railgun in the dark 3

Chapter 21

Edward stood in the corner, crouching, a long white lab coat covering his body. He was taking deep slow breaths as he stared down at his hands cupped, clear liquid filling his palms.

"Why…" He whispered as tears rolled from his eyes down to the tip of his nose, clinging then falling into his hands.

His eyes focused on the tear as it struck the liquid and resonated outward. His reflection barely visible but Edward knew he was barely human. He had caught a glimpse of himself walking down the hallway.

He was emaciated. His skin was a translucent white and the black and blues of his veins are visible running the length of his toes to his arms to his head, like vines climbing along the trellis. He could even see the faint shadow of his heart beating in his chest.

He knew something was wrong, when the last girls’ attacks caused considerable damage. The left side of his face was swollen, dark blues and black scarred his white skin.

Klaus had given him another dose to help with the healing, but something didn't feel right this time. His hunger was more intense, the need for violence becoming easier. He felt the change as his humanity faded, only two desires remained, feed and fight.

He closed his eyes, listening to them talking in the other room, Klaus, and director Salazaki. His breathing rattled deep in his throat as his shoulders fell, "replaceable…" He heard the word. He slowly raised his head, turning to look at the window on the other wall.

"Another experiment, another victim, and another like him…" He thought to himself listening to the conversation as he slowly stood up letting the lab coat fall to the ground by his feet as he slowly walked over to the window. He glanced at the director and Klaus, his eyes nearly wild with pools of brown humanity floating, waiting to drown. He listened as the director and Klaus stopped talking, watching him. He knew the girl but couldn't remember her name. Images of her laughing, smiling, and talking to him as they ate lunch. The image of a theater, a group of people, she yelled at him "hurry…" She laughed. His thin lips curled into a smile as his eyes glistened, nodding he remembered. She had befriended him. She had recently been hired and unexpectedly she sat across from him to eat her lunch and introduced herself.

"Lara…" He spoke in a deep raspy voice that sounded like his mouth was full of gravel, his tone thick and heavy, "Lara Mathias…"

He places hand on the glass, he narrowed his eyes as he looked at his reflection and its ugliness. His hand was small with elongated fingers with dirty, black nails. He took another deep heavy breath, his eyes watered, looking at the young woman lying naked on the examining table.

"She is so beautiful…" He leaned his head forward onto the glass, crying.

He remembered wanting to impress her, so he joined Klaus’s research not realizing that he was the subject. It was to increase human life expectancy. The doctor grinned, "I am 95 years old…" He nodded, "and I looked and I feel like I'm in my 40s…" He laughed, showing Edward his birth certificate and family photos.

Edward wanted strength and confidence to impress Lara. When he informed her of his acceptance she seemed upset and told him so. She didn't trust Klaus or that voodoo research. She told him she was already impressed with him, by his kindness and his friendship. She even kissed him. Edward's white translucent skin turned a slight shade of rose remembering the kiss.

He reached up covering his mouth as he leaned back, his eyes focusing on his image in the glass. He tasted blood in his mouth and slowly removed his hand, looking down at his palm, cupped, a couple of molars sitting in a small pool of blood, red and black ooze reflecting the light. The scent was putrid and vile; his eyes widened in shock then looked up at his image in the glass.

The doctor’s voice telling the director, "his metabolism is exceedingly high so he has no body fat and his body is mutating…"

He stepped back gazing at his body and then raised his arms, long thin muscular translucent skin stretched to the point of tearing, no fat anywhere on his body. He slowly opened his mouth, his gums black and pink bleeding, two large fangs like scythes hanging from his upper jaw, his molars gone. Two smaller fangs peeking out from the soft black lower gum. His tongue slipped out over his lower lip, a long narrow tear went the length of his mouth splitting his tongue in two at the end of it, too small holes. He narrowed his eyes, the tubes that formed on the end of his tongue were spaced out the same with of his fangs.

"No…" He held his breath speaking in a raspy voice, "feeding tubes…"

The room echoed as he slammed his palm against the glass.

"Not her… Not her…" He felt the rage building in his belly, "liar… Liar… Not her…" He felt the urge to possess her as he stared, "mine… Mine…" His humanity slowly faded becoming animalistic, "mine… Mine…" Echoed in his sanity.

Then he heard her groan.

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