railgun in the dark 3

Chapter 24

following three chapters occur simultaneously

A large moon shined brightly along the unkept grounds. Anastasia, Katrina, and Ruiko stood watching the desolate field for signs of life, standing in the shadows of a dilapidated building in the throes of death

Anastasia and Katrina were dress alike, their hair pulled back into pony tails wrapped tightly with black ribbons. They are both wearing long black coats that hung to their ankles, the tips of thick black mountain boots peeking out. They both looked at Ruiko as she smiled, twisting her body examining the same tight fitting black uniform with light armor across her chest and belly, thighs and shins.

“Wow...” her cheeks blushed running her finger across the dull black arm guard that overlapped the top of her hand. She scuffed the heavy black boots along the soft dirt. She caught them looking, quickly smiled.

“Sorry about not having another long coat…” Anastasia spoke, feeling a slight chill in the air.

“It’s okay…” Ruiko nodded as she raised her hand pushing strands of her long black hair behind her ear, and then adjusted a small five petal flower nestled in her hair. She tightened her grip on her long silver bat hung towards the ground, shining in the moonlight.

“They've started…" Ruiko nodded, her finger pressing against her ear listening to a small receiver.

"Mikoto is in the north, Kuroko is east, and Gabriella is in the South. Uiharu, can you see us…"

Uiharu was sitting in the warmth of the judgment office, a glass of milk in her hands and two large computer screens displaying real-time video of the area.

"I can see them… Nothing so far…" She spoke as her eyes reflected the computer screen, taking another drink of milk.

They decided to force the vampire out of the alleys and drive him towards the open field. In addition, they figured they would kick out any thrill seekers hoping to see a real vampire.

Bright flashes of light rose above the buildings in the distant north, powerful gusts of wind rushed along the canyons of brick and stone from the south flowing out into the open field.

"Nothing…" Mikoto sighed, "What’s going on…"

"Nothing here…" Shirai appeared and then disappeared along her route.

“Same…” Gabrielle gave a one word answer.

Ruiko nodded, as Anastasia and Katrina scanned the grounds.

Then they heard a loud noise across the field from the direction of a small building. The door flew off its hinges crashing along the ground, shattering.

"What the!" Ruiko spoke, turning her attention to the sound. She gripped the handle of her bat. Katrina grinned, eyeing Ruiko.

"What is it…?” Their voices came across her receiver.

"It's him…" Anastasia narrowed her eyes, watching what remained of his human figure standing in the darkened doorway.

His eyes were black, shining like polished coal, his pale white skin glowed in the moonlight, ribbons of black, and blues stretched across his body as his growl filled the night air.

"He has got someone…" Anastasia shook her head, "this could be trouble…"

She looked at her sister, Katrina, standing like a statue her eyes focused on him.

He took off running towards the opposite end of the field, his long arm wrapped around the girl hanging over his shoulder, the other moving with his legs, propelling him forward.

"He has devolved…" Katrina nodded, watching him moving like a primate quickly across the field.

"Why does he have the girl…?” Ruiko's eyes filled with worry. Mikoto's voice could be heard over the receiver.

"Mating…" Anastasia closed her eyes as she spoke. "He still thinks he can…"

"Still…" Ruiko spoke as her eyes followed him.

"He is a drone…" She sighed then spoke, “he no longer has the ability …so he’ll eventually feed on her…”

Ruiko's eyes widened as she looked at Anastasia, "but…"

"He's barely human…"

"Can you… Help him…"

Anastasia shook her head, looking up at her sister.

"Katrina… Are you ready…?”

She nodded, reaching into her pocket, taking out a small vile of crimson, "tell Gabriella to start…"

Ruiko nodded as she eyed the vile, "Gabriella…" she spoke into her headset.

Katrina held the vile up at eye level, the moonlight glinting off the glass. She glanced at Ruiko as she stared

"Blood of my sister… Aisa…" She grinned, "It will attract and kill a vampire…"

Ruiko narrowed her eyes, remembering something on the urban legends website.

"The girl whose blood attracts and kills vampires…" She whispered, "But…" She looked at Anastasia.

"I should be fine…" Anastasia smiled, glancing at Ruiko, "thank you for worrying…"

"Um…" Ruiko turned her head away, blushing.

"Seal it…" Anastasia spoke.

Katrina reached into her long black coat, pulling out a strip of paper the size of an envelope. It was decorated with runic symbols. Ruiko cocked her head, looking at symbols.

Katrina raised her arm flicked her wrist.

"Seal…" She spoke.

The paper floated through the air then settled between two other strips lying along the ground. They lit up one by one, like lights on a runway, extending around the open field, the light reaching high into the sky then curved into a dome shape. Ruiko watched as the strips completed the circle behind them, the others in front of them still catching the moonlight.

"Done…" Katrina grinned as she nodded.

"Now…" Anastasia chuckled, as she narrowed her eyes, watching as he ran towards the other side slammed into an invisible wall.

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