railgun in the dark 3

Chapter 25

Edward staggered backwards, dazed, dropping Lara's body to the ground. He shook his head like a wild animal, his eyes creased glowing brighter. Then charged again, throwing himself against the barrier.

"Now… Katrina…" Anastasia spoke with her eyes glued on him.

"Right…" The ground exploded at her feet as she rushed towards the center of the circle.

"She's fast…" Ruiko spoke, nervously pulling her lip into her mouth.

"She's different…" Anastasia's lips curled into a small smile.

Katrina stopped, watching as he continued throwing his body against the invisible wall, the force causing bluish white streaks of electricity to snake high along the dome.

She held the vile in front of her twisting the black cap, slowly waving it in the air.

"Breathe deep…" She whispered, slowly kneeling, she poured the red liquid onto a small plate. The wind started to pick up strength blowing towards Edward.

"Very good Gabriella…" She licked her lips curling into a cruel smile then return to Anastasia side.

"Done…" She grinned as she nodded her head.

Edward stopped, quickly sniffing the air. He slowly stepped back from the invisible wall, lowering himself to the ground sniffing, then inhaling deep as his chest expanded taking in the air around him. He turned, dropped on all fours like an animal, growling crawled to Lara's side. He straddled her naked body as his tongue dragged across her skin, slithering up her legs to her thighs, and then up her belly, across her breasts, neck along her face and the top of her head. Then he raised his chin into the air, taking a deep breath, saliva pooling in his mouth, dripping out the corners of his thin lips, his fangs bathed in it. Then his eyes caught the glint of moonlight as it reflected off the dark liquid.

The scent was filling his nostrils, dancing across his tongue. It reminded him of freshly cooked bread, the warmth of his mother's embrace, the smell of spring, the taste of Lara's lips when they kissed then his thoughts changed. His desires darkened, It smelled of blood, fear and the decay of death, irresistible. He grinned, his fangs shining in his black mouth, his heart racing in his chest, pushing his blood through his vein as he rushed towards the liquid ambrosia, chuckling wildly.

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