railgun in the dark 3

Chapter 14

Mikoto followed her to the apartment. Anastasia twisted her lips as she tilted her head, entering the code on the small terminal outside the door.

"Click..." The locks sounded as she twisted the doorknob, pushing the door open.

"There…" She smiled, taking a few steps into the room, "enter please…" She chuckled. "Enjoy the humble abode…" She turned on her heels; her eyes glistened as Mikoto entered the room.

"Wow… This is nice…" She nodded, "a lot bigger than the dorm room…"

"Really…" Anastasia leaned forward, her hands clasped, "you're the first person I've brought here… Kinda I mean… You were technically stalking me… I guess…" She raised her chin up, narrowing her eyes, her index finger tapping her chin. "You were attached to the other building, actually on the outside of the building…" She paused, "like a burglar…"

"Yes…" Mikoto laughed, "A burglar who returns things…"

"Yes…" Anastasia laughed, "A very strange burglar… Anyway…" She sighed, "Have a seat on the couch. Let me get something from the refrigerator." Anastasia placed the purse on the edge of the table and moved to the kitchen. Mikoto moved to the counter that separated the living room and kitchen.

"This is the living room and kitchen…" She nodded going behind the counter, "that is the balcony…" She pointed to the glass door as she opened the refrigerator, "bedroom there's two… And of course a very nice two-person bathroom with a tub and shower… by the Gods… I really love the bath…" She smiled, reaching up to the cabinet getting glasses.

"I have some ice tea, that's American… It's pretty good, tomato juice, strawberry soda, cherry lemon, milk, apple juice…"

"Oh… I'll have some apple juice…" She nodded. She listened to the clink of the glasses as it was being filled. Then Anastasia reached into the refrigerator and grabbed a large bag of a thick red liquid, unscrewing the top and pouring it into a large glass. She peeked at Mikoto from the corner of her eye as she tilted her head watching.

"It is a special diet for me… My metabolism is exceedingly high. ." She nodded as the red liquid filled the glass then she tighten the top.

"Here… You go…" She smiled, handing the apple juice to Mikoto. She thanked her and they moved to the couch.

"Are you okay… I mean…"

"Yes… Yes…" She waved the question off, "it runs along the family line usually my father's side. But this time it got me…"

They continued to speak, laughing and cringing as a subject of the dorm supervisor's came up.

Mikoto shook her head, "ours is deadlier… I think…"

"Really…" Anastasia leaned back, holding her glass with two hands, "I think this one's worse… I mean those girls are upperclassman girls… Let me tell you…" She quickly nodded, "I mean… My sister can be a brute…" She laughed.

Mikoto chuckled, lifting the glass to her lips, taking a drink, "true… the girls our age are more… Cliquish I guess… I mean once you are upperclassman you kinda know what to…"

Anastasia quickly shook her head, "let me tell you, my sister can scare me… I mean just because I "borrow" her lipstick or try on some blush…" She sighed, taking a drink, "you think I killed her favorite puppy… By the way she has a cat…"

Mikoto laughed, covering her mouth, "or if I try on some of her underwear…" She tensed her lips, "I mean it's not like I can fill up her bra… Did you see them…?” She held her arms out, "I mean…" She laughed, and then sighed, "Just a little…"

"Yes…" Mikoto whispered lowering her chin, "yes…"

"And the teasing I get from her…" She took a deep breath, "I mean…" She huffed, leaning forward, "she tells me that because of them," she patted her flat chest, "it takes longer to shower or bath… Or" she raised her voice, "sometimes my back hurts from the weight or that when she lies on her belly to watch TV on the floor she has to use a smaller pillow…" She growled.

Mikoto leaned back, not noticing she had placed her hand on her own chest, her eyes glistening.

"Really…" Anastasia nodded, "but some good news…" She took another quick drink, "when she was my age 14 or 15… Nothing…" She moved her hand horizontally across her body, "then by 16… Bam!!!" She pushed her hands out from her chest.

"No… Really…" Mikoto stared, her mouth dropping.

"Really…" She nodded, looking serious.

"Wow…" Mikoto looked at her chest, "just like that…"

Anastasia dropped her chin looking at her chest, nodding. "I'm hoping when I wake up on Christmas…" She smiled, "nothing humongous… But well proportioned…" She tightened her shirt, twisting her shoulders "maybe…" She held hands out from her chest, "this much…" She smiled then chuckled, "how about you…"

"What!" She sat back, her cheeks becoming bright red, "I… I… I… Really haven't thought about it… I mean…"

Anastasia closed her eyes and let out a sigh, "you know… I saw that girl… What was her name… Short black hair, glasses… The triple threat… I met her once. She likes to drink milk but I mean…” She held her hands out, shaking her head, "like those… Proportions, that's the ticket," she nodded taking a deep breath, "I have got milk if you like…"

Mikoto smiled as she chuckled nodding her head, "Konori mii…" She whispered,

"Yes… Yes…" She smiled.

"So would you like some…?” Anastasia asked.

"Yes… Yes… I would…" Mikoto quickly raised her chin, Anastasia laughed, "Some milk then…" She laughed, Mikoto blushed shaking her head, "I mean…" She waved her hands in the air.

"So do I Mikoto…" Anastasia finished her drink.

She stood up from the couch to go to the kitchen. Then her shoe caught the strap of the purse. The purse fell to the ground, scattering the contents across the floor.

"Oh crap…" Anastasia shook her head, bending down to pick them up.

Mikoto nodded, "Let me help…"

She quickly knelt to the floor, reaching and stopping before she could pick up the photo wallet. She stared at it, the images of two men standing side-by-side, and a little girl dressed in the summer dress wearing a small hat standing in front.

She slowly picked it up, staring at the photo.

Anastasia notice, tilting her head, "Mikoto is…"

"I have seen him…" She nodded, tapping her finger on the photo.


"Him…" She held the wallet in her hand, pointing at the older gentleman. He was wearing a lab coat next to a man dressed in a business suit.

"Really… Are you sure…"

"Yes…" She let out a quick breath.

"That one…" Anastasia pointed to the man in the business suit, “ is my father, That little girl is my older sister…" She looked at Mikoto’s face, her eyes watching as she twisted her mouth nodding.

"At the anti-skill station. He is a researcher. They questioned me. He was tall with a smug look on his face with his receding hairline only grayer…" She nodded, "that's him, and he was with a younger guy…" She stopped, slowly closing her eyes, thinking about it and then she smiled, "Klaus… Was his name…"

"Are you sure…" Anastasia leaned quickly towards her with a voice hinted of a little excitement. She nodded, "yes it was…"

Mikoto took a quick breath, shaking her head and continued to speak, "Klaus... In addition, another man named Edward… Real weasel, cold eyes, small hands, "she shook her head as if she caught a chill, "Kinda squirmy in a reptilian way…"

"So…" Mikoto slowly smiled, tilting her head looking at Anastasia. She smiled back nodding her head, "any hints ..."

Anastasia leaned back; she had been there when they had hacked the system to look for the vampire. They discovered his whereabouts now they had a name.

"What do you bring to the hunt… Anastasia…"

She sighed, leaning back, as she stared at her glass nearly empty, "Klaus was the head researcher that used to work for my father, he disappeared 10 years ago…"

"What was he researching…?”

She took a deep breath as she nodded her head as she stood up walking over to the kitchen. "Well…" She opened the refrigerator door, grabbing a small bottle of milk and the dark red bag, pouring a large glass of milk and another glass of the red liquid.

"Extended human life expectancy…" She brought the glasses over handing the milk to Mikoto who took a big drink.

"Aaaahhh..." She spoke putting the glass on the table. Anastasia did the same thing.

"It seems we are now connected Mikoto…" Anastasia slowly nodded her head as a smile slowly curled on her lips.

"Let me contact my father…" She nodded letting out a sigh. She leaned back against the couch.

"How about we go get some cake…" She chuckled.

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