railgun in the dark 3

Chapter 18

She recognized the sound of her breathing in the darkness, then the gradually growing sound of one voice took its place.

"Katrina… Stay with her…"

Then a couple of more joined in.


"Anastasia down the alleys…"

"You stay… Shirai..."

"No… I have to protect you and your beautiful, lushes, sweet tasting neck from her… Sissy…"


"I will be fine…" She heard the laughter in the background.

She groaned, slowly opening her eyes and then focused to see a tall dark-haired girl standing next to her, her school uniform skirt blowing in the breeze. She creased her eyes focusing on the slender calves to her smooth thighs. But what caught her eye was the cloth bandaging wrapped around her right thigh marked with Runes.

"Are you hurt…?” Gabriella slowly reached up, touching the cloth fabric. Katrina smiled looking down at Gabriella. She was dirty, bruised, uniform in tatters, much of it gone.

"I'm fine…" She slowly knelt down tilting her head, her eyes soft and her smile slight, "Gabriella…"

"Katrina…" She sighed softly, "I am afraid the house mistress is really going to kill me…" She chuckled, her face filled with pain.

"The fact that we are sitting in a 30 foot crater in the middle of a deserted field… I don't think so…" She reached over cupping her chin, stroking the deep bruise on her face. Katrina watched as she reached over, moving the hem of her skirt to see her bandages, "my brothers played a game that had runes in it… Dungeons, dragons, or something stupid like that… Monsters, wizards whatever…"

Katrina placed her hand on hers, shaking her head.

"I saw his face…"

Katrina cocked her head, "Who's…?”

Gabriella raised her chin, narrowing her eyes slightly in pain. "I got in some shots on him, he was bleeding and his face was swollen…" She chuckled; she took a deep breath, holding it then painfully released it.

"Help will be here soon…" Katrina nodded stroking the top of Gabriella's hand as it lay softly on her thigh. Gabriella sighed, closing her eyes, smacking her lips, "there was someone else…"

Katrina's eyes widened as she lowered her chin, "another…"

She nodded, "older… I thought I was in an old Humphrey Bogart movie…Casablanca…"


"He wore an old overcoat and hat, German accent, old blue eyes and small gray mustache…" She paused, "he grabbed me and …" She slowly looked around rubbing Katrina soft skin, "and I took this from him…" She opened her other hand, Katrina stared, in the palm of her right hand was a hypodermic needle filled with a pale yellow liquid, shimmering in the moonlight. Its needle breaking the skin of her hand, small droplets of blood dribbled to the curve of her palm.

Katrina took a hypodermic, leaning close, she sniffed the air around her body.

Gabriella chuckled, "I stink… Running and fighting I haven't taken a bath yet…" She chuckled as her lips tensed in pain.

"I am checking for wounds…" She ran her hands across her ribs and belly then raised the remains of her skirt; she placed her hand on her thigh, Gabriella chuckled, "I can't believe you're making a move on me…"

"Says the one with her hand under my skirt…" Katrina chuckled as her fingers glided across her skin.

"You could at least buy me lunch…" Gabriella took a soft breath

"How about dessert… You will be lunch…" She cocked her head, her eyes focused on the gash that ran down the outer thighs of Gabriella.

She watched as the strands of long fibers stretched, attaching itself to the other edge of the wound pulling it forward, sealing it. Katrina shook her head, her tongue peeking out between her soft lips.

Gabriella took a sudden breath filling her lungs , moving her legs back and forth as her body tensed.

"Too soon…" Katrina whispered, watching as she writhed in pain?, Or ecstasy?"

Katrina could see the change in her body, watching unsure, what was happening. Her skin radiated reflecting the moonlight, her hair becoming fuller, richer in color as her lips became softer, her breasts swelled as she raised her back off the ground.

"Feel so good…" Gabriella whispered as she arched her neck and her mouth open wide.

"Dammit…" Katrina quickly reached into her blouse pocket, pulling out a small hypodermic. When she saw her mouth open wide, inhaling in a deep breath as her canines began to grow larger. she gripped her inner thigh tightly then jabbed the needle into her artery.

"Gabriella… Stay with me…" she watched as her veins turned black from the spot of the injection, running along the length of her arteries, veins and capillaries, her body traced with darkness.

"No… ! “Katrina quickly lifted her leg, straddling Gabriella's hips; cupping her face with both hands as Gabriella’s radiant green eyes went black.

"So good…" Gabriella hissed from the back of her throat. She reached out grabbing Katrina's hips holding her tight against her body.

"It… It…" She struggled, her mouth opened wide, her lips smiled and then her body collapsed, her eyes were swirling pools of black and greens then settled in a radiant green with a single black slit much like a cat eye. She slowly closed her eyes, breathing softly with a slight smile on her full lips. Katrina looked up, shaking her head with worry in her eyes.

The Captain and the young anti-skill member stood at the edge of the crater, watching the entire change.

"Here…" Katrina stood, still straddling Gabriella's sleeping body. "Be careful…" She tossed hypodermic into the air. The old Captain caught it with palms open, nodding, "We will get it analyzed but Academy city is not very helpful…" Katrina smiled, "don't worry… We have help…" She sighed looking down at Gabriella, then the ends of her lips curled, shaking her head. "Won't you be surprised when you wake up…?”

She stepped to the side of Gabriella then knelt down, slipping her arms underneath her body. Gabriella instinctively wrapped her arms around her neck, smiled as she sighed, nuzzling her chest.

"The others have given the antivirus to the two girls and then they are going hunting" the young anti-skill member nodded. Katrina quickly jerked her head, adjusting her grip then crouched, the ground exploding at her feet sending them high into the air and then she landed softly on the ground.

“Take her to the apartment…" She spoke to the driver of the black SUV as she placed Gabriella's body in the back. She narrowed her eyes, smiling her lips parting revealing the large canines behind her lips. She cocked her head, raised her hand and wiggled her fingers at the lone figure standing on a distant building, watching them.

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