railgun in the dark 3

Chapter 2

The next day the news traveled fast as gossip fills the ears of every Academy city student. It was the fourth attack in two weeks. All the victims were girls between the ages of 13 and 16, all having ranked above level III.

"I told you…" Ruiko quickly leaned across the table as they sat underneath some shade trees. Her eyes shining as her head quickly nodded as she pushed the laptop across the table for them to see.

"Urban legends site…" She chuckled, as she tapped her finger on the laptop screen, "vampires among us…"

Her eyes peered over the top of the laptop and pointed to the site's name.

"There…" She raised her head exposing her smile, "I told you…"

Mikoto stared intently at the screen, "why… Haven't we heard anything until…?” She reached over blindly scooping a spoonful of strawberry ice and brought it to her mouth.

"That's because…" She tilted her head as she smiled carrying a green colored shaved ice. Shirai was not smiling because she knew something about the attack. She was smiling remembering a certain incident that occurred when Ruiko and Mikoto shared a spoonful of their shaved ice. She giggled as her cheeks burned.

"Here's Sissy… Try this…" Her hands shook as she scooped the ball, "watermelon and Kiwi…. hehehe...”

"That's okay…" She ran her shaved ice across her tongue as she stared at the screen, scrolling down the list of urban legends.

"Huh… But…" She stared bewildered as her Sissy ignored her.

"Uiharu had some… So…"

"What…U... I... H... A.. R.. U…" She narrowed her eyes looking at uiharu as she sat next to Mikoto.

"Misaki… Wanted to try it… So…" She nervously nodded as she smiled, "look at this one…" she pointed to a listing.

"The girl that attracts vampires…"

Mikoto didn't answer just nodded her head. She figured after the sisters’ project and her run-ins with Toma. She remembered the posting, "the boy who could nullify powers…" She began to check their urban legends for peculiar incidents.

She sighed, taking another scoop of shaved ice, "so why didn’t we hear about it…" She asked again.

"It seems… Anti-skill didn't arrive in time… a few older students heard the screams and ran down the alley. They found them lying on the ground, shaking their hands covering the bite wounds on their necks…" She paused puckering her lips, her eyes reflecting her missed opportunity to get a secondhand kiss from her Sissy.

"All they could say was that it was wearing a long cloak, red glowing eyes, and white fangs. Shirai chuckled as she held her hands out doing her best to imitate a scary vampire gnashing her teeth together.

Uiharu and Ruiko shook as she described the witness recollections as Mikoto listens, scanning the website.

"Uiharu… Could you…"

"Huh…" She quickly turned her head her eyes wide as she was caught off guard as she was enveloped by the story.

"Yy yes…" She stuttered, "I could… Hack into it… The cameras and see what I can find…" The fear left her eyes as something familiar to her came back into her life. She narrowed them smirking as her fingers dance across the keyboard.

Mikoto stood up and straightened her skirt, "I think I need to use the…" She chuckled as she walked backwards, turned then, "oooofff...splash...” the sound of a paper cup hit the ground.

"Oh I’m sorry…" Mikoto quickly spoke as she knelt down to help a young girl that she had knocked over to the pavement. The thick red liquid and ice splattered along the ground, soaking the girls black knee-high socks and black mountain boots.

"I'm sorry…"

Mikoto quickly grabbed up her purse, "oh my… Gekota…" She stared her eyes wide as her hands shook, "this is an ultra-rare gekota purse, only sold outside of Japan…" She squealed like a little girl as she held high above her staring at it.

"I'm sorry…" Ruiko chuckled as she moved towards the little girl, "she gets excited easily…"


"I'm fine…" She spoke in a timid whisper of a voice as she dusted her dress. She was wearing a long black Gothic style dress that hung to her knees. She smiled and her green eyes glowed, her long blonde hair, the sun’s rays danced off it as it shined, swaying in the breeze as she straightened her clothing.

"That looks bad…" Mikoto knelt in front of the little girl, with a hurt expression on her face as she looked at her skinned knee. The blood reflecting the light as it dripped down her shin. She quickly walked over to the table, grabbing some napkins to dry the wound.

"Please… Let me…" The young girl implored as her eyes seem to beg as she held out her hand.

"Okay…" She handed the napkins to the young girl.

"It will heal quickly…" She watched as she dabbed the scrape, then dry the drip.

"Let me get you another…"

"No thank you…" She smiled tilting her head like a curious kitten. “it was almost done…”

"So cute…" Ruiko giggled, "I could just hug you…"

"Thank you…" She smiled becoming even cuter as Ruiko nodded as she looked at the young girl.

"So… I'm Ruiko…" She put her hand on Mikoto shoulder, "the bulldozer here is misaki…"

"What…!" Mikoto quickly stood up as a young girl chuckled and her cheeks turned bright red.

"Well… I'm not… I just… You know…" Mikoto blushed as she glanced over to Ruiko and then to the young girl. Her hands gripping the purse.

"That's Shiria..." She was looking over uiharu shoulder, "and that one's… Uiharu…"

The young girl smiled, bringing her hand up to her mouth, clearing her throat. She closed her eyes and then slowly opened them.

"My name is Anastasia von Alucard..." She quickly snapped her chin with a certain pride in her name.

"So royal like…" Ruiko's eyes glistened as she brought her hands up to her chest.

"Thank you…" She quickly nodded getting cuter.

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