railgun in the dark 3

Chapter 16

Anastasia took a breath as she sat up on the couch allowing Mikoto to sit next to her. Shirai worked herself between them almost sitting in Mikoto’s lap eyes narrowed her hand close to the edge of her skirt. Where she kept the metal spikes attached to her thighs by black straps, with a bad impression of growling softly, her hands trembling oh so slightly.

"Don't worry Sissy…" Her voice cracked as her eyes were nervous, "I've got her…"

"Cough!" Anastasia brought her hand up, covering her mouth, "excuse me…"

"AHHHHHH!!! ... She is attacking…" Shirai screamed, her body jumped into the air, her tawny ponytails defying gravity were stuck straight up for an unusual amount of time, she quickly grabbed for her spikes, but Mikoto caught her wrist.

"Kuroko…" She sighed,, closing her eyes, shaking her head.

"But Sissy…" She twisted her body looking at Mikoto, her back now to Anastasia.

"This…" She quickly raised her arm, sticking out her finger inches away from Anastasia's face. She narrowed her eyes watching the trembling finger, slowly opening her mouth.

"This vampire… Wishes to blemish your perfect skin with her razor-sharp fangs.…" She quickly nodded, "she wishes to ravage her young, nubile body and make you, her love slave…"

Anastasia quickly tilted her head, raising her arm pointing to herself, arching her eyebrows in a who me expression. Katrina chuckled as she brought more drinks and some snacks to the table “And she's…" She glanced at Katrina, placing the tray on the table, "is fattening us up with these oh so delicious snacks. Are these homemade?…" Her eyes moved from the snacks to Katrina, who nodded her head with a soft smile.

"Really… Nice…" Then turned to face her Sissy.

Mikoto leaned her head to the side, looking past Kuroko towards Anastasia, was now tapping her cherry colored lips with her index finger, slowly nodding her head in a I could do that… Look on her face, She quickly curled her lips into a mischievous smile.

Mikoto drew her lower lip into her mouth, rolling her eyes as Shirai continued, "It is daylight… We're safe… If we run, I'll sacrifice myself for you Sissy…" She quickly wrapped her arms around Mikoto squeezing tightly, "I'll never let her…"


Shirai grinned as she rested her cheek, the light catching her mouth as she started to drool, on Mikoto’s chest, "oh Sissy… You're so warm, I feel so safe with you…" She nuzzled her chin across her chest, her hands slowly moving over her shirt.

Katrina cocked her head, watching the exaggerated one sided display of affection, or molestation. Her hands moving faster down Mikoto’s back, Mikoto struggling, resisting the overzealous amorous actions from her friend. Katrina nodded, biting her lips her cheeks burning red.

"Um… Do you need some privacy…?”

"Yes, please…" Shirai whispered as her cheeks burned and her eyes closed.

She chuckled looking at her sister; Anastasia stared wide-eyed at the wrestling match of unrequited love.

"Stop it…" Mikoto growled Anastasia arched her eyebrows as her eyes widened, "nice growl…" She whispered nodding her head.

"Kuroko!" She growled again with a little grunt, "Leave me…"

"I don't want to die without tasting your sweet lips…" She slowly raised her chin, her lips puckering like a fish, "please Sissy before you’re turned into a bloodthirsty creature of the night…"

"Bloodthirsty creature of the night…?" Anastasia mouthed the phrase, shaking her head as she rolled her eyes.

Mikoto placed her hand under Kuroko's chin forcing her head up.

"Anastasia…" She strained, "could you…" Bluish white sparks danced across her hair, "please I need to…"

"Oh…" She quickly popped her head up, "sure by all means go ahead…"

"Yes…" Katrina smiled quickly nodding her head, "by all means… Shock away…" She started to giggle.


The smell of ozone filled the room. Anastasia and Katrina stood next to each other, slowly nodding, eyeing the twitching body of Kuroko as sparks slowly faded off her extremities as she lay on the floor.

"Wow…" Anastasia looked up at Mikoto, who is now standing behind the couch, drinking a tall glass of milk.

"Ahh hh.... Does a body good…" She smacked her lips, wiping the milk off her mouth.

"Could you do it again…?” Katrina smirked pointing at her sister, Anastasia.

"Huh…" She quickly looked at her sister, Katrina, "what… Why!"

"To see what it feels like…" Katrina chuckled, as she tapped Kurokos’ leg with her shoe. "I think she still alive…" She sighed, "So Anastasia… Do you like them well done…?” She curled her lips into a wicked smile, teasing them.

"Huh…" The word barely audible past her lips as Shirai slowly opened her eyes, "Sissy… Why did you…" She slowly struggled to turn her head, looking up over the couch at her Sissy.

"Anastasia…" Katrina whispered, moving out of the way, pointing to the floor. Mikoto shook her head, closing her eyes as she turned around to hide her smile.

Anastasia quickly nodded as a mischievous smile grew on her lips, dropping to her knees by Kuroko's side, she tilted her head and smiled opening her mouth, her long white fangs glistening as her eyes turn pink, and then a bright red.

"Oh Sissy…" Shirai groaned slowly turning her head towards Anastasia.


She quickly opened her mouth screaming, disappearing, and reappearing behind or in front depending on how you look at it,of Mikoto, hiding behind her, looking at Anastasia.

"She's a teleporter…" Katrina chuckled, "It can be useful…"

"She tried to eat me…" Shirai quickly pointed, her arm shaking.

Katrina, Anastasia laughed, shaking their heads.

"What the… I can't believe…" Shirai's eyes went wide, slowly turning her head to the lullaby in her ears as her Sissy chuckled softly. She lowered her eyelids as her lips curled, "oh Sissy… You do care…"

Katrina chuckled, crossing her arms around her belly as she bent over laughing, "we haven't done that in years…"

"Anyway…" Katrina took a breath, placing her hand on her side, trying not to laugh anymore.

Anastasia nodded, "shall we talk now, or shall we get a bite…" She slowly smiled, her fangs peeking out behind her pink lips.

"Let's talk…" Mikoto nodded, peeling herself away from Shari, moving back on the couch.

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