railgun in the dark 3

Chapter 27

"Gotcha…" Mikoto narrowed her eyes, grinning as she reached into her pocket, pulling out an arcade coin, focusing on Edward.

"Huh?" She looked away from Edward with a surprised expression, watching as the coin tumbled through the air towards the ground. She didn't hear Anastasia yelling her name or Shirai calling out, "Sissy…" She just knew her foot had slipped on the soft dirt causing her to lose her grip on the coin.

"Look out…" She heard in the distance as she turned her head then darkness.

Something hit her, knocking the breath from her lungs and squeezed her ribs as she strained to breathe. She tried to speak, nothing. She tried to send out electrical charge but a sudden overwhelming crushing weight of pain in her neck forced her eyes open staring up at the darken sky as she bounced, her body tumbled surrounded by a deafening growled.

She could barely breathe under the intense weight, Her body becoming heavy, her eyes feeling tired. She never saw Edward attack.

Their voices were muted, miles away, screaming her name as she slowly opened her tired eyes. She could see two blurry figures as she slowly blinked her eyes.

Shirai was looking at her with eyes filled with tears, calling out her name, "Sissy… Sissy… Please open your eyes…"

Anastasia was standing behind her, her eyes blazing red, "Kuroko… Get the girl to Katrina now…" She yelled as her fangs shined,

"but… Sissy…" She cried.

"Now… Before he recovers…" Anastasia looked over her shoulder.

She nodded, disappearing from her view.

Anastasia slowly shook her head, stepping over and straddled Mikoto’s hips, she knelt down tilting her head, her eyes softening, "is this look better…"

Mikoto feeling drained slowly tried to smile.

Anastasia reached over gently cupping her chin, turning her head.

"It doesn't look good…" She sighed, then leaned down close to her face, whispering. "I was going to offer you this later but…" She paused closing her eyes, nuzzling Mikoto’s cheek, "I like you Mikoto… I like you a lot…" She sighed, her warm breath caressing her skin, "I was hoping to convince you to leave with me… But I know from our long talks that you have your eyes on a certain boy…" She smiled as she rubbed her nose against her nose, Anastasia’s tongue peeking out wetting her lips. She pressed her lips to Mikoto's, she grinned as Mikoto lips pressed back. She cupped Mikoto’s cheek slowly exposing the bite, she sighed, "I still want you to think about it… Meanwhile I will make this beautiful…" She grinned.

She kissed Mikoto again and then her cheek, her eyes focused on the two holes in Mikoto’s throat, too small pools of red. The skin around the wounds was already becoming discolored. She narrowed her eyes, as she growled, her lips parted, her mouth open wide; her fangs slowly sank into Mikoto's throat.

Mikoto tensed, moaned, and then sighed. It wasn't like the bat striking a tree but a soft pinch as Anastasia's fangs sank into her neck. She could feel her throat moving as she swallowed. She struggled to lift her hands up off the cold, soft dirt and placed them on Anastasia's thighs.

She grinned as bluish white sparks ran the length of their bodies leaping into the air, diving into the ground. Anastasia giggled as she broke suction and ran her tongue along the bite mark to seal the wound.

"Mikoto…" Anastasia's lips brushed across her neck, "that tingled in all the right places…" She sighed, sitting up. Mikoto watching with tired eyes as Anastasia smiled, her eyes slowly turning red. Then her lips parted and her large fangs glinted in the moonlight. She raised her arm, her hand balled into a fist, twisting her shoulders throwing her fist into the air.

"Mine!" She growled as she slammed her fist into Edwards face. The shock wave rushed over their bodies, Edward's arms and legs flowed forward then the force threw him backwards, tumbling through the air, hitting the ground like a marionette whose strings had been caught.

" I will protect you. With my venom flowing through your body you should be able to watch me… Mikoto…" Anastasia smiled then disappeared.

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