railgun in the dark 3

Chapter 19

Mikoto walked up the stairs to the apartment, shaking her head, her eyes closed tightly, "really… I can't believe…"

Shirai walked behind her begging, "Please… You have to Sissy…" With each step she jingled.

"No…" Mikoto stopped, turned at the end of the steps, "I am not… Nothing's happened so until then…"

"It will be too late…" She quickly shook her head with the jingling noise becoming louder, "you have to take this…" She quickly reached out pulling the chain from around her neck, Mikoto grabbed her wrist, Then Shirai disappeared, reappearing behind her, "no!" Mikoto quickly grabbed the chain before slipped over her head.

"I mean it…" Her face tensed as their struggle ensued.

"Sissy…!" Her face grimaced as she put her knee in Mikoto’s back bending her backwards, "put it on please…"

They battled back and forth, Mikoto growling, Shirai groaning, gritting her teeth as she tried to get the chain around her neck, "that beautiful, slender neck with perfect blemish free skin, you have to protect it at your young age…" She continued struggling, "it must be moisturized, cleansed and bite free…" She started blushing, her eyes glazing over, "except for my teeth of course, not hers…" She giggled as she spoke through gritted teeth. "I… I… Am only trying to protect it from…"

"Hello…" Anastasia tilted her head, grinning. "So go on continue please…" She blinked her eyes watching amused, Shirai stood behind Mikoto, her fingers wrapped around the necklace, at the end of the silver chain was a large crucifix dangling freely in the air.

"Should I step back…" She tilted her head, noticing the long chain and the crucifix. Mikoto's lips tensed, her eyes narrowed as Anastasia slowly raised her arm towards Shirai.

Shirai's eyes went wide, her body stiffened then she grinned, "Go-ahead try…" Her lips turned to small smile still trying to get the cross around Mikoto’s throat.

"Did you get these five for one…?” Anastasia smirked as her finger touched the mound of bright shining silver crosses that clung around her chest. She must've had at least 20 crosses of variable sizes that bounced against each other as they struggle.

Anastasia cocked her head, opening her mouth and her lips spread, her fangs peeking out of her mouth, "oh no… It burns, it hurts, and it’s preventing me from biting Shirai’s neck… It… It…" She chuckled, the end of her lips curled, "it doesn't work…"

She dropped her hand down by her side, dropping her chin to her chest chuckling.

"Here…" She raised her other arm.

"What the…" Shirai stared, then quickly let go of the chain and lifted her skirt up.

"How did you…" She stared at her naked thighs where she kept her spikes.

"You… You… Violated my body…" She blinked rapidly, her eyes wide, "my creamy white blemish free thighs that only my Sissy may see… I… I…" She looked out at the long belt swinging from Anastasia's hand.

Mikoto closed her eyes and blew out a breath, "now you know how I feel…" She sighed slowly shaking her head.

"It doesn't work, none of that stuff works…" Anastasia sighed, still holding the belt out on the edge of her fingers, "there is less than 1% difference between us… Shirai…" She spoke handing the belt back, "I would put it back on for you but your underwear scares me…" She shook her head, trying to control the laughter that was stuck in her throat. "Is it leather or that fake leather attached to some fishing line or something…?” She closed her eyes as her body trembled.

Shirai snatched the belt, "it's none of your concern only Sissy…"

Mikoto's head popped up, her eyes went wide, "what, wait, no…" She quickly spoke looking at Anastasia, who looked at the both of them, "oh… A forbidden love perhaps…"

"No! No! No!" Mikoto quickly raised her arms, hands waving, sparks flying from her hair, "no…" She quickly pointed to Shirai, who was lifting her skirt, slipping her belt around her thigh.

"Don't listen to her…" Bluish white streaks of electricity snaked its way along the iron railing of the steps. Mikoto's face pleading with her hands clasped together, "believe me… Please…" She slowly narrowed her eyes, "this little perv…"

Anastasia was staring at Mikoto, her hand raised, fingers clenched and her index finger pointing to Shirai.

Mikoto turned to see her body shaking, illuminating in a bluish white light, "sssssissssyyyy..." She spoke through chattering teeth and trembling jaws. Mikoto’s’ eyes followed the long strings of bluish white strands of electricity from Shirai's hand back along the railing to her hip that was leaning against the rail.

"Hmmph...” She shrugged her shoulders, "serves her right…" She stopped and Shirai slumped to the floor.

Anastasia glanced over at Shirai's smoking body, twitching drooling dribbling down the side of her mouth.

"She's alive…" Anastasia twisted her lips, "but I think the crucifixes are pretty much useless…" She grinned as she watched the pile of metal slowly twisting and turning into a blob.

"Anyway…" Anastasia took a breath nodding as she's step forward, wrapping her arms around Mikoto. Shirai’s speedy recovery amazed both of them as she quickly stood up, breathing heavy, "Sissy…"

Anastasia hugged Mikoto, kissing her cheek and then giggled kissing her other cheek. Shirai collapsed against the railing, "she kissed you just like that…" Her heart pounded, her mouth watered as drool dribbled out the corner of her mouth to her chin.

Anastasia stood, her hand holding Mikoto's hands, stared at Shirai as she seemed to melt against the railing.

"It's a greeting…" Anastasia's eyes slowly narrowed then grinned, glancing at Mikoto who only shook her head.

"A real kiss… Not second hand kiss… My Sissy forcibly violated by the vampire’s lips." She whispered, shaking her head, raised her chin looking at the both of them with a perverted glare, "I must greet my Sissy too..."

She lunged towards Mikoto, her arms out, lips puckered as Anastasia's eyes went wide as she steps back. Mikoto narrowed her eyes, lips tensed, raised her arm into the air and lightning flowed from her fist, the smell of ozone filled the area as streaks of lightning filled the hallway.

Anastasia took a deep breath, shaking her head as she smiled watching the lightning flash from her raised fist and body.

"Quite Thor like…" She chuckled as her cheeks blushed admiring the display, "very…" She whispered. She quickly stepped in between them, her hand pressed against Mikoto’s’ chest and the other grabbing the mound of melting crosses on Shirai’s’ neck, laughing. Then she scrunched her eyes, Shirai’s eyes went wide, "what the!"

Anastasia tilted her head, pressing her hand against Mikoto’s chest.

"Huh!" Mikoto's eyes went wide looking at Anastasia's hand squeezed her breast. Anastasia reached up pressing against her own.

“Mikoto, have you gotten bigger…” she looked down at her chest.

"Really… You think so…" she grinned, reaching over cupping Anastasia's chest, "you really think so…"

"Aaaahhh...” Shirai screamed, her hands clutching her head, "why Sissy why…!" Her body trembled, "Sissy… I’m right here…" She narrowed her eyes, glaring at Anastasia feeling her Sissy's precious petite mounds of womanhood. Her heart pounding in her ears and a breath shortened.

"You are my competition…" She whispered. Anastasia nodded, grinning as she looked to Shirai from the corner of her eye. Then she sighed, "Enough…" She grinned and her fangs caught the light as she spoke, "you are just like me and my sisters… But right now I think your friends are here and…" She had a strange look on her face as she looked down the hall, "did the weather change…"

She shook her head, "by the gods…" She whispered as her cheeks burned and her jaws hurt from holding the laughter in.

"It is been a very long time…" She whispered, looking at the two standing in the doorway.

Mikoto turned looking over shoulder and her shoulders fell, "you guys…"

"Hello… I'm…" Anastasia stopped, cocked her head biting her lip. She really wanted to laugh but she held it in as she took a deep breath and then forced out her words.

"Are you two cold…?” She sighed; glancing at Mikoto, who closed her eyes shaking her head, as the end of her lips curled and ever so slightly smile.

"Hi…" Ruiko hesitated, her voice was a little shaky, "I am Ruiko Saten..."

She held her hand out, Anastasia gripped it softly, "are you cold… You’re shaking a little…"

"No…" Her voice was weak.

She was wearing a long winter's coat that hung down to her ankles, the thick fur collar wrapped around her neck.

Anastasia could see the beads of sweat pouring down her face.

"Would you like me to take your coats…?”

Mikoto was leaning to the side wide-eyed looking at Ruiko and uiharu, her mouth was open wide as Shirai was finally finishing putting the straps of spikes on her leg.

"Um…" Uiharu blinked, wiping the sweat from her forehead. She was wearing the same type of winter coat as she raised her arm, her fingers barely peeking out from the sleeves, "my name is uiharu… Nice to meet you…" She spoke with a weak shy voice, clutching a large laptop to her chest.

"Is that garlic…?” Anastasia grinned, sniffing the air as she looked at the both of them.

"Come inside…" She sighed, as she led the group inside the apartment.

"Would you like me to turn the AC on or would you like me to turn the heat up..." She asked, then clicked the lock on the door. The two girls jumped, eyes wide, hearts in their throats.

"Guys…" Mikoto closed her eyes, shaking her head, "you don't…"

"Kuroko told us to dress this way…" Ruiko, sweat pouring down her face, raised her arm, pointing at Shari. She waved her arm up and down, "damn sleeve…" She growled, "it's so long I can't… aaaahhh...”

"You should take it off," Anastasia quickly nodded, moved in front, and unzipped her coat, "if I wanted to… I could easily tear it off Ruiko, uiharu…" She sighed and then her sly smile drooped, "what the…"

Mikoto quickly looked over as Anastasia shoulders dropped and her eyes narrowed, "are those…" She raised her arm, her finger pointing inches away.

Ruiko skin was glistening with beads of sweat as strands of her black hair clung to her body; her shoulders drooped as the cool air rush across her skin.

"Yes…" She sighed softly, "It is…" She tensed her lips, her arms straight, hands balled into a fist. A little embarrassed.

"Ropes of garlic bulbs…" She nodded, closing her eyes, "two strands of garlic bulbs to be exact…" She sighed, her chin to her chest glancing up at Anastasia, "sorry…" She whispered.

"No, no… Don't be…" She took a quick breath, leaning back, "Shirai … Even this garlic would repel you…"

Anastasia pulled her lower lip into her mouth, nodding her head.

"Yes… Yes it would…" Mikoto quickly nodded her head glancing at Ruiko and then glared at Shirai from the corner of her eye.

"See…" She quickly spoke, "I told you it would work…"

"Well… That's not why…" Anastasia quickly responded, "I… I mean… You stink…" She giggled. She looked at Mikoto; she nodded, "yes…" She raised her eyes up looking at Ruiko. She turned her head and blushed.

"Thanks guys…" Ruiko shrugged her shoulders as a sense of relief came across her face, "it does stink…"

She reached underneath the garlic removing it from her neck. "I'm so sweaty… It's in the high 80s outside…" She knelt down taking some napkins off the table drying her neck.

"Something to drink…"

Ruiko nodded as she smiled, wiping her neck dry. Uiharu stood next to her covered head to toe with her winter coat, the computer clutched tight, "um…" She looked nervously around the room, with a worried look in her eyes.

"Do you have garlic also... Or crucifixes or…"

Uiharu shook her head no, kneeling down she placed the computer on the table.

"It's okay…" Mikoto wore a sly grin on her face as she slowly nodded her head. She watched as uiharu removed her coat and everybody stared wide-eyed mouth gaped, "how did you…"

Anastasia had gone to the kitchen and got a few drinks from the refrigerator. She brought Ruiko a cold drink, set the rest on the table, and then stood still, staring at uiharu. She looked at Mikoto, Ruiko, and Shirai, "Oh my…are you into that…"

"What…" Uiharu's eyes went wide, then catching her meaning, "No… No!! …" She quickly shook her head, her hands covering her mouth . "I went to a specialty store…" Then she dropped her chin, looking at the ground.

Anastasia reached up putting her hand on Mikoto shoulders and sliding it to her back, as she covered her mouth with her other hand, her eyes looking at Uiharu’s neck and the metal collar that wrapped around it.

"After seeing Shirai's underwear… I would think that she…"

"What… There's nothing wrong with my underwear…" She narrowed her eyes, catching a glimpse of Anastasia's hand rubbing Mikoto’s back, "just because I am not conservative like my Sissy… even childish… Mine is more mature and sophisticated…" She narrowed her eyes as she leaned back watching as Anastasia’s hand stroked her Sissy's back.

"It's a string…" Anastasia chuckled, "my sister doesn't even wear that type of underwear... thank the gods…" She rolled her eyes as she tilted her head looking at Shirai watching her rub her Sissy's back.

"I went to a metal workshop…" Uiharu whispered, looking away.

"Oh!" They exclaimed, "Okay… That's better… Whew…" Mikoto, Ruiko and Anastasia sighed in relief. Shirai’s eyes slowly following Anastasia's hand.

Uiharu had a steel ring around her neck that covered her entire length of her throat, at the back were hinges that allowed it to open, the front at a large padlock holding it closed.

"You can take that off…" Anastasia nodded, "see…" She pointed to a large glass filled with the dark red liquid.

"I can't…"

"Sure you can…" Mikoto spoke as she reached out placing her hand on her shoulder.

"No… I can't…"

"Why…" Mikoto tilted her head, her eyes went soft, "its okay she hasn’t bitten me yet..."

"Yet…" Shirai screamed.

"I lost the key…" She spoke, sighed, lowering her chin, her eyes were glistening, "I can't take it off…" She tensed her lips, holding back the tears. Anastasia sighed, "Don’t worry…" She smiled softly, "I can help you…"

"How…" She looked up at Anastasia with worry filled eyes.

"Like this…" She reached up, wrapping her fingers around the lock, then snapped it into pieces, and then the hinges squeaked as Anastasia slowly opened the metal collar. Uiharu smiled in relief, feeling the weight of the collar off her shoulders.

"This is an original…" Anastasia chuckled, looking at the steel collar as Ruiko wiped the sweat from Uiharu’s neck.

"Let's go over the information from last night that we have gathered and come up with a plan…" Shirai watched as Anastasia patted Mikoto’s back. Mikoto looked at Anastasia smiling her cheeks red as she laughed.

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