railgun in the dark 3

Chapter 15

Mikoto slept dreaming of the perfect proportions of sugar disguised as cakes. She smiled in her sleep, her tongue peeking out from between her lips wiping the drool on the side of her mouth. The fragrant aroma of hot tea was filling her nose and the pleasant conversation regarding vampires.

She quickly awoke to the sound of shattering glass and running footsteps then the sound of the door slamming against the opposite wall. Electric blue sparks danced from her bangs as her eyes focused on a spot on the floor. Whoever it was, was wearing a cloak covering head to toe that shined from the rain. She could tell they were hurt as she listened to their labored breath.

"Who are you…?” Mikoto yelled as the room lit up with electric light. She glanced at the individual as they slowly struggled to stand. Across the room, Shirai was slowly awakening, "Sissy… Why are you…?” She paused as her eyes focused, "what the!" Her mouth and eyes open wide spying the shattered glass and the shards of wood that lay scattered across the floor.

The figured moved towards the door but Mikoto leapt out of bed, snatching their arm.

"Don't you…" Mikoto growled, "Let me see…"

"No…" The soft voice of a young girl filled the room as she easily snatched her arm away, tripping on some debris as she turned, revealing her face.

Mikoto stood shocked as she gazed up at the young girls’ face, it was Anastasia.


She opened her eyes and they glowed, a bright red.

"Please… Leave me alone…" She spoke as she stood up with her mouth open wide exposing her long white fangs.

"I need to…" She continued, falling to the ground. Mikoto could see long open wounds on her arms and face like crimson claw marks. Her clothing torn in shreds stained with blood.

"She's the vampire…" Shirai yelled at the top of her voice as she narrowed her eyes. She reached for her spikes that sat on the table next to the bed, letting them fly, but they struck the wall as Anastasia disappeared around the corner.

"Let's go…" Mikoto quickly nodded as she slipped a pair of shorts up underneath her skirt.

"Is she…" Shirai spoke as she hurriedly dressed, "this is judgment… We shouldn't…" She looked at Mikoto sighed as she closed her eyes in defeat.

"Why bother…"

"Come on…" Mikoto looked over shoulder with a predatory smile on her face, "Shirai…"

"Yes Sissy…" She beamed as she moved towards the door

They ran down the red carpeted hallway and stopped at another shattered window. They stood among broken glass and splinters of wood, watching as two figures danced along the rooftops.

"I knew it…" Mikoto clinched her fist as she looked at Shirai and jerked her chin towards the two figures.

"What…" Shirai watching as she carefully placed her hands on the broken window as the two figures moved farther into the night.

"She was chasing it…"


"That means… She's not the one…" She let out a deep sigh of relief as she nodded her head.

"Come on… I know where…"

"All right there…" A familiar male's voice filled the hallway as the sound of boots hitting the carpet resonated. It was the Captain and the young anti skill member leading the way. They shook their heads looking at them and then glanced out the window. The Captain twisted his lips, shaking his head. Mikoto could see the disappointment in his eyes as he cleared his throat. The young anti skill member shook his head as he turned to look down the hall.

“Damn…” he whispered.

"Anti-skill…" Shirai shook her head, "that was quick…"

The doors along the hallway slowly opened as the tired faces of young girls peered from behind them.

"Yes…" Mikoto narrowed her eyes and became suspicion as she watched the rest of the assault team come rushing down the hallway.

Mikoto and Shirai spent the next few early morning hours being, "interviewed" by anti-skill. This time the researchers never arrived. The captain had brought them into the nice room with the vending machines, offered them sodas and talked with them. While the young anti skill member stood by the door. There wasn't much, they could say, just like the last time. They were asleep, when a loud crash woke them up. They didn't recognize who it was; they were wearing the same long black cloaks.

The sun was peeking over the skyline of Academy city. The three bladed windmills slowly turned as a cool breeze drifted down the road.

“Sissy…Why didn’t you say anything” she spoke as they walked back to the residence Hall.

"We do not have the whole story…" Mikoto took a deep breath, "we need to talk to Anastasia… To find out… Did you see how bad she was hurt…?”

"Yes… I did… But…"

"No buts…" She quickly spun on her heels, with a stern look on her face, "do you know what they would do to her… Kuroko...”

She looked away embarrassed as her cheeks turned red. She remembered what her Sissy had been through with the sisters, Febri, and a few other situations. She was worried but she was happy to be by her side. That she trusted her enough to involve her in it. She had tried once to help her Sissy only to be hurt and then saved by her Sissy and that boy.

"Then where…" She shook her head, looking at her Sissy, who was walking backwards looking beyond Shirai's shoulder with narrowed eyes.

"Are we…" She looked at Mikoto as she nodded her head. She caught sight of a small man slowly walking along the sidewalk across the street. He was wearing dark sunglasses in the morning of all times, with a plain looking casual suit. He spotted her looking in his direction and quickly turned staring into a store. That sold womans bras and panties. She smiled, “oops, perv…”

"Yes…" Her eyes became excited and Shirai recognize the look on her face, "the adventure is about to begin…"

"Are you ready…?” She smirked as she watched her Sissy.

“Where are we going?”

“I know where….”

Mikoto chuckled, nodding her head and twisted her lips into a big smile, "let's go…" Shirai jumped forward wrapping her arms tightly around her Sissy with a satisfied smile on her face and disappeared.

"Get away from her…" She yelled as she stood in the doorway.

"Huh…" Mikoto and Shirai body jerked in surprise.

"What are you…?” She walked quickly into the kitchen to the counter putting down a medium-size bag, and then walked over to the couch.

"I told you to use the bedroom…"

"I'm sorry…" She whispered as she slowly opened her eyes, "I'm just so tired…"

"It is because you haven't…" She sighed, pulling the blanket up to her shoulders, "I'll make it right now…" She smiled softly looking down as she leaned down kissing her head.

"Um… Sorry…" Mikoto quickly closed her eyes as she bowed her head, "it's just… The door was open and…"

She reached out putting her hand on the back of Shirai's head pushing it forward. The young woman shook her head and let out a deep annoying breath.

"Anyway…" She huffed as she turned, walking towards the kitchen, grabbing the bag.

She slid the contents out onto the table, five pouches of the dark red liquid.

"Is that…" Shirai's eyes went wide as her mouth dropped open. The young woman smiled as she cut the bag and poured it into a glass.

"It's obvious… You already know…" She paused narrowing her eyes as she licked her lips, squeezing the remaining drippings out of the bag.

"My sister is a vampire…" She sighed saying the words as if it were well-known. Shirai's face went wide as her blood stopped flowing.

"Is she…" Mikoto narrowed her eyes as the young woman chuckled.

"No… But she is trying to deal with it…"

"What do you mean deal with it…" Mikoto knew the meaning but just wanted the confirmation.

“We don’t know who it is but we got a new lead…” she nodded grabbing the glass and started walking towards the couch.

"Excuse me…" She brushed past Mikoto to the couch. She glared at the girl.

"Anastasia…" She knelt down holding the glass by her nose. They watched as she sniffed it, her lips turning into a small smile as she raised her head.

"Come on…" The young woman teased her as she held the glass next to her nose and then slowly took it away, "who's the best sister of all…" She smirked.

"You… Katrina…" Anastasia slowly smiled as she sat up on the couch, her hand hovering close to the glass, her fingers barely touching it.

"Yes…" She chuckled as she ran her fingers across her wounds, getting serious, "you're not healing properly… You need to eat before you hunt…"

She put the glass into her hand, helping her hold it. She brought it slowly to her mouth. Mikoto and Shirai stared as the translucent red liquid ran down the glass, to her lips and down her throat into her belly.

"AAAHHHH...” She slowly brought the glass down from her lips, her fangs visible, shining a light red. Katrina dipped her fingers in another small glass filled with blood and gently ran her fingers across the wounds. They could see the worry on her face and anger as she ran her fingers across her cheeks, arms, and torso; all the while her lips trembling and her eyes were glistening.

"You worry too much…" Anastasia sighedm lifting the glass to take another drink.

"Shut up…" She glanced at her sister creasing her eyes and trying to stop her lips trembling. She then gazed over at Mikoto and Shirai.

Anastasia twisted her cherry colored lips into a smile as her white eyes slowly turned red as she sighed, "don't be mad…"

Katrina looked at her sister with narrowed eyes and growled, "Don’t try to intimidate me…" She handed her another glass of blood. “I’ve lost one sister…”

She leaned forward kissing her cheek and stood up, smacking her hands together.

"Now… What to do with you two…" Katrina took a deep breath as Anastasia looked over her shoulder with bright red eyes and wet red lips, blood trickling to her chin.

"Huh…" Shirais’ heart nearly exploded out of her chest as she wore horrified expression on her face, "wait a minute… You broke into our lovely home… And woke my precise sissy and"

Mikoto shook her head as she closed her eyes, "Shirai…" She spoke as she let out a disappointing breath.

Anastasia giggled as she took another drink. Katrina shook her head, "sheesh…" As she moved to the kitchen.

"Something to drink…" She smiled opening the door, "Milk… While we talk… Misaka…"

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