railgun in the dark 3

Chapter 20

Nan Sakazaki was a man on a mission. He walked down the dimly lit corridor, passing numerous doors. He had a slight smile on his face. After his arrest in the Ronin project and eventual dismissal from his employer.He was approached by another pharmaceutical group that operated in the dark. His willingness to go beyond the extra mile made him highly regarded. The fact he had killed a certain assistant to move the project to the next level only endeared him to the less than reputable company. He received more money and more authority, he was considered rogue now. A term he relished. His gray eyes framed by his dark rimmed glasses, his white hair slightly balding. He wasn't dressed like a normal researcher. He wore a nice conservative business suit. His eyes focused on the elevator down the hallway. The room he was heading to was located 10 floors below the surface. He was familiar with this room. It was the room that the Ronin Project had been conducted. He smiled when the elevator door opened, sighing he inserted a special key into the panel, turning it to the right, a new set of illuminated numbers appeared, S1 through S 11 were lit, S 12 through S 30 darkened. He stood alone with his hands behind him, rocking back and forth, humming a tune.

He watched as the numbers dinged as he passed each floor. The elevator stopped, a moment passed than the doors opened to another hallway. He smiled then sighed, stepping out of the elevator, chuckling to himself.

Klause was standing in front of a large screen 100 inch monitor running data, three equally size screens attached to the walls, filled with results, and they were the only lights in the room. The greenish glow reflecting off his narrowed eyes, as he watched the video of the attack.

“She would’ve been a good replacement…” He leaned closer to the monitor. “The little air manipulator…”

He cracked his neck, rubbing his shoulder. He watched the video of an explosion that blew him across the open field, leaving a thirty foot crater in the ground. “I didn’t expect that type of power from someone like her…” he whispered, recognizing the girls that appeared after the explosion.

“Anastasia, Katrina and…” he slowly shook his head, looking down at an open file, pictures spread evenly across the table. “ Kuroko Shirai level Four and Mikoto Misaki level five. Teleporter and an electro master…” he raised his hand to his bruised chin, nodding.

There was a knock at the door, the doorknob slowly turned, "screen off…" he spoke quickly turning to see who was coming into the room.

"Director Sakazaki..." He spoke with certain arrogance in his tone. The director smiled walking across the floor.

“Klaus…" the director closed his eyes, waving his hand. He stopped, standing next to him eyeing the results.

"Impressive… “He spoke his eyes taking in all the data, "so… How is the project...?” He nodded smiling his eyes seem to glow.

"Very well…” Klaus spoke as he glared at the director. He was unsure why he had come all the way down here to see him.

The director smiled as he started to hum. He walked behind the computer terminal and stood next to a large window looking into the next room.

“You know, this room holds a lot of memories…” he looked around. “ so many good memories. I made my name in this room.” he chuckled. “ so much potential but it slipped through my fingers…thank god..” he looked over his shoulder, “ I was able to go the extra mile to make it happen..” he shrugged, “ didn’t get the results I wanted but….what’s a little spilt blood..” He referred to his willingness to shoot and kill two researchers. One survived thanks to the new organic micro machines that were being developed.

Klaus stared at him; his eyes were lifeless. The director felt a chill run down his spine.

“Anyway…how is Edward doing…?”

The director listened to Klaus’s heavy footsteps echo as he walked across the room, standing next to him.

“He won’t last much longer...” he took a deep breath, “that girl did a lot of damage…”

“Hmmm…” the director nodded, bringing his hand up adjusting his glasses. “ you should leave air manipulator alone.”

Klaus narrowed his eyes, looking down at the director.


“Just don’t…” the director interrupted, his voice sounded like an order, “that is from far above my pay grade. Something to do with the night of miracles I’m told...” he let out a quick breath, he stared into the next room.

"It is still very impressive…" He exhaled, "perhaps a different subject…" He bit his lip thinking to himself, "maybe military…"

Klaus shook his head then raised his arm, pointing towards another window in the next room. He smiled, "got one already…"

A young woman was lying on a stainless steel examining table. She was unconscious and naked, her arms and legs were strapped down...

“Who….” The director leaned to his left to see.

“ a new researcher…” he jerked his chin to the other window..” Lara something…”

"It is a shame though when it is done…" The director looked at him, “use what is left of his body to further your research" Klaus slowly nodded watching Edward walking across the room.

"His death should help…" He shrugged his shoulders, "oh well…"

"The military is in love with the idea…" His eyes shined looking at the data flashed across the screen, "and those who can afford not to die…" he chuckled.

"Billions… Everybody wants to live forever…"

Director Sakazaki grinned, tilting his head. The image of Edward’s emaciated body reflecting in his glasses.

He blew out a quick breath, “exciting…” he nodded, patting Klaus on the shoulder then turned to leave. Klaus stood still, listening to the director’s footsteps then the door clicked as it opened, slowly closing behind the director.

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