railgun in the dark 3

Chapter 22

Uiharu sat in front of the computer, the image of Academy city downloading becoming visible. Across the table maps were scattered with large red X's marked on the paper of all the attacks, on the table behind them trays of snacks.

"Figures…" Mikoto shook her head, "it would be there…"

When they connected lines to all the attacks it intersected at the desolate field with dilapidated buildings that Ronan and Ami had battled, were Mikoto and Shirai first witnessed Anastasia and the other vampire battle.

"Far from everyone…" They nodded looking around the table.

"This is really good…" Shirai spoke stuffing another creampuff into her mouth, "your sister really can…"

"I made those…" Anastasia nodded, proudly.

"Huh!" Shirai's mouth dropped open, "no… This taste just like when…"

"She taught me…" She quickly nodded her head, "a good woman needs to know how to cook… To trap I mean…" She grinned, "To help get a man… Or…"

"Please…" Shirai raised her chin, shaking her head as she closed her eyes, "my Sissy… Doesn't need to cook. She's already got me…"

Mikoto sighed, lowering her chin as Ruiko tightened her lips, trying not to laugh as she watched the both of them competing for Mikoto. Uiharu watched the computer, blushing.

"You cannot eat out all the time… Romantic dinners by candlelight…" Anastasia reached out, patting Mikoto’s hand, "a nice homemade picnic for long walks by the river…"

Shirai watched as Mikoto slowly shook her head, smiling.

"Sissy…" She spoke with a soft voice, leaning forward, "you…"

"I think this building here, we should focus on…" Mikoto nodded her head as she stared at the map reached over and tapped the spot.

"Mikoto…" Ruiko spoke trying not to laugh, realizing that she was not listening at all.

"What about eating…"

"Oh… I'm fine… The snacks are great…"

Shirai's shoulders fell as Anastasia's lips curled, tilting her head.

"Sissy…" She quickly took Mikoto’s hand to her chest, "Sissy… This heart only beats for you…"

"Huh…" Mikoto quickly turned looking at her, her hand on Shirai's chest then looked up to her eyes, "what are you talking about…"

Ruiko chuckled, "that's our Mikoto…"

They laughed as Shirai held onto her hand.

"Let go!" Mikoto tugged, "Kuroko… You perv… Let go or…"

"Wait, wait…" Anastasia yelled as they all moved away from the table.

"My computer…" Uiharu quickly reached out pulling it to her chest, scooting backwards. The room started to sizzle and a small spark leapt from her bangs.

"Good morning… Or…" Katrina chuckled, coming out from the bedroom, "afternoon…" She eyed the clock.

Mikoto snatched her hand off Shirai's chest.

"Everything…" Anastasia spoke as they all looked at the kitchen.

"Fine…" Katrina spoke then sighed.

"What are those…?” Ruiko's eyes stared, twisting her body looking over her shoulder, "are those runes…"

Katrina smiled as she opened the refrigerator doorm grabbing a gallon of milk, opening the top and started guzzling it down. She had strips of cloth wrapped tightly around her ample breasts and around her hips and thighs, covered with runic symbols.

They blushed seeing a very grown-up figure of Anastasia's sister as she stood with her chin raised finishing the gallon of milk.

"Put some clothes on…" Shirai yelled, pointing her finger towards Katrina, "There are guests in the apartment…"

"Ssshh...” Anastasia shook her head, "this is nothing…"

"Jealous…" Katrina grinned and placed the empty jug on the counter. She nodded as she straightened her back, taking a deep breath, "getting bigger…" She chuckled.

"Katrina…" Anastasia closed her eyes letting out a soft growl, "you should…"

"Just because you have dropped a notch with Gabriella in the bedroom...”

"What!" Shirai screamed and then smiled, slowly narrowing her eyes, "Sissy did you hear that…" She let out a soft sigh.

"It's not like that…" Anastasia sighed, reached over and patted Mikoto’s leg. Anastasia smiled, shaking her head and then looked at her sister, "or is it… And what do you mean…"

Katrina cocked her head, jerking her chin towards Mikoto, "she might be bigger…"

"Who me…" Mikoto quickly smiled, "you think so…" She looked down at her chest, taking a deep breath; she grabbed the edge of her shirt pulling it tight.

"Maybe we should remove your shirt…" Anastasia nodded, "and measure…"

Uiharu, Ruiko stared expressionless, "um…" They nervously looked at Mikoto.

"I'm out of this conversation…" Uiharu puckered her lips, blushing, slowly closing her eyes.

Mikoto was eyeing her shirt, "well… I guess we…"

"Want me to help…" Anastasia tilted her head, her eyes were soft, and she had a slight smile on her lips. Mikoto grinned, "That look will not work… I am telling you…"

"Are you sure…" She let out a soft cute sigh, tilting her head a little more.

Mikoto's eyes narrowed and her lips tensed, "what the…" She turned looking over at Shirai.

"Kuroko… What are you doing…?”

Shirai's eyes were wide, mouth opened as she inhaled short rapid breathes, her pulse quickening as her skin became warm and flushed. Her voice strained to speak at the thought of her Sissy removing her clothing so casually and her petite supple breast being handled by someone other than her. She held her arms out, her hands straining, "must defend Sissy… Must…" She struggled slowly bringing her hands down to the hem of her skirt.

"Looking for these…" Anastasia grinned, holding the belt that used to be wrapped around her thighs lined with the spikes.

"And please do something about your underwear…"

Shirai's shoulders and chest rose quickly, her cheeks were a dark shade of red as she hyperventilated.

"Kuroko…" Ruiko quickly stood up, "slow down… Get a bag…"

"Kuroko…" Mikoto narrowed her eyes, "what perversions were you thinking…" She slowly reached out with hand in a fist and her index fingers pointing out, a small spark lept into the air.

Ruiko jumped across the table with a small bag, putting it around her lips. The bag quickly inflated and deflated as she slowly calm down.

"What's going on…?” Gabriella walked out of the bedroom, finishing wrapping strips of white cloth with runic symbols around her breasts.

"Forbidden love…" Katrina nodded.

"Really…" Gabriella grinned, stuffing the end of the strips between her breasts, raising her chin looking at the girls, "so young too…" She paused, looking at Katrina, "do I really need to wear these…"

She nodded, "until we know why…"

"Why.. what…" Ruiko spoke, she was standing next to Shirai. who was now breathing normally, or as close to normal as she could get.

"The way she healed and the way her body reacted…" Katrina paused, "her wounds stitched themselves together… Not like normal, fibers reaching towards each other and then it sealed the wound…"

"What !?" Ruiko, uiharu and Mikoto looked up, then to each other.

"Do you guys know something…?” Gabriella raised her chin, looking worried.

Ruiko cleared her throat, hesitated, a little nervous, "were you at a certain hospital a little while ago when the…"

"Night of miracles…" She smiled, nodding her head. "Second and third degree burns…" She continued, "I lost control of my power and it backfired burning me over 80% of my body… I was on life-support, I remember a young man coming into my room and injecting me and then in less than a week…" She laughed, holding her arms out.

The girls chuckled, looking at each other, then told the story about Ronan and the organic micro machines. Ruiko cried a little and Mikoto hugged her, so did uiharu. Shirai stood next to them, her body to warm from overstimulation.

"So that explains it…" Katrina took a breath, "I had cuts on my hands and fingers, when I touched her wounds… Organic micro machines…" She chuckled "how ghost in the Shell…" She spoke as they finish dressing into their school uniforms.

"Katrina…" Anastasia spoke, giving her a serious look. She nodded, "I will get it today…"

"Um… What about those runes..." Ruiko still looking at Katrina, as she sat down on the floor next to uiharu.

Katrina chuckled, "that is another story…" She smiled as she and Gabriella walked to the door to leave the apartment.

"How about dessert…you promised…" Gabriella smiled as Katrina opened the door, Gabriella walked into the hall.

"Why not…" Katrina smiled as the door slowly closed.

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