railgun in the dark 3

Chapter 28

Shirai appeared, holding Lara's unconscious naked body, laying her on the ground. Ruiko quickly covered her with Anastasia's coat. She had dropped it when Edward had attacked Mikoto.

"I got to get Sissy…" She turned to teleport but nothing happened, "what the…" She felt someone gripping her shoulder, she looked over her shoulder.

"What… Why…" Her eyes went wide, her mouth gaped. She tried to tug her shoulder out of her grasp.

"No…" Katrina shook her head, her grip tightening, "you will only get in the way…"

"But she's my Sissy…" She narrowed her eyes, twisting her lips.

"She is not yours…" Katrina jerked her head towards Mikoto and Anastasia, "she has been bitten by him…" She pointed to the crumpled body of Edward. He was slowly struggling to get up off the ground. Anastasia had moved quickly to snatch Edward from behind and throw him back to the center of the field.

"Bitten!" She leaned forward trying to escape.

"I can do this all day…" Katrina nodded, tilting her head as she glared at Shirai. "Anastasia is going to bite her…"

"What…" Shirai quickly reached under her skirt.

"Looking for these…" She held her belt high, the spikes shining in the moonlight.

"That's been the plan all along… To bite my Sissy…" She narrowed her eyes. Ruiko had a worried look on her face, slowly clasping her hands together.

"But Mikoto…" Ruiko whispered under her breath.

Katrina nodded her head, "yes…"

Ruiko shoulders fell, Shirai heart pounded in her chest.

"Eventually…" She chuckled, "Anastasia likes her, but right now her venom is the only thing that will save her…" She glanced at Ruiko, giving her a reassuring nod, "and I have the antivenom…"

They looked up when they heard the sound of Anastasia hitting Edward, felt the shock wave as it flowed past their bodies.

"What…" Shirai quickly raised her head, Ruiko covered her mouth.

"Looks like she found a reason the fight…"

Katrina released her grip on Shirai's shoulder, nodded, "go get her…"

She quickly nodded in response and disappeared then reappeared with her Sissy in her arms. She knelt down placing her tired body gently on the ground.

Mikoto laid still, breath softly, her head turned, her eyes focused on the field.

Shirai and Ruiko knelt with worried looks on their faces. Katrina knelt down by her head.

"Are you sure…" She asked, smiling softly.

"Sure!" Shirai looked at Katrina with a what the hell look on her face and then to Mikoto. "Of course she wants it…"

Mikoto didn't answer, she justed watched the field.

"She is beautiful…" Katrina turned her head to the field, "she is fighting for you Mikoto…" She paused reaching into her coat, "she wants you… To see her as she really is…" She blew out a soft breath.

Mikoto nodded as Katrina held a hypodermic needle to her neck.

"She knew you would say that…" She looked at the worried faces of Ruiko, Shirai then chuckled as the needle broke the skin.

"It will take a few days but… You'll be fine…" Katrina leaned down licking the injection site.

"Why did you!" Shirai's eyes went wide. Katrina cocked her head, "just because…" She shrugged her shoulders.

She stood up; taking a deep breath looking at Gabriella with her head cocked, staring at the battlefield. In her eyes, a wanting, a desire to fight. She could sense the excitement growing inside her belly. The winds around them slowly picking up. Katrina looked to the battlefield, "a queen is born in battle"

"Queen…" They all looked to the battlefield watching Anastasia.

"There she is…" Katrina grinned.

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