railgun in the dark 3

Chapter 26

Mikoto took a deep breath, releasing it as she stepped into the alley. She walked slowly into the darkness, her eyes becoming accustomed to the twilight then it became pitch black.

"Well…" She hesitated slowly shaking her head, "looks like a good spot to start…"

Electricity flew from her body, striking the walls, jumping along the metal fire escapes bouncing off trash cans. The black of the night gave way to a bright bluish twilight as she walked along the concrete path. The electricity snaking along the brick walls leaving scorch marks.

They each took different locations moving towards the open field, hoping to herd the vampire. They would provide support, Anastasia would finish the job.

It made sense to Mikoto and the rest but it didn't mean she liked it. She could barely track them the last time, her electricity striking late as they bounced from spot to spot fighting. She realized, since the Febri incident, that she could ask for help and sometimes it meant supporting those around her, letting someone else take the lead.

Katrina would create a magical barrier using scripts, small envelope size pieces of paper with runes lining the edges, much to the surprise of the girls. She gave them a sample by creating a small barrier to stop Shirai from molesting Mikoto for the afternoon.

Shirai's body twitched, trembled, and shook from withdrawal unable to touch her Sissy's soft delicate white skin. She drooled and her eyes stared hungrily as she tried to force her way through the barrier.

Of course, it didn't help that Anastasia was sitting with her arm around Mikoto’s waist, leaning her head on her shoulder. She would often leaned behind Mikoto’s back puckering her lips in a kissing motion, sticking her tongue out at Shirai, which only drove her through the roof.

Katrina even gave Ruiko a script. She stood behind Ruiko, their cheeks touching, her left hand resting on her hip as she held Ruiko’s right hand pointing towards a can sitting on the table.

"Now…" She whispered softly into ruiko's ear, she nodded as she narrowed her right eye, her cheeks blushing, "bang…" Ruiko spoke then the can flew backwards off the table, hitting the wall, tumbling into the trash can.

Mikoto chuckled, remembering Ruiko screaming in delight, hopping up and down, hugging Katrina.

As the electricity danced around her, she reached underneath her skirt, into her pocket pulling out the script that would allow entry through the barrier.

"What did she call this magic…?” Mikoto whispered then her eyes went wide. Ruiko's voice came over her headset.

"He's here…" Ruiko quickly spoke, "he's got a girl…"


Mikoto took off running, her electricity pulling her forward, snaking across the brick walls.

"Uiharu…" She spoke, running down the narrow alley, "which way…"

Uiharu was sitting in the judgment office watching through a "borrowed" link to the satellite surveillance system high above Academy city.

She could see the glowing electricity across the darkened skyline.

"Left…" She spoke, reaching over grabbing a glass of milk, taking a quick drink.

"Now… Take the left fork then another quick right… That's it…"

"Okay…" Mikoto huffed as her legs pushed her forward. "Crap…" She quickly jumped into the air, kicking off the side of the wall as a black cat hissed then darted across the ground.

"Sorry Kitty…" She chuckled, "now… Which…"

"Another right then straight…"

"Thanks uiharu…"

Uiharu smiled, leaning back in her chair finishing off her milk then reached to the floor, grabbing another carton.

Mikoto could see huddled figures in the distance as she ran forward. She figured Gabriella and Shirai should arrive around the same time.

"Where is the girl…?” She spoke then sighed as she listened to her footsteps echoing in the dark. She could see something crumpled on the ground, its skin glowing in the moonlight and beyond it another form hunched over its face near the ground.

She came out of the alley first, she grinned as her eyes narrowed, seeing the girl’s body on the ground in front of her. Her eyes focused on the vampire, his back to her.

"Now…" She grinned.

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