railgun in the dark 3

Chapter 17

A chase, a victim and the wind

The darkened alley echoed with each footstep and her heavy breathing as her legs pushed her forward. She refused to look back behind her, remembering the glowing red eyes, the white fangs that lived underneath the black hood of the cloak that was sprawled over two girls, as they lie on their backs, eyes open wide and still, red running down from two puncture marks on their small white throats.

"Hey…" A tall, Auburn haired girl screamed, interrupting the attack, quickly taking the offensive position, raising her arm and her fingers spread wide. Her green eyes narrowed then the area filled with the sound of rushing wind followed by an explosion from the palms of her hands striking the dark cloak figure, sending it flying down the alley, bouncing off the walls, tumbling over trash cans. Bricks, fire escapes and debris fell from the side of the buildings burying the fiend.

"Help me…" She screamed towards the busy sidewalk. They were 30 feet away from civilization only to be attacked by the animal. People quickly came to the aid of the two girls as Gabriella took off towards the beast, giving chase.

She had cornered it, or it had led her to a concealed spot at a dead end, Where they fought. She was raised with four brothers, two older and two younger, so being ladylike was not in her nature. Gabriella was tall, lanky, auburn hair that flowed to her waist, tomboy with an infectious smile. But she soon realized that she was outclassed even though she was a level IV air manipulator. She could compress the air molecules and fire them like cannonballs of varying sizes even using it to take flight but her problem was not power. She once emptied the pool right after Mikoto misaka finished her level V testing. Much to the chagrin of everyone who enjoyed the miniature rainstorm on a hot summer day, but control was the issue. She would hope for golf ball size compression and end up getting a bowling ball size explosion. Right now, with her clothing in tatters, she was running through the maze of back alley passageways back to the safety of the lighted street. She had scored some hits but because of the lack of control many were light in the power category.

The beast growled, running along the rooftops, down the side of buildings to the trash littered floor. Trash cans banged against the walls and across the ground, black cats hissed. Gabriella using her power with slight hand movements tossing everything behind her as she ran, yes, sorry, even the black cats. Have you ever caught a cat that had been tossed into the air, I have, once and only once. I was a foolish boy back then.She could hear and feel her pulse pounding in her ears as she ran.

"One more…" She whispered in hurried breath, "one more close-up…"

She focused, staring at the dim light in the distance, slowly becoming wider like a door opening as her feet pounded the ground.

"One more…" She listened to the slapping of its feet on the dirty alley ground, like wet meat hitting a counter then the scrapping sound of its nails digging into the ground propelling it forward, feeling its hungry breath, huffing raspy in her ears.

"A little more…" She took a quick breath, the beast reaching out with dirty fingers spread wide, black broken nails extending reaching for her flaming auburn hair.

"Now…" She screamed, twisting her body as she lept into the air, both arms extended fingers spread for a wide blast, "what the…"

She caught sight of the beast’s face, its red eyes blazing, lips thick and bruised cheeks swollen from their battle, his fangs dripping with saliva and blood, "you can be hurt… And you’re human…" She grinned, nodding her head, she puckered her lips and then slowly opened her mouth, then spoke. "Boom !!!"

The powerful blast of air exploded outward, sending both of them tumbling in opposite directions. The wave traveling outward from her hand, the beast body tumbled like paper in a violent wind, trash, steel fire escapes, debris lifted off the ground flying into the air. Gabriella's body tumbled, hitting the ground rolling across the dirt like a ragdoll into the open desolate field, she had been running towards.

The wind rush past her then slowed to a cool caressing breeze over her bruised and battered body. She stared at the clear night sky as the stars reflected in her bright green eyes. She smiled a sense of relief filled her as she strained to lift herself up from the cold hard dirt of the unkempt field. She staggered and then stumbled as she tried to wipe the dust from her torn, tattered clothing.

"Gotcha…" She heard him speak with a thick german accent. He wrapped his strong arms around corralling her. She struggled turning her head to catch a glimpse of his face but a silvery glint caught her eye, something was in his hand.

"No!!" She closed her eyes, reaching out towards his hand.

"Boom !!!!”

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