"Mikoto!" She spoke staring at her, "what…" Then panic hit her face.

"For the Gods sakes…" She yelled starting to move towards her, "get away from that building…" She looked at the taller girl, "what…" She was shaking her head.

"That woman's evil…" Anastasia yelled moving in her direction, "Get down quick…"

Mikoto laughed, nodding her head, "I know but I had to return…" She raised her arm waving the purse in the air.

"You left it…"

Anastasia chuckled, biting her lip, "that's where…" Then her eyes went wide, "what the…" Mikoto pushed off the wall, sparks pushing her into the air; she flew over the private wall and landed softly on the ground, her knees bending. She looked like she was kneeling in front of Anastasia. She then slowly rose up and laughed.

"I have been searching…" As she handed the purse to Anastasia. She laughed, shaking her head, looking over to the tall brunette dressed in the academy uniform. The girl nodded, "I'll put these away… I have got to go to class…" She bowed and quickly moved towards the building, disappearing as the door closed behind.

Mikoto stood smiling, breathing a little heavy. Anastasia was looking at Mikoto, still shaking her head.

"That woman scares me…" She slipped the strap over her shoulder. “ the dorm supervisor…” she shook her shoulder like she had caught a chill.

"Why didn't you just open the purse…?”

"I couldn't…" She shook her head, twisting her lips, "it’s private… I just couldn't…"

Anastasia laughed as she looked down opening the purse, "there is a card in here…" She reached in and brought it out.

"Here it is…" She handed it to Mikoto, "if found please return to Anastasia von Alucard or any police station. You can keep the money… Please…"

"I see…" She blushed, "I wouldn’t of thought of that…"

"Where I am from… I tend to lose it all the time but people always return it. Either to me or to the police…" She paused, looking inside the purse, "they always refuse the money though…" She nodded, "would you like the…"

"No… No…" She closed her eyes tight as she laughed her hands out waving, "no… Just wanted to return it…"

"I just carry essentials… Let's see…" She moved through the purse, "wallet, phone, pencils, pen, some candy… Want some…"


She took the hard candy as Anastasia handed it to her, unwrapped it slipping into her mouth, "mmm...cherry..."

Anastasia quickly looked up and started laughing, "Mikoto… Your lips and tongue are all red now…"

She quickly blushed in embarrassment as she reached up with her hand covering her mouth.

"Oh my…"

Anastasia nodded,” lets see some extra panties, bra, Band-Aids gauze… Etc.… ooopps..."

"What… something missing…" Mikoto leaned forward.

"No… No…" She chuckled, "I forgot… My picture wallet… Anyway…" Her eyes became soft, "thank you…"

"Come inside…" Anastasia nodded, "get something to drink… Please…"

She tilted her head like a kitten and her lips curled into a smile, "please…" She spoke the word slowly across her lips as she raised her eyebrows.

"Does that work…?” Mikoto shook her head, "Kuroko tries that… yours is better…"

"It depends…"

"On what…" She slowly smiled.

"If you say yes…" She tilted her head to the other side, her eyes becoming softer.

"Fine… Fine…" She shook her head, and sighed. "Fine…"

"It works then…" She nodded as she slipped her tongue out, holding her hand out taking Mikoto’s hand and turned, walking towards the building.

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