railgun in the dark 3

Chapter 23

Director Sakazaki moved quickly down the hall. He wasn’t in a hurry, it was just the way he was. He walked, talked, ate as if he didn’t have a care in the world. The perfect match to his business savvy. Not a care in the world, then it came crashing down. That familiar feeling as a loud noise filled the hallway and his ears. He turned, his hand reaching into his pocket for the 38 caliber revolver. His eyes flashed with the memory of seeing the Ronin project failing.

“No…” he caught his breath, seeing the door to the lab bouncing off the wall and settling on the floor. Klaus’s body came flying out, slamming against the wall. He heard the sicken thud and the cracking of Klaus’s ribs as he slumped to the floor.

Director Sakazaki heart dropped in his chest, as Edward followed him out. The hallway resonated with a fierce growl that filled his entire body. He took a quick breath, no longer recognizing Edward as he stood slightly hunched over with narrowed black eyes. The Director slowly raised his arm, the revolver gripped tightly, his finger slowly squeezing the trigger.

“No!!!” he heard Klaus’s painful voice, “he has the girl…”

Director Sakazaki hesitated, twisting his lips then slowly released the trigger as Edward turned running the opposite direction down the hallway.

Klaus slowly stood up, twisting and stretching checking himself for injury.

Director Sakazaki grinned as he watched. “Are you ok…”

“Yes…” Klaus spoke, turned and chased after Edward.

The director reached into his pocket, pulling out his cellphone, “security…we have an issue.” he nodded watching Klaus disappear around a corner.

“Confine and Eliminate…” he licked his lips, “Confiscate all data and take the corpses down to the new lab for examination.” He nodded as he listens to the person on the other end. “Yes, kill both of them…”

He grinned as he hung up the phone, slipping it back into his pocket. He turned to face the elevator, pressing the button. He took a deep breath, the ends of his lips curled as he watched the numbers counting down and started to hum.

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